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Welcome to PKMN-Fans-Unite! Feel free to submit your Pokemon art here!
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Pokemon Insurgence Dark and Light DD chpt.3 pg.04 by Kiritost
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Type Scramble Dex - 154 - Megantom by Inika-Xeathis
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Arcanine and Cynthia by WhiteRose1994
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Fashionween by Inika-Xeathis
New Family page 58 by widwan
Pokemon Story - The Dusk of Moonlight Hollows Ch.1,Pokémon StoryThe Dusk of the Moonlight Hollows - Chapter 1Halloween Special 2021 By J.C. Solis The sun was setting over the western horizon, leaving the overlaying sky in a rose-colored haze. On one side was the fading sun, finishing its turn in the hours of the day. On the opposite side was a full moon, a round celestial body of bright white and shine. Twilight always seemed so peaceful. The equinox of a world that is and isn't there, with the forces of night and day sharing peacefully their place above the sky. And with it comes the exchange between darkness and light, daytime, and night. The world would often come over this equinox, with both sides of duality exchanging their place in the world. A lone Lopunny stared at the dusk with empty eyes, her heart heavy with sadness and her mind gripped in despair. Despite the beauty of the exchange of dualities that lay ahead of her, a tear trickled down her cheek as her sorrow began to overwhelm her. She felt like she was about to explode from her grief, with her eyes barely able to dam the tears inside. The emotions were simply too great, however, and so she’d release a torrent of tears that would mark the sadness that consumed her heart. Her grandmother wouldn't want her to be like this, to be fretting on a beautiful crimson eve such as this. Yet her granddaughter's yearning made it all but impossible to control.Moonlight Hollow was where Serene would spend time with Nana Lilah. It was a sacred grove full of beautiful flowers and ancient trees - the Sages of Dusk Forest, her Nana would say. The grove was where the power of the Dusk Forest concentrated, and just being within the vicinity could its emanating power felt. At the center of the grove was a tall hill overlooking the entire forest, with Serene laying right next to a great oak tree on the very top—a dark oak that is said to be as old as the forest when it was created. It was an oak that was very precious to both her and Nana, and it was something that brought her to remembrance of all the wonderful moments that the lone Lopunny had a long time ago. On one side of the hill, one could clearly see Mahogany Village, a haven for ghost type and other supernatural based pokémon. The place was a haven for the supernatural, as was a good majority of the Dusk Forest and the surrounding areas. On the direct opposite of the hill was the predominantly normal-type village of Luminance Town, where Serene hailed from. This was the more orthodox side of the forest, an area of the forest more mundane and physical, where those who dwelled within believed in a more practical aspect of life apart from mysticism and magical auras. Both villages have been in a generations long feud that up to now has shown no signs of ending. Thanks to normal and ghost type moves not affecting the opposite type, both sides have been in stalemate for many years, with neither wanting to give up. Many a battle have been fought between the types, with neither side affecting the other and with their moves not affecting the other. Recently, the two villages haven’t been at each other’s throats, the last scuttle having happened months ago. For now, both villages lay dormant, seeming to wait for the other side to try something so as to reignite the feud. And when that would happen again, both sides would be sure to continue the pointless bouts and battles, with neither side’s moves affecting the other to any sort of extent. Serene wondered what it was about ghost types that spurred so much hatred, especially from her father. Though he would always preach and bellow about how the ghosts were bad, he never really went into details other than spread rumors that they steal children and are responsible for the town’s troubles. In truth, no one even remembers why the feud started in the first place. The cause for the fighting has been long since lost to time, and no one exists who was alive to have known. All that remains are speculations, which regarded later on as truth and are now the "true" history. And over the years, the “true” history was manipulated by both sides and used to instigate conflict against the other side. There seemed to be no end to the conflict, and the suffering created by the fighting has still yet to cease. Both sides continue to fight, maybe because that is all both sides have ever known… Serene couldn't find a reason herself to dislike ghosts. The short times she has spent with ghosts weren't bad. They were actually really friendly to her. She remembers secretly playing with them as a child—that is until her father found out. The ghost children were so happy and carefree, and weren't mean or rude, unlike some of