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Welcome to PKMN-Fans-Unite! Feel free to submit your Pokemon art here!
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[COMMISSION] Matt The Eevee by Liashio
Patreon Drawing- Popstar Astra by KurtisTheSnivy
Rose eevee by FABIcute
Fiery Blep by RockingScorpion
Smeargle by PokemonNerd98
Nightvee got Gem by RockingScorpion
It's DA Ursaring! by GameArtist1993
A moomoo situationWhitney started to wake up in the morning and gets ready for some moo moo milk delivery at the johto festival. She goes down stairs to eat some breakfast and greet uncle Milton as he’s making some pancakes. "Hey good morning uncle Milton! These pancakes look so tasty." Whitney said as she hugged her uncle and kissed him on the cheek. "Well good morning to you missy but dig in~!" Milton said as they began to eat their pancakes.Whitney is finished with her meal and heads out to the festival. "Bye uncle, I’ll see you later!" Whitney said as she waved him. After a while, Whitney went to the johto festival as she gives them some moo moo milk and they are all satisfied with her. she gave all her customers some moo moo milk and she felt tired and wanted a little drink. Whitney grabbed a bottle of moo moo milk and drank it all. She felt refreshed but her stomach growling so she drank another one and another and another. She suddenly burped and excuse herself but her stomach still growling.Whitney is getting a bit hungry when suddenly her body changed. She feels weird as she saw her hands changed black and her feet turned black but became hooves. "What is happening to me my body is changing?!" Whitney said as she felt scared and her skins turned into pink fur. She grew a long tail with a tip of a black sphere. Her body gotten bigger and chubby as her belly and her boobs changed yellow. "M-my body is getting but why am I becoming so fat?" She thought as she got bigger when her clothes are ripped apart. Her face changed with a big mouth, a black nose, floppy black ears and two small horns."Oh my arceus, am I turning into a miltank?" Whitney said as she felt embarrassed looking at her fat belly. Her hair changed with black tips with black fur surround her neck and a pink triangular mark on her forehead and black angular markings on her back. whitney is now a miltank and she is starting to cry. Everyone in the festival is surprised that she is now a Pokémon as she ran away by hiding in the bushes. "Wow, did she turned into a miltank?" One person said. Meanwhile, Whitney whimpering in the bushes. "I can’t believe that I’m not cute anymore and I am so fat! Waaa!" Whitney cried in tears but she heard some footsteps. She peaked in the bushes and saw jasmine. Whitney is scared to see what would Jasmine thinks of her as a Pokémon now and she started to cry again but jasmine noticed some noises coming from the bushes.she peaked at the bushes and saw Whitney and she is surprised and noticed that she is crying. Jasmine approached her and giving her a hug to make her feel calming down. "There, there, Whitney, I’m here~! Shhh, it’s ok~." Jasmine whispered to her ear and felt embarrassed but happy. "Jasmine, so are you not afraid of me being a fat pokemon?" Whitney asked confused. "No Whitney, you’re cute like that and squishy like a marshmallow~!" Jasmine replied smiling in joy. Whitney felt blushed when jasmine is not scared but glad. "Hey Jasmine, thanks for everything and I am happy that you like me as a Pokémon. Speaking of which, I’m hungry like a snorlex." Whitney said. "Alright then let’s go get some food for you~!" Jasmine said as she holds her big hand and letting out a moo in joy. "Wait did I just moo like a miltank?" Whitney blushed in embarrassment but jasmine though of it was adorable."you are a cute miltank and I adore you." Jasmine said petting her head to make her moo again. Whitney snuggle her with her nose like any miltank can react. Jasmine bought some food from the food stand and Whitney began to drool when she saw the food. She gobbled it down and chowing down with some sweets like that. She felt full but completely satisfied with everyone else is impressed with Whitney being a big miltank. She felt blushed that they are adoring her. "Well now, what a cute Pokémon you are~!" Jasmine said petting her head as she feels embarrassed but starts to like it being petted and rubs.Whitney felt blushed but she noticed that her clothes are torn apart but her private parts are covered in fur now but some clothes stand owners would give Her some