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Pokemon Story - The Dusk of Moonlight Hollows Ch.2,Pokémon StoryThe Dusk of Moonlight Hollows - Chapter 2Halloween Special 2021 By J.C. Solis The evening was rather calm and quiet, the forest filling with the ambience of a new day. The sun was rather somber, the light barely enough to illuminate through the canopy of the Dusk Forest. It was such a surreal moment, to wander the gentle trees in a scenic walk. The forest seemed at peace, with nothing out of the ordinary and nothing breaking apart the calm. One could go forage for berries and other food items without a care in the world. One could walk underneath the canopy to enjoy the serenity of quiet, far away from the hubbub of a town or city. Serene was walking through Dusk Forest to search for flowers and was searching a few in particular. She needed them for medicine, as some people in town have developed the start of a cold—with many now sniffling and sneezing as they started getting sicker. But the Lopunny knew a whole lot when it came to medicine making, for Nana Lopunny taught her how to make medicine from the natural ingredients of the forest. It was all just a matter of finding the right herbs and find them at good quality. But Serene had to be careful. The Dusk Forest was mostly safe, but there have been recent reports of bandits being within the area. Traveling merchants have been stopped to pay illicit tolls or even be robbed if they looked weak enough. It was no longer such a welcoming place as it used to be. Though when push came to shove, Serene knew a few powerful moves to be able to defend herself with. After all, she wasn’t completely alone in the woods.She felt a presence behind her, and smiling she turned around to look face to face with none other than Alistair, the Chandelure from the day before whom she now became good friends with. “Found any herbs yet, Alistair?” she asked, hoping his search proved more fruitful than hers. “Plenty,” said the Chandelure, lowering a basket that was full of special Energy Roots. “I’m surprised that I found so many. The places I went were littered with the stuff.” “Strange. I didn’t find many in the places I went.” “Maybe because you’re not looking hard enough. I’m no botanist or herbalist, and yet I managed to fill my entire basket with the stuff.” Serene chuckled at the irony. “Anyways, these should be enough roots to make a good potion for my father. Now I just need to find one more herb and then I can finish up the potion.” She then began reviewing a book she had with her. “I’m going to need some Lemongrass leaves to add to the concoction. There should be plenty of it around here to pick.” *sigh* “Must I go once more on another scavenger hunt?” sighed Alistair. “It took a lot of effort just digging out these energy roots and bringing them to you. And I’m not sure I’ll be as lucky to find this grass if I don’t get a good enough description of it.” “It’s not too difficult to find, Alistair. It’s a long blade of grass that has a fragrant lemon like smell. It should be pretty easy to find around here. And once we do, I can finally mix the ingredients together to make the medicine for the people back at town.” Alistair just sighed as he went off to search for lemongrass. At least he had some idea as to what he was looking for. But though he would once more have to head off on another plant hunt, he was happy to help Serene however he could. He was taken by how close the two of them had been these past few days, with the Lopunny often sneaking off to Moonlight Hollow and the surrounding woods just to meet with him. He knew that she needed to be careful, lest her father find out and haul her back to Luminance Town by her long, wooly ears. As for Serene, she was thankful to have Alistair come help her. She hoped to get even close to him. It was strange, but every time the Chandelure got close to her she would blush, and her heart would beat. It was as though she was happy to be next to him or even touch him. His haunting aura was overshadowed by the warmth and goodwill he displayed. He wasn’t cold to her at all, in more ways than one. She wondered where it is that her heart has gone, thinking all of these lovey-dovey thoughts about a pokémon whom her father would greatly disapprove of. But the heart wanted what it wanted, it seemed. Halloween would be in about a week, and the whole of Dusk Forest was in hubbub to prepare for the celebrations as children would go wandering the streets in the search of candy and treats. She hoped to have a wonderful time, though a part of her wanted to travel to Mahogany Village for a bit of sightseeing. She knew that her father would be completely against this, so perhaps her visit would be brief. It was just that Luminance Town was so boring during the spooky season. The town had the odd zealot and fuddy-duddy who felt that Halloween was too wicked of a holiday and that it would be corrupting children. While they were a very small minority within town, they were a highly vocal