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ES: Special Chapter 12B -Page 10-

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ES: Special Chapter 12A -Page 10- by PKM-150


Cover: Eeveelution Squad -Cover- by PKM-150
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What’s the point in giving Mollie a flower? She has eyelashes. She can be told apart from the other two Eevee just fine...

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YellowAndTwoNew Deviant

It's for clarity to the audience - the audience who haven't realized that yet. okay we're literally in the 12th special chapter (17th chapter total) and im guessing we all figured that out by now

JediTheHedgehog's avatar

True, but her eyelashes are visible, and I asked PKM-150 to put Sunshine’s tail into the female gender difference for Eevee. Female Eevee have hearts on their tails.

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YellowAndTwoNew Deviant

Yes, that is a good detail. A good detail, yet a new one. I'm pretty sure this was first implemented in Let's Go Eevee!, but before Sword and Shield, this was unique to the Partner Eevee, while all other Eevees had identical tails.

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damn, yet must be his favorite word

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"Yet?" Cuuuute

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i have finally realised the pattern PKM-150 goes from 3 days to 4 days then 3 days again for the uploads

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I have a question PKM.

"Do you have any other comic coming after finishing of this one?"


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i dont think this is the last one because he did say main chapters will come back so there will be chapters

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I read the comments and saw some people talk about the end of this comic what does that mean this chapter or the whole thing

ElectricGuy9000's avatar

i think people are saying about the whole because normally with some stuff they go other the past but it wont because PKM-150 still wants to do more chapters and special chapters and even said that lazuil and speed might start dating in chapter 6 or another chapter sooooo dont worry about it ending with this comic because it wont

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There id evidence of es ending at chapter 10 but rumours are saying there will be a sequel to this which is more focus on sunshine
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I really hope they are true
ElectricGuy9000's avatar

yeah but that wont happen for while since PKM-150 has done 5 main chapters so far

SlySylveon123's avatar
Yes. I remember hearing somewhere that main chapter 6 is after this chapter
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Ok now I really wanna skip to the future

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Same as well

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Jins face: r/ (and I mean this literally) FACEPALM

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JosieLidoHobbyist Digital Artist

”We should really put something on to distinguish us from each other”

The guy who’s face is 90% wrapped up: “what about me?”

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silvia224New Deviant

When will you be finished with this chapter

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Why would ask that so early in the chapter were only on the 10th page.

I realize that this sounds mean I'm not trying to be.

Forgive me silvia224.

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