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ES: Special Chapter 12B -Page 25-

By PKM-150
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ES: Special Chapter 12A -Page 25- by PKM-150


Cover: Eeveelution Squad -Cover- by PKM-150
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BlueJolteonNew Deviant
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BlueJolteonNew Deviant

That’a rough buddy

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Don't mind me. I'm just here feeling sad for her and hugging my Flareon plush. XD

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C-StudiosHobbyist Traditional Artist

Geezz, that's dark. o~o

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Beeg depression

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its cool this chapter has gone full circle, the three Eevees in the beginning was Mollie (aka mom), Ralph (aka brother), and Jin (aka Dad), I'm sure many are like "yea..... so?" (because they may have remembered that), well their is no reason, i just remembered that and I was like "oh, cool", so yea no theory just something you may wanna know, and if you already knew, good for you. Hope everyone has a good day/night, and goodbye.

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Pkm when will the next page will be published?

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PKM-150Student Digital Artist


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Okay thx for let me know PKM

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Thank you for let me know

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What is that white block in the bottom right corner?

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most likely means that someone is waking up

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in the bottom left corner of the page or panel or perhaps you ment bottom right corner of the page

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Edited... Good thing there is such thing as editing.

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What, is there a scariness scale? This comic was intended for people above 10-12

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OPOEPENew Deviant

Bruh you shouldn't be here though.

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You aren’t even supposed to be on DeviantArt. This comic is rated PG, so there’s no point in toning down the gore.
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