one. Woe to the children who came up to the house of these spoilsports, lest they’re given a good rant about how Halloween is Giratina’s holiday and belonged strictly to the ghost types. The forest was oddly quiet, with the ambience of the breeze and other common noises absent. Serene walked around looking for the lemongrass she was looking for. She searched under the shade and around other shrubs, where they’d usually be. They were a common enough herb, and it was surprising that there was hardly any available. It was then that Serene started to get the notion that something was off. The forest was usually this eerily quiet. It was as though something was afoot, something dangerous and worrying. But she pushed aside these thoughts to try and focus on her herb picking. But as she went further into the depths of Dusk Forest, the nagging doubt that was in her head started to get stronger, and soon it was something that she just couldn’t avoid. She wondered whys he felt this way. Dusk Forest wasn’t usually this dangerous. She knew her away around the forest like the back of her hand. So why all of sudden is she getting this feeling that she was in danger? It was then that she heard a twig snapping behind her. Her head immediately turned to scan the area. It seemed that someone was out there, but she just had no idea who it was. Perhaps it was Alistair coming to play a trick on her. “Hello?” she called out. “Alistair? Is that you?” She walked towards where the sound came from. She found what caused it: a twig was snapped in half, as though something had stepped on it She then figured that it couldn’t be Alistair, since he floated around and couldn’t possibly snap a twig that was on the ground. The situation was starting to get more serious with every passing second. It was then that a second twig snap was heard. She turned around to where the sound came from, and once again there was nothing. “Who’s there?” she asked, though she hoped to not get a response. “Whoever you are… I don’t want to fight you. But I will!” Feeling that she had enough, she turned around to walk away. But she immediately bumped into someone, a tall pokémon with grey and black fur. The Pokémon’s fur was pungent, as though it didn’t wash regularly and was unkempt. She lifted her head up to see a face with smiling teeth, a pokémon who seemed to fit the description of an outcast. It was an Obstagoon, and the Lopunny knew she was in danger. “Well, hello there, girly,” said the pokémon with a sly smile. “Now what’s a pretty little thing like you doing out all by you lonesome in this part of the woods? Don’t you know it’s dangerous to be out and about without someone to look after you?” Serene was frozen in fear. She didn’t know how to respond to the pokémon. She didn’t know what to say or what to do. She wanted to turn around and run. But it was then that she noticed that the pokémon was not alone. A Scrafty, Gurdurr and Toxtricity were also with the pokémon, and all of them looked strong and dangerous. “I… well… I was just about to leave,” Serene finally spat out. “Leaving so soon? But my friends and I wanted to keep yah company,” said the dangerous looking Obstagoon. “I don’t think you’d be too safe out there by your lonesome.” The other pokémon started surrounding Serene, and it was at this point that Serene had enough. “You guys are the dangerous ones. I was just out picking Lemongrass and herbs and- “ “Oh, so we’re the dangerous ones?” said the Obstagoon. “Now I’m starting to feel offended.” “Boss. I think I know who she is,” said the Gurdurr. “Me too,” said the Scrafty. “She the daughter of the mayor of Luminance Town.” “Hehe, well, it seems we got ourselves one heck of a catch,” said the Toxtricity with sinister intent. “I wonder how much old man Gustav will pay to have you back.” “Well, I think he’ll pay good. But I think we’re gonna have a little bit of fun with you before we hand you back to your old man—that is, if he ain’t to cheap to pay your ransom,” said the Obstagoon. Serene knew then and there that these were the bandits that were terrorizing the forest these past few days. She was now in serious danger. But though she wanted to fight back, she also knew she alone was no match for these four by herself. Some of these pokémon were even type strong against her. She tried to find a way out of this mess, but she had no idea how. Fear and terror were clouding her judgement, and she didn’t know how to react to this mess. “Please… don’t hurt me,” she whimpered. “My Dad will pay. Just don’t hurt me.” “I can’t really promise that Miss Big Shot,” said the Obstagoon. He then turned to his subordinates and barked an order. “Alright, now, tie her up fellas. Let’s bring her camp and then send a letter to Luminance Town. We’ll be making good money off of her.” Serene whimpered as the other men approached her, with one of them bringing up a rope to tie her up with. She wanted to fight back. Every fiber of her being wanted her to do something, to run away or throw move to at least keep them off her back. But