large clothes that fit better now. Jasmine takes her to her ranch but Whitney is a bit scared of what would her uncle react but jasmine rubbed her head and belly to not worried too much. They both left the festival and went to the moo moo ranch as uncle Milton is done with the chores and saw Whitney as Pokémon. He is surprised but happy that she didn’t get hurt or getting into trouble. "Holy moly Whitney, why are you so bigger now?" Milton said. "Well I drink so much moo moo milk and I’ve gotten bigger and chubbier as a miltank but I’m happy the way I am now. I’m super cute now as a Pokémon~!" whitney said as she hugged him and he hugged her back. "Well you must be jasmine right, my niece has told me a lot about you and how sweet of you to treat her with love and kindness~! thank you." Milton thanking her. "I guess so and I want to protect her and love her as she loves me." Jasmine said a bit blushed and Milton smiled that he knows that she loves his niece. Whitney wagged her tail in embarrassment but she like it. "I’m glad you are ok, I’ll make some dinner tonight and why don’t you stay here for tonight miss jasmine?" Milton questioned. she smiled and gladly to stay with Whitney for tonight. They went to the ranch to get Whitney cleaned up and get her a nice pair of pjs to wear. Whitney is happy to have such a good uncle and someone to adore.They both went to the house and saw dinner ready to eat. "Well girls, time to dig in~!" He asked. They all enjoy a good time together and laughed. They went to sleep as Whitney and jasmine sleep in a large bed at the ranch. "Good night Whitney~!" Jasmine said kissed her cheek. "Good night jasmine~" Whitney said snuggle her and kissed her cheek. They went asleep peacefuly for what tomorrow will bring.the end
Hoenn Starters by PokemonNerd98
Please eat your veggies, Torkoal. by GameArtist1993
So Much Hair! by rhoark
May the blaziken by JoseMiguelMcAllen
[COMMISSION] Arctic The Glaceon by Liashio
Weavile (2023) by GameArtist1993
A couple of singers. by TheBest1995
[COMMISSION] Nano The Baby Rotom by Liashio
[COMMISSION] Sora The Rufflet by Liashio
Oshawott (Redraw) by GameArtist1993
Ready for a dazzling battle? by PokemonNerd98
Much Fluff by RockingScorpion
Another pokemorph doodles for chubby girls by JoseMiguelMcAllen
[COMMISSION] Adeline The Chespin by Liashio
Nom Di Nom by RockingScorpion
Phantump by PokemonNerd98
Incineroar - Smash Bros. Ultimate Collab by GameArtist1993
The alola pokemorph experience: lusamine n lillieIt was peaceful day after wicke being a goodra and everyone else is happy to see her and lusamine is interested in doing some pokemorph experiments on anyone. Wicke walked in with a smile on her face and waved to her employees and staff. "Good morning everyone, I hope that you all have a great time here~!" Wicke said smiling at the cafeteria while everyone else is happy to see her. Lillie walked by and saw wicke. She jumped in and gave her a hug in her plumped belly to which she loves it how big and squishy she is. "Hi miss wicke~!" Lillie said smiling as wicke patted her head like a good girl she always is. "hello there young mistress, I see you are happy with me~?" Wicke said."yep, I’m so excited to see you like this and mom said that she has plans for me and everyone else in the whole world." she said being happy like a pikachu. "Oh my, really that sounds like an incredible idea and I wonder if your brother would love this." Wicke said excited. Wicke saw Lillie a bit nervous about telling her brother and what happened after lusamine merge with an ultra beast. "Lillie, it’s going to be okay. Your mother is better now thanks to you, ash and your friends and you are going to be fine with you and your mother as Pokémon~!" wicke said hugging her and she felt embarrassed but better. Lillie take a few breaths and felt ok now. Lillie went to see her mom in the labs with wicke as she entered the lab, she saw her with a strange ice stone. "hey mom, what’s up with the machine and why are you holding a strange stone?" Lillie asked her. "Glad you asked sweetie, this is an ice stone. It allows a Pokémon hold it when evolve and I always wonder if a human holds itself and it becomes a Pokémon as well~!" Lusamine said smiling at the ice stone. "Mom, how is it work?" Lillie asked still curious. "Oh I will show you, my dearest daughter of mine~." Lusamine said as she holding It and made it disappear into the air. She began to feel her body changed as her skin turned into soft pale blue fur. "Oh it’s starting~!" she said