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ES: Special Chapter 12A -Page 33-

By PKM-150
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ES: Special Chapter 12B -Page 33- by PKM-150


Cover: Eeveelution Squad -Cover- by PKM-150
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JakeDaBunnNew Deviant

Axel just made me die hes way to cute

Angelic-Cloud's avatar
Angelic-CloudStudent General Artist

I'm in love with Axel's cute pose in the last pannel

Snoruwu's avatar
SnoruwuNew Deviant

“Big-Brother Speed, Come on!”

Ya year that Sunshine X Axel shippers?

If sunshine is with axel then she is dating her uncle, which is very illegal

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GalaticClothNew Deviant
GalaticCloth's avatar
GalaticClothNew Deviant

Black is Wearing his Brorher Scarf.

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1,100 comment lol hahahaha
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me:Anyone else think sunshine and axel should be together?

everyone else: yessir

DifferentUmbreo's avatar
DifferentUmbreoStudent General Artist

nah Axel just wants to call Speed big bro. Like he does with Big brother Gai

Snoruwu's avatar
SnoruwuNew Deviant

axel says speed is his big brother so if sunshine dates axel then she’s dating her uncle ;)

YourBuddy02's avatar
YourBuddy02New Deviant

but bro axel kinda sus, no offence

Wolf-assault22's avatar

guess that 3k comment will never happen

darkwolf19061's avatar

Oh lol just figured out that Chapter 12b stoped because it was ahead *facepalm*

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eevee7893Student Artist

* Facefist *

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eeveeandpikafanNew Deviant
tigersquashy's avatar

^When everyone realizes that a really good meme has reached the meme graveyard

darkwolf19061's avatar

Btw I am so surprised on how well this comic is done.I would literally read all day and night if there was more.Thanks for uhhhh.......

making an epic comic I guess


Hello losers kkkk i'm

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entityJYNew Deviant

I was going through the others section for PKM, and Iraq CC the glaceon as a gift... Am I remembering correctly?

AlphaRaptorForce's avatar

In the main series games, Jolteon is a glass cannon, it's fast, and can hit it's opponents really hard, but if it doesn't OHKO, it can take some heavy damage, but Speed has a healing factor, so he can take hits, and with Turbo boost, he can take down Ground types as well, so I'd say he's more of a Steel cannon, defeatable, but it's difficult.

SpeeedyBoy's avatar
SpeeedyBoyNew Deviant

I don't think that Speed is defeatable, even tho his enemy manage to kill him, he would simply revive and finish the job, now that I'm thinking, the only way of defeating Speed would be sealing him or something like that... Speed is OP!

AlphaRaptorForce's avatar

Well, if you threw Speed into lava, or into space, he would have eternal suffering.

SpeeedyBoy's avatar
SpeeedyBoyNew Deviant

His healing factor wouldn't heal fast enough to stay in lava, and in space he would die asphyxiated or at some point hit a planet, asteroid or even a star. meaning that he would repawn back.

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