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Can We Live Freely? part 10Another storyauthor: mestory and artist: PKM-150Subtitle: The Tournament Day One!Main character: EveryoneTournament day...Speed: It's time. Flash: Are you ready?Speed: Yes.Crystal: Why am I nervous?Lazuli: Prepare yourself.Black: That's my line.Pearl: Fufu~Leaf: Give your best.Glacia: Hi, I want to see your fighting.Lazuli: Oh, it's Glacia.Sunshine: Daddy, don't hurt mommy so much if you face her.Speed: Um, don't worry about that, Sunshine.Max: Maybe, we shouldn't let them know about the tournament.Trace: Nah, it's okay.Dia: Which one of you will get hurts so much?Snow: Hey, Dia!Lazuli: I hope, we aren't in the same group.Speed: Yeah, I think so. Flare: But, the champion is the hardest.Leaf: Obviously.Trace: Who knows. Maybe, there is another former champion.Flash: Well, that's not bad.In the Battle dome...Leaf: So, this is the place.Lazuli: Are they the participants?Lily: Not all of them.Speed: Let's enter.Max: Huh? Trace: What's wrong?Max: Isn't that Spike?Trace: It's true. He still wears his scarf.Max: Hey, Spike.Spike: Hm? Is that you, Max, Trace?Trace: Yes, it's us. Are you taking part in this tournament?Spike: You can say that. Who joins? You two too?Max: No, we are just spectators.Trace: Speed, Lazuli, Black, and Pearl take part in this tournament.Speed: You participated?Spike: Well, that's right.Silvia: It's the perfect tournament.Leaf: Why do you say that?Silvia: Look at this list. I think they're the participant.Crystal: You're right.Leaf: Um, what's perfect?Silvia: Participants are different Pokemon.Flare: That's true.Speed: Well, it's good.Flash: Hm? Rio!Rio: Yo, are you joining too?Flash: No. Don't tell me, you too?Rio: Yup.Lily: This will be hard.Flash: Yes.Rio: It's okay, I don't need to use my special moves.Lily: That's not what I mean.Speed: Who is that female Lucario?Flash: Our teammate.Duke: Be careful, she is strong too.Black: I see.Speed: What is her special power?Flash: Almost the same as me. But, she isn't fast like me or Nathan.Raph: Is Rio here?Dia: Oh, Raph!Rio: What is it, Tails?Raph: Don't call me that. Anyway, I don't get it why you join this tournament.Rio: Can't I? Why don't you join?Raph: I don't want to waste my strength in this tournament.Flash: It's good if he didn't join.Duke: That's true.Raph: ...Inside the battle dome...Speed: Hm... We must prepare.Lazuli: Of course.Black: I didn't see the champions here. Are they really joining here?Pearl: Who knows.Speed: That Lucario is one of Flash's comrades.Spike: Hey, I won't lose to you.Black: Same here.Pearl: Um, let's do our best.Rio: You should worry about yourself.Speed: What was that? She is too cold.Lazuli: But, she has a good point. Whoever here, they will be our opponent.Speed: You're right.Spike: Okay, which side am I? Hm? Group 1. I'll be the first.Black: Let's check our side too.Speed: Yeah.Pearl: I'm in group 6.Speed: I'm in group 11.Black: I'm in group 7.Lazuli: I'm in group 9. So, we didn't fight each other in the group.Rio: The last group, huh? This will be boring.Pearl: Boring?Speed: Maybe, that because she will take a long to wait.Spike: Not really. We can fight at the same time.Lazuli: Hey, look at the arena. There are six arenas.Black: That's true.Speed: Pearl?Pearl: We should look at our opponent's list.Speed: Oh yeah, I didn't see it yet.Lazuli: Hm... I'm in the same group as Hitmonchan, Combusken, and Abomasnow.Speed: It's tough for you. Lazuli: Yeah.Speed: I'm with Swampert, Scyther, and Loudred.Lazuli: Swampert will be hard for you.Speed: Yeah.Black: I'm with Zoroark, Liepard, and Sneasel.Pearl: And, I'm with Xatu, Kadabra, and Beheeyem.Spike: Wow, you fight with the same type as you.Pearl: Yes, what about you?Spike: Let's see, Manectric, Raboot, and- *blush* Delcatty.Black: Hey, are you okay?Spike: *shake his head* Ahem.In