as she begin To remove her dress which made Lillie blushed and close her eyes. Her body grew taller and thick as she began to enjoy this feeling. Her legs and her arms are changing in white fur and claws. She began to popping up a longer nine tails and her hair changed in pale blue with a crest. Her face changed into alolan ninetales and her eyes changed into large blue eyes. Lillie is a bit embarrassed to see but lusamine said; "Lillie sweetie, open your eyes and see mommy?" Lillie open her eyes and saw her as a Pokémon now. "Mom, you are so beautifu and so soft!" Lillie said blushed. "Don’t be shy my dear, you are going to love this feeling and now it is your turn~!" lusamine said as she wagging her tail in joy. Lillie holds the ice stone as it suddenly vanished into thin air."mom, it’s gone where did it g- oh?!" Lillie gasped as she felt blushed as her Body began to change. She felt embarrassed as her skin turned into fur like her mom’s. Her snout turned like snowy’s and her hair turn white and curly. Her ears popped up in top of her head and grew a tail. "That’s it sweetie, keep going~! you are almost done." Lusamine said as she saw her feet and hands changed into paw prints. Her face changed like snowy with blue eyes. She breathe in cold ice and felt blushed.lillie fainted and lusamine carried her to her bed. "Rest easily my dear ok~!" lusamine said as she kissed her cheek. she took her to her bed and putting her in her pjs. Lillie snuggle up in her bed peaceful and smile softly. Later that morning, Lillie open her eyes and saw her mom sitting here as she gets up. Lillie noticed that she felt soft and fuzzy as she rubbed her cheek and started wagging her tail. She is surprised that she is a Pokémon but she is happy. "So Lillie, having fun with your new body sweetie~?" lusamine said as Lillie smiled at her in joy. "mom, thanks for everything and I wanted to be happy with you and everyone else… and…" Lillie said as she about to cry when lusamine hugged her. "Lillie I will always love you and I will be a better mother to you and gladion." lusamine said petting her head and snuggle her. Lillie stopped crying and snuggle her with her snout. Lusamine is giggling that Lillie is ticking her and she tickling her back. "Hahahaha hahaha, mom stop it I’m ticklish!" Lillie begged. "Nope, you deserve some tickles like that!" Lusamine replied as she about to tickle her some more when wicke entered Lillie’s room. "Oh my arceus, madame president this is a surprise. Um… I’m going to ge some food from the cafe and um?" Wicke said as she about to leave when lusamine and Lillie pounce at her and began to tickle her. After a while, faba walked in the hallways upset for no reason. "Geez, what a pain! Why couldn’t I asked wicke for doing some experiments on her but she slapped me with her slimy tail and I had to get cleaned up with her slimy stains!" Faba thought as he about to enter a room. Wicke slammed the door laughing. "Please young mistress and madam president, hahaha hahaha! I’m ticklish hahahaha stop!" Wicke begging them as Lillie tickle her cheeks while lusamine tickling her belly. Faba noticed wicke as she tripped over her own slime and landed on him. "Please… you two… no more… please…!" Wicke said exhausted with being tickled. Lusamine and Lillie giggle at her and they had fun when they noticed someone muffled in pain. They saw faba covered in slime by wicke. She picked him up as he felt dizzy and fell unconscious."oh dear, I’m so clumsy!" Wicke apologize to faba by hugging him. "There, they’re wicke, let’s take him to his lab and maybe get some food to eat." Lusamine said. "Hey mom, thanks for everything and I hope ash would love this!" Lillie said excited for ash to see him in her new form when he comes to visit us. Snowy hugging her and said; "say Lillie can I be your sister if you want to that is?" Lillie is surprised that she can understand what Pokémon are saying now and she agreed with her and lusamine smiled at them that she has another family member of aether foundation.After a while, Lillie visit to see professor Kukui and professor burnet as they are surprised to see her as a Pokémon but they are happy with her. "Wow, Lillie you looked amazing!" Kukui said impressed with her new form. "Thanks~!" lillie said. She hug them and smiled and waved them goodbye with her new body and new day as a Pokémon. She suddenly saw ash and decided to jump on him with a surprise hug. She pounce on him and said to him; "hey ash, are you glad to see me again~!"to be continue?
