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ES: Special Chapter 12A -Page 5-

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ES: Special Chapter 12B -Page 5- by PKM-150


Cover: Eeveelution Squad -Cover- by PKM-150
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thefirstCats17New Deviant

I love that face “your a creep”

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il sure envy him when hes married

ur not alone

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thefirstCats17New Deviant


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YellowAndTwoNew Deviant

my sad and alone head: makes contact with table

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Pout Lazuli still blessed

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How are you doing pkm 150

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I started the series yesterday and I've already reached the end of what's already been written.

Realizing that I'll have to wait for the next page, I can now feel my sister's pain.

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pixlyJoltHobbyist General Artist
how did you even manage to finish half of the pages :0
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I started a while ago but stop watching when I got a new account it been at least a year and I just hammered through the whole thing and remembered how amazing it can be sometimes personally I don’t like the berserk dream CC thing but the original fire is still there and better then ever

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And my pain

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Hope everything is okey I mean, there is no sign of life , am relly starting to get worried

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Pkm just drew to more pages of the other side of the coin comic (I think it is from the other side of the comic but not sure)

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Those pages say chapter 12B so yes

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Rip, still no update. Hope everythings okay with Pkm-150
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He’s been updating the “other side of the coin” part of the comic (Special Chapter 12B)

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Who's your idol of pure love?

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Shiv Shakti SE hi purna hai

Shakti ke co sindoor hai

Gauri ke Gaurav ke liye

Jo ho rage ab dur hai............

This is one of my favourite song as well. Do anyone else like it?

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"Tum Kalyani ho maharani jagadambe MAA Kalyani ho....

Tum Sita Jag Rani Mata Jagdambe MAA Kalyani ho....

Tum ho shiv ki Shivani Mata Jagdambe MAA Kalyani ho....

Tum hi Radha Rani Mata Jagdambe MAA Kalyani ho.....

Brahma vedan bakhani Mata Jagdambe MAA Kalyani ho...

Tum Kalyani ho maharani jgadambe MAA Kalyani ho...."

I love this song do you?

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what happens later!