audience bench...Silvia: When will they start?Trace: Soon.Max: Trace, are they the champions?Trace: Yeah, they are. Finally, they're coming.Blastoise: We meet again.Magmortar: Hopefully, you didn't lose in the group.Blastoise: That's my line, Red.Red: Heh, don't lose before facing me, Wallace. Especially, you.Gallade: Hmph, give your best.Wallace: Tch, Andy is serious now.Leaf: It seems, they aren't the same group with sis and others.Lily: Yeah.Nate: Hm... I can tell, everyone here is strong. They aren't ordinary Pokemons.Flare: It seems so.Crystal: What do you think? Did they have a chance to win?Trace: For, Speed, Black, Lazuli, and Pearl, they only 10% have a chance to win. Flash: Well, don't worry about that. Most of the Pokemon didn't know about the powers.Silvia: What? Is it okay?Ribbon: Just relax and sit here.Snow: Since Rio joined, I'm worried.Duke: Yeah, I've never thought it.Later...Black: It's time.Lazuli: Hm? Are you okay?Spike: Well, I lose against Delcatty.Pearl: Wait, you lose in the first fight?Spike: I still have a chance.Black: Who is that Delcatty?Spike: I don't know, but her name is Mitty. Don't underestimate here, I feel she will reach the next round.Lazuli: Pearl, it's your turn.Pearl: Give me luck.Speed: You will be fine. We didn't know what kind of training you did with Mewtwo.Pearl: Just watch.Kadabra: Are you ready, lass?Pearl: Yes.Alakazam: Alright, start!Kadabra: Take this. *use energy ball*Pearl: ... *vanish*Kadabra: Hm?Pearl: Now! *use shadow ball*Kadabra: What? Argh! Hm? Alakazam: Kababra is out of the arena. Pearl is the winner.Silvia: Wow, did you see that?Leaf: Yes, she is fast.Flash: (She becomes faster than before.) Mary: ... That's not all.Duke: What?Mary: Not telling~Speed: She did well.Lazuli: So fast.Spike: Oh, I'm glad I didn't face her now.Pearl: Did I surprise you?Black: Of course, you're amazing.Pearl: This is nothing.Black: Can you tell me about your moves?Pearl: Well... Okay. Psychic, Shadow ball, power gem, and calm mind.Black: ... Okay. It's my turn.Alakazam: Okay, Freezer and Black come to forward.Black: Freezer?Sneasel: It's me.Black: Okay.Alakazam: Start!Freezer: Come.Black: *use quick attack*Freezer: *dodge*Black: Huh?Freezer: *use metal claw* Black: Ugh!Pearl: Oh!Speed: Geez, what is he doing?Lazuli: But, Sneasel is fast too.Black: Alright...Freezer: Take this! *use ice punch*Black: *close his eyes*Speed: Huh?Freezer: Hm? What? Where is he? Hole? So, he used dig. It's useless. *use ice beam to the hole*Black: Got you! *attack him* Freezer: Hmph! *block* It's your blunder. *use slash*Black: Not so fast. *use headbutt*Freezer: Ugh... You!Black: Get out of the arena! *use shadow ball*Freezer: Argh!Silvia: He wins.Duke: Not bad.Flash: But, still reckless.Snow: Yes.Trace: This is the beginning. The game just started from now on.Flash: It will take a few days to end this tournament. Trace: Well, since there are many participants.After that Lazuli's turn...Lazuli: It's my turn. My first opponent is Combusken.Speed: Good luck.Lazuli: Thanks.Pearl: Hm... It's hard. But, you will be fine.Lazuli: Okay.Black: It's him.Swellow: Who is your opponent?Combusken: Heh, lucky. I got the weakest one. It's a Glaceon.Black: They underestimate you.Lazuli: I don't care.Speed: I have a feeling that he will get eliminated first.Black: I think so.Alakazam: Alright, Carew and Lazuli come to the arena.Lazuli: (His name is Carew.)Carew: I won't hesitate against you.Lazuli: ... Carew: Give me your best attack.Lazuli: As you wish! *use big shadow ball*Carew: Eh, are you kidding me!?Lazuli: Too late!Carew: Ahh! *get out of arena*Leaf: Wow, it's too fast.Silvia: Leave aside that, she can use the big shadow ball.Trace: It's not surprising to me. The bigger shadow ball will make it stronger.Speed: So fast, Lazuli.Lazuli: Not really.Speed: Alright, it's my turn.Black: I'm