she knew they were all much stronger than her. They wouldn’t hesitate to hurt her in order to bring her under their control. She tried backing away from them, but they were coming at her from all sides. All seemed lost, and with that Serene closed her eyes as she waited to be kidnapped, hoping that her captors wouldn’t hurt or disgrace her while she’d wait for her ransom to be paid. It was then that giant blast of fire went exploded right next to the four bandits, exploding behind the Gurdurr, and singeing its back. The others immediately jumped into fighting stances, their eyes scanning the entire area for any signs of whoever it was who shot the Overheat move right at their fellow bandit. It was then that another ball of fire was launched, this time grazing the Toxtricity bandit and scorching his side before the ball exploded behind him, sending him reeling from the intensity of the heat. The Obstagoon bandit looked around, enraged that someone would dare to attack them. “Who the hell is out there?” roared the bandit leader. “Come on out so I can give yah a beatdown for pulling that crap on us!” It was then that a voice came from the canopy. “So, you must be the bandits that have been terrorizing the forest travelers as of late. You dare to try and kidnap this fair maiden?!” said the outraged voice. “If you do not leave this young woman alone and run this instance, then I will be forced to be even more violent. I have another Overheat move ready for you, you no-good bandit!” The bandit kept scanning the area to search for the attacker, hoping to lunch a foray onto him for daring to launch a move on them. It was then that the Toxtricity, still in pain from the burns on his body, took even more of something through the brambles of the forest. “He’s over there!” the Toxtricity bandit called out. “I’ll get that son of mother,” said the Gurdurr. Without missing a beat, the pokémon charged forward with its arms raised, raising up the metal beam in his arms to use the move Superpower. The pokémon swung the metal beam into the bramble, the move so powerful that it cut through a tree that he accidentally hit as it toppled over, as well as cutting through the bramble of brush and foliage. He was right to attack here, for the pokémon behind the shrubbery was a Chandelure, one very familiar to the Lopunny that had been captured. But being a ghost-type, even though he made direct contact with an extremely powerful fighting type move, the ghost was not affected by it at all. Alistair looked at the Gurdurr with angry, sinister eyes. He was not going to spare any quarter for trying to kidnap the pokémon he was interested in. “So, you found me, you cretin. But none of your moves will work on me. However, plenty of mine will work on you.” This time, Alistair formed a ball of black energy at the tip of his mouth. The Shadow Ball move continued to grow in size, and with that he launched the dark energy ball at point-blank range. The Gurdurr was sent flying from the explosion, the move so intense that he was launched against another tree, slamming against it hard. It was clear that the Chandelure was no slouch when it came to fighting. He possessed great power, one he hoped to use full effect. The other bandits got in fighting positions, hoping to avenge their partner for the powerful attack. They knew that fighting and normal type moves wouldn’t do a thing to the ghost—not even a Hyper Beam or Giga Impact would so much as make the chandelier pokémon wince. And for sure none of them would fight honorably. The Scrafty bandit used Dark Pulse, a move that would be sure to deal considerable damage to the Chandelure. He sent a wave of dark energy heading right for the Chandelure, but the ghost sent out a move of Hex. The two beams connected, but in the end the Hex was much more powerful despite the type-disadvantage, heading right for the Scrafty and making direct contact. Though not as effective, the move still created severe amounts of agony for the bandit, causing him to screech as he felt his himself be enveloped. The Scrafty took a kneel, wondering how a less effective move could do so much damage. “What… what the hell are you? How… how could a move like that hurt me so much? When other ghosts lob that moves at me, I can just shrug it off no problem,” said the bandit in disbelief, at last collapsing to the floor and falling unconscious. “I am wont to fight,” said Alistair, “but in your case, I am willing to make an exception.” “We’ll see about that, punk,” said the Toxtricity bandit. The bandit used Gunk Shot, a move that would be sure to cause a lot of damage with a high chance of poisoning the ghost. The Toxtricity launched a ball of poisonous mass right at the Chandelure, one that was too fast for the ghost to dodge. The balls splashed all over Alistair, his whole body doused in a foul-smelling sludge that reeked of odorous mass. The Chandelure was a mess, and though the move was Not Very Effective against ghosts, it was still a heavy blow, with Alistair floating low as though he