The alola pokemorph experience: wickeIt was a relaxing day in the alola region when wicke is scheduled to take care of the goomys and washing them with care. Wicke is a bit embarrassed about it but she couldn’t say no to caring for these cute Pokémon especially with a goomy. She has arrived at the daycare and ready to start the day. "Ok wicke, you love these baby Pokémons especially a goomy but you got this!" Wicke said as she entered the daycare room and started to wash these goomys. wicke started washing the other goomys as they are kissing her cheeks when suddenly a goodra hugged her tightly as the slime stains on her clothes. Wicke went to the wash room to clean up the slime stain but it didn’t come out as she washed it again but no good. She tried to cleaned it up again but the slime stain started to move and began to spread. "Wait a minute, the stain is spreading?!" Wicke said freaking out.she tried to take it off but it started to spread out her hand and spreading further in a purple slimy color. Wicke tried to get out but she started to feeling woozy as her skin turned into purple and dripping green slime on her arms. "What’s happening to my body? Why am I starting to change so sudde- ahh?!" Wicke said as her body changed and getting bigger and thicker. She felt like her body is getting bigger and her belly gets plumped and her chin dripping slime like a goodra does. "Oh dear, madame president is not going to be angry at me if she found out that I’ve become a Pokémon!" She said as her clothes are ripped off as her body spread in a darker purple underside. She gets embarrassed by covering them up and she started to rubbing her slimy belly. "Why does this feel so good but I think I’m starting to enjoy myself~!" Wicke said breathing heavily.wicke sticks her tongue out and continued to change her body as a big tail with green spots grew on her bottom and her legs changed into goodra’s. "Oh yes, make me slimy~!" She said as she started to grew antenna like horns and small nubs on her forehead. Her face is spreading and changed her nose into a short rounded snout. Her neck suddenly felt long with green spots on each cheek as her eye color suddenly changed to green."oh wow, I had never imagined that I can be this thicker and chubby but I’m suddenly feeling happy like this~!" Wicke said as she looks at her body being of a goodra. She started to stand up and looked around as she knocked on some equipment around but a goodra approach her. "Wow miss, i Never thought my slime would turn you into me, I’m sorry miss." A goodra said hugged her back. Wicke smiled at her as she understood what a goodra said as she kissed her cheek and said; "sweetie, you don’t need to be feeling sorry about it but I’m happy now and it was thanks to you." a goodra felt blushed but happy as she hugged her tightly and the goomies came to her as if wicke is a momma goodra. "momma, please play with us!" The goomys said to her as wicke smiled at them. "Ok children, now that you are all clean so let’s go play now!" Wicke said smiling brightly. She was happy to have a good day when lusamine entered the daycare and she was surprised. "Wicke, what happened to you, why are you a goodra and how did you get so big?" Lusamine said blushed. Wicke explained to her that she got some slime on her and turned into a goodra thanks to a goodra."I see, what a fascinating discovery! I wonder if I could understand how the Pokémon evolution works and how it affects on human bodies." Lusamine said as she gets excited about experiencing the human body turning into Pokémon. "Madame president calm down, I am excited about it as you but I wonder if a slime effecting my body but what about other Pokémon from different regions?" Wicke question her the possibility of pokemorph transformation. "It is a possibility for some people from different regions would react differently but I am excited about it and i think that the aether foundation would love it including my children~!" Lusamine said."I think that would be a great idea for the foundation and your children will love it being as Pokémon~!" Wicke said smiling as she started wagging her tail in joy. Lusamine heard some growling and it was coming from wicke’s belly which made her blushed in embarrassment. "My my you are hungry are you but let’s get you some clothes first ok." Lusamine said as she gives her some clothes that fit her like a glove. They went to the cafeteria for some grub and everyone is surprised at wicke as she ordered a lot of food on the menu. Wicke looks at everyone else and waved at them friendly and everyone smiled and waved at her back. Wicke begin to gobbled some food and it was delicious. "My goodness gracious, I never had a good meal since ever but I loved it so much~!" Wicke said patted her belly. She continued to gobbled more food as her belly gets bigger."umm wicke, you sure have a great appetite for food like that~. I never imagine that humans who turn into Pokémon with a big appetite but this is a brand new discovery for the entire world." Lusamine said admiring wicke’s appetite. "you are right about that and I feel powered up for some reason!" Wicke said smiling. Lusamine is intrigued by how wicke’s strength is powering up by eating some food and this is another discovery. Lusamine is interested to see what pokemorphification can do with anything.Suddenly Lillie went to see what is going on and see wicke. "Mom! What happened to her, did you did something to her?" Lillie asked a bit shocked but wicke approach her and hugged her. "Young mistress, I’m fine and better than ever since I have been slime and change into a Pokémon!" Wicke replied and patted her head to make her feel better. Lillie is surprised that wicke is a big goodra now. "So does that mean that you are stuck like this or what?" Lillie asked a bit curious. "well I guess it is permanent and i guess she is stuck like this for ever but i think it’s a good thing." Lusamine said explaining to her daughter like that. Lillie is relieved but happy to see wicke enjoying herself as a pokemon. Lusamine is glad that Lillie is happy with wicke being a Pokémon and wonders if some people are experiencing the same experience as they do. Lillie is amazed at how squishy wicke’s belly is and how soft it is. "Wow miss wicke, you are so amazing like that I can’t wait to tell others about this, they are going to be so happy about it!" Lillie said jumping for joy as she went back to the Pokémon school. They smiled at her for being happy of everyone becoming a Pokémon. "Well I hope so but I’m happy that you like me as a Pokémon~!" Wicke said patted her head. Lillie snuggle her belly and left the foundation in a hurry.After a while, wicke is babysitting some baby pokemorphs and making this the best part of being a caretaker and everyone is happy with wicke. "Ok children, I hope that you are ready for some fun time~?" wick said smiling as she about to start her day at the daycare. To be continued.