worried.Pearl: Huh?Black: I'm worried if your opponent hurts you badly.Speed: *anger point* I'm not like you.Later...Speed: (My first opponent is Swampert, I can win)Swampert: ... Move!Speed: Wha- Is Swampert that big?Pearl: I don't know.Speed: Wait! I'm your opponent.Swampert: Okay...Speed: ... What?Alakazam: Please enter the tournament, Jake and Speed.Speed: Okay. (So, his name is Jake)Andy: It's him.Wallace: Wow, unexpected.Black: What? Who is that?Golduck: You don't know? He is the runner up at the last tournament.Black: What? Runner up?Golduck: Yeah, he almost wins if he didn't come out of the arena.Speed: Can we start?Jake: ...Speed: I take it yes. *use quick attack* Flash: He's really fast.Duke: Hm? Swampert didn't move. Speed hits Swampert.Speed: Hm? I get him.Jake: ...Speed: (he didn't flinch at all) I can't use my electric moves. So... *use shadow ball*Jake: *didn't dodge*Speed: I get him again.Flash: (that's not true, Speed. You still can hit him with your electric moves. Well, indeed it's not effective.)Leaf: What is that Swampert doing?Max: I don't know. It seems like he waited for something.Trace: I don't know why, but he didn't look hurts so much.Lazuli: It seems, Speed will win.Pearl: It seems so.Black: Really? Pearl and Lazuli: Huh?Spike: He didn't try to avoid it. What happened?Black: He thought of something.Lazuli: What is that?Black: I don't know.Speed: Alright! *use quick attack*Jake: That's enough! *stop him*Speed: What? Did you stop me?Jake: *use bide* Speed: Argh! Guh! Huh?Jake: It's over! *use hammer arm and Flung Speed off the arena.Speed: N-no way... I lose...Wallace: Jake, you're really strong now.Silvia: No way, Speed lost!?Max: It's not over yet.Trace: Yeah, he can still pass the preliminary round.Later...Lazuli: Are you okay, Speed?Speed: I'm sorry.Pearl: It's not over yet. You need to win another battle.Speed: I know.Black: ...Spike: Hey, you make him lose.Black: What? Why me?Spike: You said, I'm worried if your opponent hurts you so much. It's real!Black: ... I got this feeling.Spike: Mitty! Come here!Mitty: Huh!? *glare*Spike: She's scary.Black: What are you doing?Spike: Try to befriend with her.Lazuli: *slap Speed*Pearl: W-what are you doing?Lazuli: Are you the guy I like? Don't be gloomy!Speed: Sorry.Black: Let's watch another battle.Speed: okay.Pearl: It's Lucario's turn.Rio: My turn.Later...Flash: It's Rio.Flare: Her opponent is Infernape.Duke: Okay, what will Rio do?Alakazam: Start!Infernape: Come!Rio: *use extremespeed* Infernape: What? Where is she?Rio: It's over.Infernape: Huh?Alakazam: He came out of the arena.Infernape: Are you kidding me?Flash: Huh?Silvia: What's that?Duke: She used her extremespeed. She just pushed him.Silvia: Eh?Trace: If only come out of the arena isn't the rules.Nate: I knew she is strong.Crystal: I guess, Speed has disappointed now.Trace: But, he still has a chance to pass.Crystal: I know. Max: Hm... He must win in the next round. Since Scyther gets his win.Flare: I see.Leaf: Wait! What happened if they have the same victory?Max: Oh yeah, it's possible to happen.Trace: Maybe, need to fight again. Also, double knock out can be happening.Flash: Yeah, that can happen. Leaf: How do they decide the winner if it draws?Trace: If come out of the arena, maybe the last one who can stand, they will win. If knocked out, it's the same.Later, Black and Pearl can win in their second match...Black: Hmph, unlike the last one.Pearl: That was close. I almost come out of the arena. I can't predict the future sight.Black: Huh? It's weird if you can't predict.Pearl: This is about the moves, you know. Even if you can read their mind, you still can get hit.Black: Okay.Lazuli: Okay, next is me.Black: How is Spike?Lazuli: He wins.Pearl: Now, it's Hitmonchan.Lazuli: Yeah. He gets one win. So, I must be careful.Black: Excuse me, what if they have the same victory