her peers from home. She honestly thought of them as honest and hardworking pokémon, and they didn’t seem anything like the stories that her father had mentioned so many times before. But ever since she was discovered and found to be against her father’s mantra and doctrine, however, she has never left her father's gaze... and disapproval. The only person who truly understood them was her grandmother. The elderly Lopunny would often recount such tales about the true nature of the Ghost types to her granddaughter on many an occasion, though mainly out of earshot of her father. Never has Nana Lilah said anything spiteful about them, and whenever Serene would ask her about them, she had nothing but good things to say. Their sense of humor, their traditions. holidays, their fun-loving nature, and cheerful pranks; everything was recounted in such a positive light and with such good recount. She wondered how Nana knew so many details about the ghosts, and why she was always so quiet about it. Though in all honesty, one would have to look at Gustav and his explosive nature to see that such talk in a positive light against a sworn enemy would be best kept under secrecy. Suddenly, Serene heard a rustling from behind her. She hadn’t expected anyone to suddenly sneak up on her, and so she immediately jumped up from the side of the tree and got ready for a fight. “Who... Who's there?” she called out nervously. “Whoever you are... I don't wanna fight you!” she stammered. The bush in front of her continued to rustle, something obviously stirring inside of it. She wondered just who or what could be inside the bush. She didn’t know of anyone from her home village being inside, though she still hoped that it wasn’t anyone who could relay her location back to her father. In an act of bravery, she went up to the bush, arms ready for in case she’d need to battle. She brushed away the bush brambles to see what was inside, only to reveal a tiny bug Pokémon who was very irate for having been disturbed. The little bug was not happy at being bothered, and it proceeded to berate Serene in a squeaky yet harsh voice. “Hey! What’s the big idea, bub?!” cried out the Caterpie in a somewhat quiet yet annoyed tone. “Sorry,” she apologized to the angry bug type, hoping that the little bug would forgive her for the rude disturbance. She began to step back, feeling silly for her paranoia. It was at this point that she bumped into something that was behind her. Rather, it was someone, since she knew the tree was far back away from her. A sort of dread overcame her senses as she grew nervous at wondering who it was. But though she was hesitant to turn around and face her uninvited guest, she had an idea who the pokémon behind her actually was. Expecting an intense yelling, or punishment, she slowly turned around to face her angry father and his voracious wrath. And as she turned around, she hoped that he would be merciful and understanding as to why she left her home to pay a visit to a place so close to Mahogany Village.. She turned around to face her fate, but to her surprise, it was not her father that was behind her. She opened her eyes to see a luminescent figure floated in the air, a black striped, white ball with what appeared to be black curled arms attached to it, almost like a sentient chandelier. The creature was rather interesting, as she had not seen it before. A glowing purple fire was atop its head, one that was as warm as it was haunting. It had a blank face as it looked upon her, along with two glowing yellow eyes that stared right at her own eyes with a curiosity that was clearly evident. It was a Chandelure, and although it didn't appear hostile, its mesmerizing look was too strange to trust. “Uh, good evening,” Serene said rather awkwardly. “Good evening, madam. Isn't the view of the sky so lovely this night?” commented the glowing chandelier-like Pokémon. “If you came for a view of the moon, you have definitely come at the right time. It is such a beautiful sight to behold right now.” “Uh, yeah, I guess,” she responded with a slight weariness. The Chandelure was right, though. The sky was littered with countless little dots, luminescing a slight white glow. It was such a beautiful scene, though Serene was more interested about the strange ghost in front of her and whether it meant her any harm.This was definitely a ghost type, thought Serene. Though she was rather nervous, the prospect elated her somewhat. It has been ages since her last contact with a ghost, and it was something she hoped to enjoy. But she had no idea what to say next, or even the intentions of this mysterious stranger. She hoped that the pokémon meant good tidings, though in the end she had no idea what its intentions were. “You’re from the ghost village, aren't you?” she finally started. “Why yes, I am,” it replied. “I take it you’re from the normal village?” “Well,” she blushed, a bit embarrassed to say where she hailed from. “Yeah.” “Now, there’s nothing to be ashamed of," he said calmly, though what he said next was with a much more aggressive tone. "Unless, of course, you have anything against ghosts, now do you?” the ghost then responded boldly, now looking as though it was going to start a fight. She stood frozen at