was gravely hurt. But despite the power of the move, the Chandelure slowly began to rise up, his face looking even angrier and looking at the bandit defiantly. Alistair didn’t look like her was poisoned, or even gravely hurt for that matter. The Toxtricity looked at Alistair with shock, having never met a pokémon shrug off his most powerful move without so much as blinking an eye. “That was a disgusting move from an equally disgusting pokémon such as yourself,” stated Alistair. “Now it is my turn to get fierce.” Alistair formed a ball of fire at the edge of his face, launching it as it expanded out into a Fire Blast with five tendrils extending from it. The heat coming from it was so intense that the plant life it passed by was singed from the intensity of the heat. The wall of fire was too fast for the Toxtricity to escape, and in an instant the bandit was engulfed by the all-consuming flames. He yelled intensely, running out of the flames with his body covered in soot. And after he put out the fire that was on his tail and on the top of his head, the char covered Toxtricity collapsed to the floor with swirling eyes, having at last fainted from the intensity of the blaze. With the Gurdurr and Toxtricity out for the count and the Scrafty still licking his wounds, the Obstagoon was the only one left who could put up a fight. “You think you can take me on, punk?” said the pokémon bandit. “I’m not as weak as all these other scrubs. None of your ghost moves will work on me, and even with your little fire moves I’m gonna wipe the floor with you! You’re gonna regret having messed with us, and I can block any of your moves without so much a breaking a sweat.” “True,” said Alistair. “You Obstagoon know Obstruct and can use it varying degrees of continuous success. But my last attack is not a physical one, and I will gladly suffer the consequences of using it if it means I get to send you into another realm of pain.” Though the Obstagoon bandit had no idea what this move was, he shielded himself in his arms to use the move Obstruct, making him completely invulnerable. But like what Alistair said, his attack was not a physical one, and soon the Chandelure was enveloped by purple flames as he yelled out in pain. It wasn’t clear immediately what the move was, but soon the Bandit would know what it was. The Obstagoon clutched his chest, feeling his heart beat hard as his head started throbbing. His strength slowly started to leave him, and he took a kneel as he was unable to keep standing. He soon had pools of cold sweat drip down his forehead, his condition deteriorating as time went on. He wondered what it was that was causing him so much pain even if he wasn’t even hit by anything. It was then that he saw his arms surrounded by a sinister aura, his body now enveloped by an energy that was slowly sapping his strength and driving him to the point of tears. This was the move Curse, and Alistair had sacrificed a good deal of his strength to cast it. “What… h-h-how… how can this…?” The Bandit’s vision was blurring, his face gaunt as he slowly started to slip in and out of unconsciousness. He saw the smug look of the Chandelure, seeing that sinister eyes he had as he collapsed to the floor. His body stopped moving, his breathing shallow and his mind numb. His eyes were at last swirling, and he was finally out for the count. Alistair walked over the slumped bodies of the bandits, who were all defeated so swiftly and effortlessly. The Chandelure was a formidable pokémon, his power so great that he hardly received any damage. It was only with casting Curse that he had expended a great amount of energy. With the battle over, he walked towards Serene, who was sitting on the floor still in disbelief at what she saw. But Alistair was once again warmer and gentler, worried that she had been hurt. “Are you alright, My dear,” asked Alistair worriedly. “I hope those brutes haven’t harmed you. I’d be besides myself with worry if you were hurt.” “No, I’m fine, Alistair,” assured Serene. “But that was an amazing fight! I didn’t know that you were so strong. You dealt with them without breaking a sweat.” “And I would gladly break much more than a sweat if it meant your safety… My Love.” Serene heart began to beat, having been touched by his words. Those last two words he spoke sounded so good in her ears. She hadn’t met anyone who was so enamored in her, someone other than family who cared for her so much. She stood up and walked towards Alistair, putting a hand to one of his arms and placing the other hand on his warm, glowing body. “Oh Alistair,” she began. “If only there wasn’t so much stigma between our types. My father would never allow us to be together.” “The village feud be damned!” blurted out Alistair. “I don’t care what other pokémon think, not even your father!” Serene was taken by this loss of temper. She never took him for having spout of anger like this. But Alistair quickly calmed down, extending an arm, and placing it on her cheek. “The important thing is that were are