count?Alakazam: Actually like this. You already passed since gets two victories.Black and Pearl: Ehh!?Pearl: Oh, so we don't need to fight in the last round.Meganium: Well, since your last opponent already got two losses. Black: Then, How can Speed pass?Alakazam: He needs to fight again.Black: What?Pearl: Speed meets Loudred now.Alakazam: It will be hard. Pearl: Eh? Alakazam: I don't think Jake will lose against Scyther. So, he will be the final round for the group.Black: You must win against Loudred.Speed: I know.Meanwhile, Lazuli...Golduck: Okay, Hit and Lazuli, please enter the arena.Leaf: It's sis's turn.Silvia: Come on, Lazuli. You only need one win.Trace: It's a little hard. Since Hitmonchan also wins in the last match.Hit: Here I come.Lazuli: Bring it on! Hm? He's pretty fast!Hit: Orya! *use mach punch*Lazuli: *dodge* Uh, that was close.Hit: Okay.Lazuli: He stopped.Trace: Oh no, it's focus punch.Lazuli: I must attack him. *use ice beam*Hit: *zap*Lazuli: What? He dodged it!?Hit: Now!Leaf: Sis-Max: Hold on, Leaf. We can't shout here.Leaf: ... Sis...Lazuli: *look behind*Hit: Too late! *use bullet punch and hit Lazuli*Lazuli: Aww!Alakazam: She came out of the arena, the winner is Hit.Lazuli: Ugh...Black: I never thought that.Pearl: We can't believe this. They practiced so hard, but they still can't win.Spike: Calm down. It's like me. I just need to win one more match.Speed: Lazuli... Hm?Black: You're lucky. Scyther lost.Speed: I must beat him.Loudred: Heh, don't you think I'll lose.Speed: *ignore* Lazuli, you'll be fine.Pearl: Be careful, Abomasnow also wins in the last match.Lazuli: Wait, he can defeat Combusken?Pearl: Well, it happened too fast.Loudred: Tch, he ignored me.Later...Loudred: Now-Speed: *dash*Alakazam: Wait, not started yet.Speed: Sorry.Alakazam: Okay, you can start now.Loudred: You should let him attack me. In that case, I'll be the winner.Alakazam: You can't do that. Now, start!Loudred: As I said, I'll-Speed: I don't care! *use thunderbolt*Loudred: Argh! *fainted*Alakazam: He passed out, the winner is Speed.Trace: Wow, he used the powerful thunderbolt.Leaf: It's your friend's turn.Nate: Rio? We don't need to worry about her.Flash: Yeah, she can win quickly.Golduck: Rio is the winner.Leaf: You're right, she can win quickly.Dia: She has a special relationship with Raph.Trace: Special?Flash: She mentioned about apprentice relationship.Duke: She will be angry at you.Dia: Come on, Rio isn't scary.Flare: I'm worried about big bro and Lazuli.Leaf: Yeah, they lost once.Crystal: Come on, they still have a chance.Silvia: Isn't that because you forced them to win?Crystal: Ugh, it's true. But, our training is useless if they didn't win.Duke: You aren't wrong. You all from the start didn't look so strong.Max: Even though, we're studying?Lily: That's not enough. Later...Black: We'll wait for you.Pearl: Give your best.Speed and Lazuli: Yes.Spike: Hey, I still need to win one more time. I know that feels.Speed: I know.Rio: Just want to say, the win isn't everything. If you lose here, try again next time.Lazuli: ...Spike: By the way, Delcatty already passed. She is tough.Lazuli: Why do you join this tournament?Rio: ... Just for improve my fighting skill.Lazuli: Huh?Speed: She is strong, but she still says that.Alakazam: Lazuli and Oliver come to forward.Lazuli: Huh? It's fast.Spike: Since not all participants fight again.Lazuli: Oliver... That's Abomasnow. I can do this.Hit: Glaceon!Lazuli: Eh? Hit: He is tough. I tried so hard to beat him. If only come out of the arena isn't the rules. Who knows what happened to me.Lazuli: ... Okay.Spike: Wait, he gave attention to Lazuli.Hit: I just don't want her to lose. Since she is strong. *leave*Speed: ... Lazuli...In the arena...Alakazam: Alright, start!Oliver: *use wood hammer*Lazuli: Eh? *dodge* Oliver: Heh.Lazuli: (Even though, I can dodge. I'm done