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ES: Special Chapter 12A -Page 14-

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ES: Special Chapter 12B -Page 14- by PKM-150


Cover: Eeveelution Squad -Cover- by PKM-150
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YellowAndTwoNew Deviant

The visor, the batteries...

Speed is slowly becoming more cyborg

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ZodiacGamerNew Deviant
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Wait... Keep his distance... social distancing...

*Thinking intensifies*

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at this point speedy is just a robot let's just clear that up right now

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I wish Speed could tell everything but he is afraid that everyone will hate him if he says about the amount of people he killed

RiverKrooko's avatar

relate to flare on a spiritual level

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Speedy has a new theme song

EeveelutionsSquadFan's avatar

Crystal is kinda right tho

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Nah he’s just social distancing. Good job Speedy
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If there is no viruses in that world then what's the point? UNLESS THE COMPUTERS HAVE BEEN CATCHING VIRUSES

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I mean Speedy is an electric type

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Gotta keep that lockdown mentality
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Ah family :3

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this is probably one of the most happy moments of speeds life since he spent a few years searching for his parents and now hes found them so this is something good that happened to him since he was questioning if hes the real speed and not a clone and killing multiple monsters (berserks) so this is somewhat therapeutic to him

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Crystal why see call Speed werid? He has protected them with his life and even died trying to protect the world and this is what he gets? Well at least Falre is being nice.
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Oof i did do a typo
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i think speed should really tell his mum his past it might help mollie understand why he is avoiding people and she could help him get through his depression i guess

coWmeaWWoW's avatar

I mean the problem could be that she wasn’t there for them so he had to be the parent

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Tserhani12New Deviant

maybe the problem is that he is mad about saying that he is a clone of himself

ElectricGuy9000's avatar

speed isnt a clone he just thought he was but his healing factor brings him back from the dead but speed 2.0 is a clone but speed knows about him since he is a elemental metal

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Tserhani12New Deviant

yea thats true

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