the response. She didn't know what to feel about the Pokémon in front of her. It definitely was confident, though it didn't look like it was readying an attack. Should she trust it? Or him? Yes, it was a male, judging by the sound of his voice. “That depends. Should I be afraid of you?” she replied back. “No. You have nothing to fear,” he reassured sinisterly. “I just had a meal recently, so my hunger is now sated... though I could go for a second helping...” Serene gasped at the response, with horrible thoughts already appearing in her head. But then the ghost laughed afterwards, letting out an almost wicked yet jubilant cackle. “No ma’am! I am just joking." "That was not funny!" snapped a fuming Serene. The Chandelure at last calmed down, having had a good laugh at Serene’s expense. "Do not worry, my dear. We ghosts are nothing like the stories you’ve maybe heard of. We are a peaceful folk, for the most part," the Chandelure then said. Though she was mad at the joke, Serene was even more impacted by what he said after. Even the ghosts have heard of the nasty stories the normal types spread. "I wouldn't expect you to be. Those are horrible stories anyways." She then decided to change the topic. "So, why are you here out at night?" "I believe I asked you first, Miss...?" he stated as he hinted at asking her name. "Serene. My name is Serene Gallant," she answered. "And what is yours?" "Alistair. I am Alistair Lovingworth," he answered back. "Serene, hmm? I take it your father is Chief Gustav Gallant the Exploud, yes?" Serene then nodded in confirmation. "So, tell me, what is the daughter of Luminance Town's mayor doing out right now? I doubt your father would approve of you to be so close to Mahogany Village," he questioned. Serene grimaced. She was uncomfortable to think of her father’s disapproval, but even more so to think about what she would say next. "My father disapproves of lots of things, especially ghosts. I'm here because my grandmother just... just," She couldn't find it in her to finish the sentence. The wound was still too deep and fresh on her heart. "I'm just paying my respects to her." "I am sorry for your loss," he said as his flames dimmed, a sign of his understanding and empathy. He approached right beside her, staring at the moon along with her. "If it means anything, she is missed at Mahogany Village, too." "Thank you," she thanked, with another tear trickling down her cheek. "But now tell me." "What is it?" "What brought you here? Why are you out and about like me?" "Well," started Alistair. "I just decided to take an evening constitution, which is all," he said plainly. "I had wanted to come to Moonlight Hollow for a while, so here I am." "That simple, huh?" said Serena, sort of doubting his excuse. “That simple. And no, I have not been following you in case you may be thinking,” he remarked. "Any friend or follower of Lilah is welcome in my mind, not to mention her grand-daughter." "You met her?" she wondered. "Who hasn't? She had a wonderful relationship with all our townsfolk, especially with Mayor Moraine Mismagius. She's spoken with our elders many times, and even played and taken care of the children. She was always so kind towards us, and never once did she show any prejudice or hate," he went on. Serene felt more comfortable talking about her grandmother. It was nice to hear what the ghosts had to say about her, and from what Alistair was recounting, it seemed that Lilah was well-liked by the whole of Mahogany Village. "She never hated ghosts - or any Pokémon type, really," Serene began. "She always saw the best in other Pokémon, something I wish my father had." "Well, what about Your Mother?" asked Alistair. "Surely she must've shared your grandmother's sentiments." The Lopunny looked down at the ground as her ears drooped, a frown growing on her face. "She did. But she too has since passed as well." The Chandelure jolted. "Oh dear! I am terribly sorry. I didn't mean to invoke another tear on your heart." "It's alright," smiled Serene after seeing Alistair's apologetic face. "She died when I was eight years old, during my mid-childhood. But she too was also fond of ghosts and Mahogany Village. In fact, she was the one who kept My Father in check about his anger towards the other village and ghosts. But ever since she passed, Father has been in a growing tirade, and now that he's an elder his anger's gotten worse." "Has Lilah Lopunny been able to keep your father in check when she passed?" "Somewhat. But Father is stuck in his ways. And with Nana Lilah Lopunny gone, Father's anger is almost unchecked. The only one who can calm him down now is... I guess..." "You..." finished Alistair, who then turned around and faced her. Serene looked at the ghost in response, wondering what he'll say next. "The question then I have for you, Miss Serene," he started, " is what do you believe? Do you share your grandmother's and mother's sentiments?" Serene smiled sincerely, realizing what her own beliefs were. "I do." A loud gonging sound echoed from the woods. The clocktower of Luminance Town’s Church of Arceus was ringing the evening's chime, and Serene realized her mistake. "Oh no! I've been out too long!" she shrieked as she realized time slipped too much. "Then