if that hits me. Since he is grass type, Ice moves are neutral damage to him) Take this! *use ice beam*Oliver: *jump*Lazuli: Oh!Oliver: Get lost! *use solarbeam*Lazuli: *dodge* Ahh! Whoa, that was close. (It's like before)Speed: Lazuli...Leaf: Sis...Silvia: It's cold.Max: Look at the arena.Silvia: Whoa, blizzard!?Trace: It's Abomasnow's ability.Oliver: Now! *use solarbeam*Lazuli: Hm? *solarbeam passed Lazuli* What? Did it miss? (Oh yeah, since his ability is snow warning, this arena becomes hail. This is my luck.) Oliver: Tch. Where is she?Flare: What? He can't see Lazuli.Crystal: Hey, we can't see Lazuli either.Trace: It's Lazuli- I mean, Glaceon's ability. Right, Frost?Frost: Yeah, it's Lazuli's luck. Hail isn't a problem for Glaceon.Gai: Why?Trace: Because of Snow cloak.Lazuli: *use iron tail* Oliver: *hit him* Ugh. What?Lazuli: *use shadow ball*Oliver: Hm? *too late to dodge* Ugh! *come out of the arena* Lazuli: I win... *phew*Alakazam: (interesting) The winner is Lazuli.Hit: As I thought.Speed: ...Leaf: Sis, fortunately.Flash: Now, Speed's turn.Crystal: I'm glad. Speed didn't fight at the same time.Silvia: Yeah.Jake: Why are you gloomy?Speed: I'm not-Jake: Then, are you afraid to lose?Speed: ... It's not like that.Jake: You'll be useless if you're afraid to lose.Speed: Huh?Lazuli: ... Give your best. Speed: Yeah. Lazuli: Ahem. I'll kiss you if you win.Speed: Hey, don't give me pressure.Lazuli: Sorry.Rio: Hey, Sting. You'll be his opponent.Sting: Yeah, I know.Speed: Sting? Oh right, that's Scyther's name.Spike: Wait, you know about him?Rio: He is my teammate.Speed: What? No wonder, you're strong.Sting: I still lost against Jake.Speed: Even so.Later, in the Arena...Flash: Wait, he is Sting.Trace: What? Do you know him?Flash: Um... He is also our teammate.Black: What? He too?Max: We didn't see his match. Now, we see it.Leaf: I bet, he is tough too.Dia: As you said. We're a pretty tough team.Duke: This will be interesting.Sting: Are you ready?Speed: Anytime.Alakazam: Start!Sting: *use quick attack*Speed: *use discharge*Sting: Hmph! *fly up*Speed: Tch. What? (Ugh, he uses the sunlight to blind me a second.) *use quick attack to dodge*Sting: Hm? Not bad. Speed: Geez, it's hard if you fly.Sting: Complaint won't help you. There are Swellow, Staraptor and Talonflame here.Speed: Okay. *use shadow ball*Sting: Too easy. *dodge* *use x scissor*Speed: *jump*Sting: Heh! *use slash*Speed: Ugh! Sting: I'm sorry to make you bleed. Speed: ...Lazuli: Hey, You can kill him.Sting: Relax. It's just scratch.Rio: Don't worry about that. Sting's blade thing won't cut him.Lazuli: Okay.Speed: ... *use quick attack*Sting: *fly up*Crystal: What was that? How did Speed hit him if he's flying?Trace: It can't be helped. Speed must get an idea about that.Max: Yes, that's right.Flash: ...Speed: *use discharge*Sting: (I'll get hit) *use double team* Speed: Oh!Sting: *use slash*Speed: *dodge* Sting: Okay. *use fiery slash*Flash: Oh no!Black: What?Speed: Eh? Whoa! *dodge* How did he do that?Max: Wait, isn't that fire type moves?Trace: But, I've never seen that moves.Flare: It's like slash with fire. Trace: But, that doesn't make sense.Flash: ... Maybe, you won't believe this. We can create ourselves moves.Silvia: What was that? It's cool.Ribbon: That's the reality.Flash: Before we arrive here. Giratina saved us.Leaf: Giratina?Flash: Yes.Duke: It's a little scary. Since he took us to his world.Mary: Yeah. Silvia: Oh yeah, how did you know that she is Mary, Maxie?Max: Oh, she still wears her ribbon on her tail. Also, she has light blue eyes. Her eyes are light blue when she's an Eevee.Silvia: But, Mary can guess you too.Mary: Since he is a shiny pokemon.Silvia: That makes sense.Speed: I don't know what was that. But, I won't lose.Alakazam: (I've never seen that moves. How didn't he use that before?)Sting: Come! Speed: *use shadow