together, Serene. My heart had beat for you the moment we met on Moonlight Hollows all those days ago. I knew that I had met someone special that day, and though it might be short time since we’ve been together, I notice that you are a lovely pokémon with such a sincere and gentle heart. I would gladly bear the wrath of our villages if it meant I’d get to be with you even more. All that I want is for you to feel the same. Just hearing you say that you love me in return is more than enough for me.” Serene clutched his hand, seeing on his eyes how sincere he was. He risked so much for her safety, and all he wanted in return was her love. It was a simple bargain. “I love you too, Alistair.” Alistair looked at his newfound lover. He was never this happy before in his life. “In that case, let me invite you to a Gala that is going to take place in Mahogany Village on the night before Halloween—Halloween Eve. The village will have a great big festival celebrating the spooky season and Autumn, and there will be more than just Ghost types attending. I hope we can celebrate our newly formed love during the Gala. I’d love to dance the whole night with you, My Love.” Serene pondered the offer. It would be nice to attend a festival, let alone a grand ball full of dancing, music, and food. Though she wondered how she’d go with her father having a tight leash on her, she still had plenty of high hopes. “That would be lovely, Alistair,” she accepted. Whatever would take place before meeting in the Gala, that would come in its own time. Or now, the two of them had each other, and all after such a harrowing moment fending off bandits. It was then that the bramble from behind the couple shook, with the sound of several voices talking. Soon, the brush parted ways for several pokémon coming through, one of which was a large Exploud wearing a Monocle and a small top hat, seeming like a caricature of a gentleman. “Daughter! Where the hell have you been?! And why in Arceus’ name is a ghost with you!?!” The large pokémon named Gustav Gallant was not very happy to see his daughter with a ghost type, and his face was enraged at this insolence. “Father!” cried out Serene. “What are you doing here?” “What am I doing here? You’d ask me that after I was so worried when I heard that the bandits prowling these woods were said to be around here? We heard a commotion coming here, and instead of finding you being attacked or mugged we find you with a ghost!” “Father, it’s not what it looks like!” said Serene. “Alistair saved me from the bandits. He fended them off and kept me from getting kidnapped.” “What a load of Tauros Crap,” barked Gustav. “For all I know, this ghost type cretin ordered the bandits to go after you and make it seem as though he tried to rescue you. I know their kind all too well.” Alistair would not take the offensive allegations that Gustav was throwing at him lying down. “You pig headed brute!” shouted Alistair. “I just saved your daughter! If it weren’t for me, you’d end up having to pay a king’s ransom in order to rescue her from their clutches. Is your belief that all ghost types are bad clouding every ounce of gratefulness that you ought to have for this kindness?” “Hmph! You did the right thing.” Gustav gave his gratefulness, but his tirade carried on. “But that doesn’t change the fact that you ghosts aren’t all conniving bastards to begin with.” “Father!” cried out Serene, hearing just how stubborn he was in his beliefs. “Leave him be, Serene,” said Alistair. “He clearly doesn’t embrace the beliefs that Nana Lopunny had taught. Not even his own wife could sway him from his pig-headedness.” “You leave my wife out of this, You Son-of-a- “ Serene finally had enough. “Enough!!! All of You!!!” Serene bellowed in order to stop the pointless bickering taking place. “Alistair! Father! There is no need to get into this! Can’t you see that you’re driving the wedge further between Normal and Ghost types? Nana wouldn’t like this, and neither would Mother!” The two sides stopped arguing. Serene’s words made perfect sense to all present. But though Gustav saw his daughter’s point, he wasn’t about to change his views. He saw ghosts as the enemy, and he wasn’t about to forgive them for anything, even if one actually did save his own daughter. “Serene. We are leaving for home! You’ll remain in your room for the rest of the evening, and I won’t let you out of my sight again. Is that clear?” barked Gustav as he turned around and walked in the opposite direction. “But Father, I did nothing wrong.” “What did I say, young lady?! Come home this instant!” Serene was conflicted. She didn’t want to return home with her father only to be locked away in her bedroom for all of time. But sadly, all she could do was turn around and walk towards Luminance Town with her father and his entourage. She turned her head and looked at Alistair. She waved at him dishearteningly, their moment of serenity cut to a dismal end—first by bandits, and now by the feud. Alistair looked at Serene the whole way, not taking his eyes