I suggest you rush home," urged Alistair. "I hope we get to enjoy another evening like this. We have so much to discuss about later." Serene smiled at the thought. "I hope so too." In fast hops she scurried down the hill toward home, in hopes that her father had not noticed her long absence. All the while, the thoughts of meeting again with the Chandelure lifted her heart with joy. To think today she had a chance meeting with a ghost from Mahogany Town. To be able to make a friend in her time of mourning and sadness. She wondered if her Nana would be proud of her, to be making friends with one of the ghosts. She felt that she was getting closer and closer to fulfilling Nana’s quest for peace between the two types. Maybe there was the chance that peace would soon be achieved, and Serene would be there to carry on what her grandmother had started. Meanwhile, the Chandelure looked down at the scurrying bunny, hopeful that she won’t run into trouble back at home. This really was the granddaughter of Nana Lopunny, he thought. Serene was an exact replica of her. The kindness, the warmth, the empathy, the lack of fear in being with someone so different from her—and yet she trusted him enough to stay around and chat. Alistair was glad to have met her. Staring right at the gleaming moon and its radiant lunar rays, he wondered on what fated day they would meet once again. Serene was a beautiful Lopunny in both body and heart, and he was glad to have met the wonderfully sweet granddaughter of such a special pokémon. For Serene, the moon meant another way of means of reconnecting with Nana. And for Alistair, it meant that the future looked bright ahead, with a light that cut through the darkness and lit the way ahead. Serene at last arrived in the outskirts of town. She hoped to act natural and calm, hoping to not give the impression that she had done something she wasn’t supposed to. The streets were still full of people, and everything seemed to be the same as what she had left behind. Here’s hoping that nobody noticed Serene’s sudden disappearance for too long. Luminance Town was a town of many intricate looking buildings of Tudor and more antiquated styles. The streets were paved with cobblestones while the streets were lit up with streetlamps that gave off a light-yellow glow. It was a peaceful place, and the pokémon townsfolk who walked down the streets were all in such a happy mood. Some of the shops were still open even as it was getting darker, and since it was the weekend, that meant that some street food vendors were already out selling meals or those who wanted a nighttime meal or a before bed snack. The town was still very much active, with the feel of an old-timey village of all sorts of quaint scenery and designs. Serene loved calling this town home, and it was so dear to her heart. The fact that the folks off town didn’t get along with Mahogany Village hurt her, however, as not all of the townsfolk followed the example set by Nana Lopunny. Soon, Serene arrived at her home, a large two-story Tudor house with a large front porch and a large garden full of flowers and shrubbery planted all around it. The house looked wonderful, and the whole look gave it an air of sophistication and wealth, as though a rich family lived inside. Indeed, Mayor Gustav was a very rich pokémon, and being that he was the Mayor of Luminance Town also added to the air of importance that he and his home had. But in person, the Exploud was anything but tactful and proper. He was loud, rough around the edges, and boisterous, a far contrast to the properness that he was surrounded by. And though he came from a wealthy family, Gustav was never one to have adopted the etiquette that gentleman like him should adopt. Thankfully, the Exploud was nowhere to be seen, and so Serene breathed a sigh of relief as she opened the door to her home. Halloween was coming in a few more days, and lot of preparations were underway for Luminance Town and the surrounding area to have happy, holly time. The air was already filled with the spice and spruce of Autumn, and so the holidays were already on their way. Serene wondered what she herself would do on these days. She knew that Mahogany Village would have a Halloween festival, as they did every year. If possible, she wanted to attend it. But knowing her father, he more than likely would forbid her from going. As ever, Serene stepped onto the front porch of her home and sat down on a wooden bench in the front. The night was as beautiful as always, and she wanted to enjoy what remained of the twilight. Perhaps one of these of these days she would meet Alistair again. The thought filled her with joy. She wanted to meet the ghosts of Mahogany Village once more. Perhaps this was wishful thinking, but Serene wanted the two towns to put aside their differences just once this spooky season. This was her hope. And with that, she looked at what remained of the Sun’s final rays of light that shone above the horizon. Halloween was coming, and so would a bright future. And with that, the Lopunny finally found peace in her heart. The pain of Nana’s death now started to fade, for Nana’s spirit would always be with her Granddaughter…
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