ball* Sting: Ha! *speed hit the fake*Speed: Guh, I hit the fake one.Sting: Okay. *use night slash*Speed: Oh no! Wait... You're the real one. *use thunderbolt only on his paw* Sting: Hm? So, he can use thunderbolt in that way.Speed: *quick dodge* Sting: What? Speed: Take this! *thunderbolt on his paw hits Sting*Sting: Ugh. I can't move. Alakazam: Will you give up?Sting: Hmph. Paralyzed is nothing.Speed: But, your clone already disappeared. And, your movement will be slow.Sting: Win isn't everything here. Come!Speed: *use shadow ball* Sting: *zap*Speed: What? It's like what I did before. You're behind me. *try to punch Sting but he isn't there*Sting: Now! *slash*Speed: Above!?Sting: Argh! *fall* Ugh...Speed: It's my chance. *use shadow ball*Sting: Hm? Ugh! *come out of the arena*Black: It's over.Lazuli: He did it.Flare: Wow, I'm so excited.Leaf: Yeah. He is cool.Silvia; Oh, my.Leaf: Ah, I didn't like him anymore.Silvia: I haven't said anything yet.Flash: You did that on purpose, right?Sting: Who knows...Speed: What?Duke: It's nothing.Black: Okay, we passed to the next round.Pearl: They'll start it tomorrow.Black: Oh. Can't today?Pearl: Come on, we should take some rest.Lazuli: That's right. Unlike you, who fought only two opponents. We fought three opponents.Black: Okay.Leaf: Congrats, sis.Lazuli: This is just the beginning.Frost: The next round will be harder than this. You can't have a chance again if you lose.Speed: We know that.Gai: Hey, you said that like you want them to win the tournament.Frost: At least, one of them.Speed: Of course, the winner is only one.Crystal: Sorry, maybe I give you pressure.Speed: It's not your fault. We don't want to lose in the first round.Black: He's right.Sunshine: Daddy is okay?Speed: I'm fine.Kuroi: Who will you fight in the next round?Pearl: We'll know tomorrow.Trace: Oh yeah, even if the champions can win without losing. They still get hurts. But, only one Pokemon who didn't get hurts at all.Leaf: What?Speed: Who is it?Trace: Speaking of him... It's him.Speed: Dragonite?Trace: Yeah. He has beaten his opponent until they fainted. Speed: Well, I did that.Trace: That's not what I mean. Brutally way.Speed: What?Black: Aside from that... Isn't he from the Dragon tribe?Trace: I wonder about that. He only looks like that on the battlefield. Max: ... Silvia: Maxie? Max: He looked here.Silvia: Huh?Lazuli: ... What was that?Black: Who knows... Maybe, he wants to fight against one of us.Max: But, he looked at me and Silphy.Trace: Haha, type advantage, I guess.Max: I don't think that's the problem here.Speed: Well, whatever. Let's go home.Pearl: How about dinner first? ES: Agree.Frost: Not bad.Kuroi: Nice.Gai: Good.Flash: We'll join.Pearl: Okay.Flash: Sting, Rio, what about you?Sting: I already ate.Rio: Same here. Flash: Okay.Spike: Trace.Trace: Wait, you're in there?Spike: Yes, I joined this tournament. Can we work together?Trace: What is this about?Spike: I want to investigate that Dragonite. Want to come with us?Trace: Us? You and who?Spike: Ali.Trace: Hm... Okay. But, aren't you going to fight tomorrow?Spike: We'll do it now.Trace: Okay. Sorry, I can't go.Silvia: Come on, do that after eating.Trace: I'm not really hungry.Pearl: Okay. You should eat outside. Since we don't have food for dinner.Trace: alright.Lazuli: Why did they do that?Speed: I wonder. Lazuli?Lazuli: What?Speed: *blush* Your promise...Lazuli: Oh, did I ask that before?Speed: Wait you forgot?Lazuli; Sorry, it slipped from my mind. *actually pretending to forget*Speed: No way...Lazuli: Don't be gloomy. We'll do that next time.Speed: When?Lazuli: 100 years later.Speed: You gotta be kidding me!Lazuli: Stop bothering me, and let's go!Speed: ... Fine.To be continued...
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Ao the Zeraora (Update) by AoRaidenX
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