off of her as she walked into the bush. The ghost hoped to see her again, hopefully without her father barging in and ruining the moment. Serene, Gustav, and their entourage walked into Luminance Town from the forest. Many people were there to greet them, seeing that some were worried that something happened to Serene. But the Lopunny was upset at having to come home. She felt she was being oppressed, that her life would always be under the whim of her father. She didn’t want to live like this anymore. She didn’t want the feud to keep up like this and for the whole of the two towns to keep hating each other. It meant that couples like her and Alistair could never achieve their towns’ blessings, and so couldn’t end up together. Gustav and Serene entered their homes, the marble columns and elegant design of the home feeling more and more like a maximum-security prison for the Lopunny. And it was when the two entered that Gustav would let his thoughts be heard. “I know that you’ve been seeing that ghost lately, Serene. You can’t hide it from me.” “And so what if I am?” Serene stood up defiantly, at last having had enough of her father’s intolerance. "He’s a good pokémon and such a gentleman. He’s always taken care of me, and I’m starting to fall in love with him.” “Those pokémon can’t even comprehend love, Serene—and it seems neither can you if you keep fooling yourself into believing that spooks could ever have a heart,” sneered Gustav. “Oh, and so you have one, Father?” “I have a lot more sense than you do, daughter, and one of these days those ghosts are going to hurt you with the way you’re getting so close to them.” He then said some even more hurtful things. “Your grandmother was always such a little fool to teach you about the so-called “goodness” of those pokémon. She never could- “ “Don’t you dare talk bad about Nana Lopunny!!!” roared Serene. The young Lopunny had never been so incensed in her life. “You don’t know a thing about goodness, Father! All you care about is keeping the feud gong and spreading lies from your fat lips about the ghosts. You’ll never understand just how good pokémon can people, how the ghosts can be, and… and…” She at last had enough. Serene rushed up the stairs to her room, sobbing in tears as she ran away from her father. She was more than just hurt. She was devastated. She was so devastated by just how heartless and inconsiderate her father was. And as she slammed the door to her room, she jumped onto her bed and continued crying without end. It was a woe that she had not felt in so long. It was a hurt that she just couldn’t withstand. And the more she cried, the more her room filled with the pitiful wails of her sorrow, she wondered how things became like they were right now. She wondered why her father was so incense over Ghosts, and what caused him to think so cruelly of them. It wasn’t fair to treat all ghosts like they’re evil. She felt that the rest of the pokémon in Luminance Town, just like her father, were judgmental and rude. She no longer saw her own people with the same regard she had before, and it was all because of the “Big Lie” and the “Truth” that had been spread around these many years of feuding. Serene wondered how Alistair was doing. She wanted to know if He was well, if he too was having all of these trials and tribulations, if he too faced some kind of opposition for having met with Normal Type from the antagonist of Mahogany Village. She wondered if he was still recovering well from using the Curse move he used to save her from the bandits. She wondered if there would ever be the chance to meet with him again, to see each other and walk around dusk forest as usual. She wanted to be with him, for him to comfort her, and for him to be her support. Maybe the two could attend an event together and enjoy each other’s company? The Gala, she remembered. The Mahogany Village Halloween Eve Gala was coming. And with that meant that there was the chance to share another tender moment with Alistair. The more she thought about wanting to meet with him, the more rebellious she wanted to be against her father. Gustav be damned. She was going to the Gala. She was going to see Alistair again, come hell of high water. Luminance Town was no longer the place for her. She no longer wanted to be associated with such a prejudice and judgmental behavior. She no longer wanted to remain in her hometown, in her house, in her room any longer. She decided it was best to leave it all behind to follow her heart and live the way she wanted. With that in mind, it was now time to escape. It was now late into the night, with the sun now setting below the horizon. Serene waited to set her plan in motion, since her father slept at around ten in the night. She waited patiently until then, all while preparing a knapsack with only the bare essentials. She packed on warm clothes and a few mementos from her Mother and Nana. She needed these to push her drive in her escape. The clock struck ten in the night. The night would be a cold one, and so Serene