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Not by me btw

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Today was the the day the day I return home or I think most of my memory is still a blur but remember enough now I woke up before everyone sorrow in my mind gai wanted to tell me something but he couldn’t tell me I walked down stairs and looked at the time and said “it’s 4 am I guess today is it I know how to return home no wait I don’t I can’t remember” I started to cry a little “I can’t remember the patterns or what the cards look like please someone help” the clock ticked as I punched it crying and sang “it’s not the end of the world don’t blame yourself” I walked outside looking at the sun rise and gave off a little howl before looking out to sea. Soon enough everyone was awake except gai and the adults I was putting my bow in my hair and my scarf on my neck and my bracket on as I walked to the door I saw a photo of all of us I started to smile a little but then it stopped everyone was talking frank looked at me and said “I hope you’ll find your way back home your on your own when we’re on the ship” I nodded saying “I understand” lazuli explained to me that we were going back to the shore where she found me to search for my items. Soon we made it to the shore and then we found them I was sad inside but I said “there’s my backpack” she smiled and said “great let’s go check if it has everything” I opened it and said “yes the entercards they are here” suddenly it all came flowing back to me all the memories all my joyful ones all the sad ones they returned to me like the sun returns in the morning. Lazuli looked at me and said “do you remember anything” I returned with “yes yes I remember everything I remember how to use the entercards” she smiled as I said to myself putting the cards in the proper pattern “sun top left moon top right sun bottom left moon bottom right” suddenly the magnagate opened I jumped in excitement but then me and lazuli heard a voice yelling “wait” we turned to see it was gai I said in confusion “gai what are you doing here I’m about to go home” he replied “I know I just thought I could see you one last time” I replied “that’s nice” suddenly I got an idea and reached into my bag,turned to gai and said “here I want you to have this” I handed him a badge like device and explained it was a communication device so we can chat across worlds. I saw the magnagate outer rings closing I had only 3 minutes left so I yelled “tell everyone I said goodbye” gai replies “I will let them know farewell cc” and lazuli said “bye be safe” and then the gate closed leaving a swirling burn mark on the ground. Through the gate and the way home I was crying a little but I said “it’s ok just think positive” suddenly the world sparked I was scared yelling “shadows what’s happening” one of them yelled “cc it’s the entercards something in them wait WATCH OUT” I turned and saw a creature I haven’t seen before it was half Pokemon half what I assumed was called a heartless yet it still was a Pokemon I tried to get the gate to continue but then it grabbed me and a version of me escaped but the real me was at its mercy as it flung me backwards I was screaming “someone heeelp meeeeee” Soon enough a magnagate appeared on a boat the same boat both universe took but which one I would soon find out as I had just exit it and as it closes I tried to run back saying “no no this isn’t right DONT CL” but it was too late the gate was closed and as I looked in my bag I said “the cards of course they can oh no” I took the cards out the suns were shattered the moons were in pieces beyond repair I was stranded. I thought “ok calm down this has my home world all I have to do is use aura scan and see if I can sense frost that would work” I sat there and focus and I sensed no frost. My eyes widen as I said “then then that means” I heard familiar voices I looked out the room and saw the group of this universe and saw no frost I was sweating worried how could I explain this to them I took a deep breath and said “ok I I have to tell them” i walked over to the group and said “h hi guys” they saw me and speed said “W what are you still doing here I thought you left lazuli said so” I replied with “I did but on my way back something happened a creature grabbed me and through me backwards sending me back here” black said “great this day just gets better and better” lazuli punches black at that point and said “can’t you use those cards of yours” leaf nod and said “yeah you said you can open a gate if one closes” I looked upset and said “I I can’t anymore” I reached into my bag and showed what remained of the cards and said “when I was sent back here they shattered and the items I need aren’t in your world” tears dropped down my face as I collapse to the ground saying “I I want to see my family I want to see my frost my black my sisters my cousin my child I want to go home” pearl walked to me and said “hey it’s ok until you can fix” I replied “thank you pearl” I hugged her crying and soon the ship left the harbour. The group explained to the other what happened as I sat in a room still upset of what happened I lost a battle I couldn’t win. As I sat there my shadows appeared as the sylveon one said “well we failed what was that thing” I replied tears in my eyes “I don’t know but I do know I won’t be able to see my daughter ever again” more tears came down my face as I looked at my explorer gear then my bag and took out a photo of me and my family then put it away. Soon enough we were at the docks we all got off and I followed the gang to the tree house I was still trying to figure out what happened in the ley lines what was that creature but I shakes it off. As we walked gai saw me slowing down he walked over to me and said “cc are you ok” I was still upset as I said with a fake smile “I I am ok gai don’t worry about me” I let out a laugh that turned into a cry as I continued “no I’m not ok I can’t go home anymore I’m stranded” he hugged me and said “I understand cc but look on the bright side of things your not alone you have us we can be a family” I held my tears back as they ran dry and said “thank you gai that would be lovely” We soon reached the tree house and entered pearl said “we don’t have any spare rooms since one room is for Alex and another for mrs mollie you’ll have to stay on the sofa for now” I repelled in a nice and calm voice “I understand” I smiled as lazuli said “wait cc can I ask you something” I nodded and said “yeah what’s up lazuli” she asked me to follow her. When we were alone she said “cc are you sure your ok being here I mean I don’t want speed to get confused with me and you while your not wearing your scarf and such” I replied with “well there is a way we can tell each other apart” I took my gloves off and continued “all he has to do is look at my tail or paw and see the symbols that way he knows who’s who” she smiles and replied “ok cc I trust you on that” then we returned to them. A few hours past I was settling in with this universe more and more then pearl asked “hey cc want to help make dinner” I nodded and walked into the kitchen and said “I have a recipe I know by heart called flame and ice” she looked at me and said “what’s that” I said “it’s a type of curry I made it starts off hot but after a few minutes it becomes warm and sweet it’s not a one au meal it can be made in any universe” she smiled saying “ok let’s make that” so we cooked. A few moments later we had finished making dinner and everyone started to eat and as we ate our meal crystal said “so cc what do you plan on doing now that your stuck here” I paused for a moment then said “well I guess help out plus a Tournament is happening near by so I’ll enter that like I did back home so people in this universe knows me for who I was back home” gai looked at me and said “what’s that” I replied “back home I was a dungeon rescuer and explore I called myself the arctic flash” gai was surprised and said “your a version of speed” I looked confused and said “what do you mean by that” he explained everything and I listened then after all I turned to speed to say “so your the flash of this world this is weird” he replied “why” I returned with “in my universe you are not the flash but instead me” he was shocked yet remained calm as we all continued to eat our dinner. Soon it was night the others were asleep except mrs mollie who was up a bit late as was I which was nothing new to me but the reason was odd I had visions of a past that wasn’t mine I saw what happened long before I arrived they were weird I saw rhydons a jolteon and a umbreon along with mrs mollie I was confused I heard roaring yelling then it stopped i shock my head, walked to mrs mollie and said “mrs mollie May I ask you something” she turned and said “ok what’s wrong” I replied after taking a deep breath “is your injury the cause of a rhydon attacking you and a few other” she looked shocked and said “yes how did you know” I said “well just now I saw the past not my past but yours I I promise not to tell anyone if you promise to not tell anyone I’m death herself but in a weaker state ok” she nodded and so we went inside to sleep.

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Kienism Digital Artist

How much time does it take to write this comment

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I did copy and paste

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Where did you copy and paste this from?

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