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Director~ OrdinLegends

Assistant Director~ Mucrush


Lead Spriter ~ LinkHeroTime

Trainers~ FlamingBraveryNesuku

Animators~ BradSimonianSnivy101

Sprites and Designs~ koolkatz2009bFrozenFeatherBrasioPkmnIvyonJESGRAD07LuisBrainzerudezsorakairi1014SirAquakipGeoisEvilGivrali95burritomomLight-FoxlydarioMorisu-san S122510 SilverSail spritemaster44 SupahSanti MyMarshlands DaybreakM Veenerick ZermoniousA-PinnariAnbujatjmoonstudiosCupOJoBonsly209

For those of you who don't know, Pokemon Eclipse is MEANT to be a community project for anyone and everyone to contribute to.

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