had on a thick coat and a purple beanie cap on to both keep the cold at bay and somewhat shroud her identity to make her less easy to be recognized. The whole of town was dark as sleep started to creep onto town. With the darkness now enveloping the town, Serene opened the window from her bedroom. She got a rope ladder that she had for fire emergencies and placed it for her to get down to the ground. With her knapsack, she climbed down quietly and reached the ground floor. She then undid the rope ladder and hid it in the bushes, hoping that it wouldn’t be found too quickly. With her escape from home complete, now was the matter of escaping Luminance Town without being noticed. She darted away, hopping around town, careful to not be illuminated by streetlamps and be caught by passersby. She hugged the shadows, careful to not come across anyone who was walking the streets even at this late hour. She was making good progress, and soon she was nearing the edge of town. But it was at that moment that she saw several figures from the side streets come out. She immediately recognized them as the town constables, and with that she knew she had to hurry. She hopped away from the policemen and at last made it to the edge of the woods. Now, the true journey would begin. Serene walked right into the thick bramble of Dusk Forest once again. The forest was dark and was hard to see where she was going. She brought with her a flashlight, which she turned on to alight her way. She was thankful to know Dusk Forest like the back of her hand, and she used that knowledge to guide her way through the thick brush. But it was at that moment that she heard rustling from behind her. “Who did you see?” said a far-off voice? “Who do you think is over there?” “I saw someone walking down the streets of town,” said another voice. “I couldn’t make that pokémon out, but I think it may be a bandit.” Serene was horrified to hear the voice of the constables. She though that she had left them behind, but it was clear that her suspicious activities made them curious. Now they mistook her for a bandit. Without a moment’s hesitation, she made a beeline through the bramble. Serene was making a lot of noise as she frantically ran away. She hoped to escape from the grasp of the constables—getting caught would mean she’d be brought back to her father and face his wrath. She wasn’t about to let that happen, and even with the constable behind her yelling “Who’s there?” and “Stop, in the name of the Law” she wasn’t about to comply. She continued running even more, and soon she knew that she was arriving somewhere familiar to her. The trees started getting darker and more rustic looking, a sure sign that she was nearing Moonlight Hollows and the area surrounding Mahogany Town. It was when she passed in the middle of two tree, whose branches formed and arch and marked the boundary of the Hollows, was where she knew she’d be safe for now. The constables wouldn’t dare go any further, and with that she knew she escaped. The ground began to elevate, and she knew she was going up the same hill as before. She walked up the incline, seeing the sage old oak tree at the very top. Once at the top of the hill she could see the entirety of Dusk Forest around her. The Full Moon was still in the sky, though a bit of it was cut off as it transitioned to a different lunar phase. It was on a moment like this that she met Alistair a while ago, and the memory was still fresh on her mind. She saw the lights of bother Luminance Town and Mahogany Village, both on opposite ends of Moonlight Hollows. The opposing sides were divided by this very boundary, and it was the other side that Serene wanted to reach. It wouldn’t be long before she’d reach Mahogany Village. And soon, she’d meet the love of her life once more. And with that on her mind, she walked down the hill toward the village, hoping that the ghosts would be welcoming and warm to her. She left Moonlight Hollows toward her lover and her destiny… Alistair was out on the streets of Mahogany Village, going on a nighttime walk. It wasn’t yet time for him to sleep, and he couldn’t even if he wanted to. The events that took hold earlier today bothered him. He couldn’t bare to think about it too much. It hurt to even think about how he was so cruelly ripped from his love. He just couldn’t stop being tormented by it.He wanted to see Serene again. His heart could bear to be apart from her. The streets of Mahogany Village were lit by torches of ghostly like fire, a sure sign off the village’s ties to mysticism. The houses were mostly of wood and simply made, giving it a rather rustic feel. While the neighborhood wasn’t run down, it lacked the sort of splendor that Luminance Town has. But it wasn’t because of poverty that the village’s pokémon lived in what looked like hovels, rather it was because the folks didn’t much care for splendor and lavishness. The goal was to life a peaceful, humble life. There was no point in all of the frivolities that the pokémon from town occupied themselves