[COMMISSION] Tate and Oofi by Liashio
Sopping Wet Beast by Inika-Xeathis
Sprigatito Cafe by manins
Rui The Sprigatito by Liashio
Type Scramble Dex - 214 - Hitowoss by Inika-Xeathis
Eknix (Lineart) by TheBest1995
Eknix (Colored) by TheBest1995
Type Scramble Dex - 213 - Fluttle by Inika-Xeathis
When It Rains, It Pours :: PKMN by Misspr0npieArtz
Gijinkas, Cosplays, Anthro
Zoey Day by Inika-Xeathis
Wanted! - A Pokemon Colosseum Nuzlocke - Page 177 by YumeYukimenokoTsuki
Ghosts and hex: chapter 1The hex maniac also known as Helena, who went on a walk on a dark forest and she is suspected of a rumor that humans have been disappearing recently. Helena has an obsession of ghosts and she thought that ghosts would be existed. She went further to the forest and wonder what kind of a ghost would it be. "This ghost might be there somewhere?" Helena said as she saw something in the distance. She saw an abandoned mansion with a ghostly vibe which made her excited as she went to the mansion’s gate. The gates are somehow open by itself. Her heart beats wildly as she entered the gates and went to the mansion. "This is exciting, i can’t wait to see the ghost and maybe we can be friends~!" Helena said blushing red. She went to the door and the door is open by itself just like the gates from outside. Helena gets very excites when suddenly the door closed shut. "What is going on here, the door won’t open!" She said as she tried to open it but it was no good. She is stuck inside the mansion but she heard crying from upstairs. She went to see what the crying is coming from. Helena hears a crying from this room and it sounds like a girl. She opened the door and saw the girl but as she gets closer to her suddenly she vanished.She was surprised at that moment as she tried to leave, the door was gone and the window is gone as well. She looks around for a way out when she felt a chill from her body. Then suddenly Helena saw the girl again as she grinned widely and snapped her fingers as ghostly shadows appeared and dragged her into a hole. "Hey let me go, this isn’t funny anymore! Please let me g- mmph?!" She said as the shadows muffled her. The shadows wrapped her tightly. She felt embarrassed about it as she felt her body tightly. the girl popped up as she revealed herself as a gengar. "So human, I can tell that you admire ghost types and wanted to be friends with us?" Gengar said as she removed her shadows from her. Helena is nervous about that but she couldn’t help but to feel excited about it. "Y-yes, I w-want to be friends with you~!" Helena said smiling. "Good and you are going to become one of us~!" She said as she noticed that Helena liked that idea. "Now then, let us began shall we~!" Gengar said smiling widely. Gengar went inside of her body to possessed her. Helena started to feel weird when her body gets bigger and thicker as her clothes torn apart. "Don’t worry about that, enjoy the feeling and you are going to love it~!" She said. "Yes I will enjoy it~!" She said as she breathe heavily when her skin turned purple fur. She popped up a short tail and pointy ears on top of her head. Her eyes turned red. Her body is completely turned her into gengar.she was surprised at her new look and she felt blushed but happy with the results. "You are now one of us now and today, you and I are as one~!" She said as she laughs. She smiled as her eyes glowing bright red and said to her mistress; "Yes my mistress, I am yours and I’m happy with being with my ghostly family~!" She grinned at her as she transported her to the room. She felt blushed but happy with her new life and her ghostly family. She looked at the mirror and admiring her new body. "Wow, I look absolutely gorgeous in my new body and I wonder if there are some more people who would love to be like us~?" She wonder as she heard some noises from inside. She phased through the wall and saw two girls; Madeleine and lily the witch knocking down on the door. "Well now, these two young ladies would be lovely new subjects to our lovely family~! Hehehehehe hehehe~!" She said as went to find her new clothes that fit better than her old ones. She smiled wickedly as she prepared them for a fun game of their lives. "Alright then everyone, be prepared and give them a haunting welcome that they will never forget~!" Helena said smiling wickedly to prepare with her ghostly friends as they are going to enter the mansion.To be continued?...
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Vivian Outfit Reference :: PKMN by Misspr0npieArtz
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The Legendary Pikachu by sydneypamplona
[COMMISSION] Tate by Liashio
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30 day challenge Day 10 by osarumon
The Acest Bird by Inika-Xeathis

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