with. Alistair was happy to live in the humility of his village. He loved his village and couldn’t think of living anywhere else. It was then that he noticed something going on at the town gate. He noticed a group of his fellow ghosts creating a commotion with what appeared to be a female pokémon dressed in thick clothes. The pokémon being heckled looked suspiciously like a Lopunny, even from afar. Alistair’s heart began to beat. He had a hunch on who this woman was. And as he walked on over, he could hear the voiced of the village’s entrance guards and the voice of the female Lopunny. Soon, it he could hear clearly who this female was. “Please,” said the Lopunny, “let me in. I’m here to see someone in the Village who’s a dear good friend of mine.” “A Normal Type friends with one of our own?” said the Haunter gate guard. “Don’t make me laugh, misses. I’ve never heard of one of our own getting involved with you stuck up normies.” “Go back to your town with all the other Normies, Missy,” said the Banette gate guard. “Your kind isn’t welcome here.” “Please, you have to let me in!” pleaded the Lopunny. “I don’t have anywhere else to go.” Alistair immediately recognized who she was. He quickly went towards the guards, hoping to resolve the matter with the guards. “Is there a problem here, Frank and Mikey?” asked Alistair. The two guards turned around and jolted, seeming to look rather shocked to see the Chandelure up in front of them. “L-l-l-lord Alistair!” shrieked the Haunter. “I-I-I was just here with Mikey about how this normal-type was trying to enter into town. You know that she and her kind aren’t allowed, right?” Alistair looked at the Lopunny with cheery eyes. “This here is my guest, not to mention the granddaughter of the late Lilah Lopunny” said Alistair, much to the shock of the guards at hearing who this lass was related to. “She’s traveled all this way to come meet with me. I demand that you allow her access into the village.” The two gate guards were stunned to hear his declaration. But at the end of the day, they were helpless to stop the demand of a pokémon of such high status. Reluctantly, they parted way and allowed for the Lopunny to walk into town. Serene looked at Alistair with a cheery face. She braved the perils of Dusk Forest to reach this very spot. It had been so long since she was last in Mahogany Village, and it looked the same after all these years—though perhaps the gate guards could be a little warmer. Her mission a success, she walked up to Alistair, so happy to see him again. “Good Evening, Alistair,” she said. “‘Lord’, now is it?” “Good Evening, Serene. And yes, it is ‘Lord’, for in reality I am a nobleman in these parts, albeit not a terribly powerful one,” he revealed. “What are you doing all the way here in the dead of night, My Dear? It’s close to midnight, and the forest is no place to travel at this hour. There have been reports of bandits even this deep into the woods.” Serene nodded her head, still unable to shake her joy. “I ran away from home to come here, Alistair,” she admitted. “I realized that living with my father was no way to life. Luminance Town is no longer the place I once remembered.” Alistair was surprised to hear this. But in the end, he was all too happy to welcome her here. “I hope your trip through the forest wasn’t too difficult, My Love,” he welcomed. “I hope that you’ll be comfortable here in Mahogany Village. The village pokémon may not be too warm to you, being that you’re an outsider. But with me around, I’ll keep the others off your back.” Serene walked up and cupped her hand on his round body. “I know you will.” The two lovers walked away, holding each other as the two gate guards saw them walk away. It was a love affair that was so unorthodox yet so tender. And it would be a romance that both Luminance Town and Mahogany Village would come to realize. For now, Alistair hoped to give Serene a warm bed to sleep on at his home. He was so happy to be reunited with her, and it couldn’t be at such a better time. He hoped the villagers would come to accept her, just like they did Nana Lopunny all those years ago. And with that, the two lovers would spend the night together, once more in each other’s company. The Gala is soon to arrive, and it was time for Mahogany Village’s newest member to enjoy the coming festivities. But with such a high profile pokémon now in the village, the town was certain to take note. Mayor Gustav would not take this lying down and would perhaps rally to help reclaim his daughter form the Village. A collision course between ghosts and normal type pokémon was coming, and soon the two sides would butt heads once more. Yet with two high profile pokémon from either side now in each other’s arms, the chance for peace to finally arrive was also here. So was the hope of Alistair and Serene. With this in mind, there was hope that on Halloween the sought-after peace would finally arrive. The revelation between the two sides was soon to come…
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