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:: Apprentice fortress 2:: Blu Pyro-Isaac William

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General ]

»Name: Isaac William
»Nickname[s]: jerk, magpie

»Gender: male
»Age: 21
»D.O.B: Marsh 18th
»Team:  Blu
»Class: Pyro

»Height: 1m83 - 6"3
»Weight: 79 kg - 174 ibs
»Nationality: Canadian/Alaska

Personal ]

»Personality:  { Sassy jerk - loyal - respect by the fights - uncertain around others - obedient, with some exceptions - meticulous organizer}

» Sassy jerk : One of his worst flaws : Isaac never hides what he thinks. Good or bad. If he has something to say, a comment or an 'advice' he will let it out and not the pleasant way. Most part of the time, when he speaks with people, he will only use a sarcastic tone. Being 'nice' is hard for him as he've learn that being 'nice' does not lead anyone forward. He will also not hesitate to make fun of someone or something if he thinks it looks stupid. Advice : if you see him smile or snicker, don't ask him why.

» Loyal : Despite how much of a jerk he can be, he is a loyal friend. when he thinks someone is worth it, he will always try to take the blows first or to help in the limit of his possibilities. Trust is something hard for him, to give to someone as to win with how what he can say sometimes. But if hurts someone he considers as an ally, he will try to make up for it. Not push it to apologizing though. Who you think he is ?

» Respect by the fights : There is one think about himself that Isaac hates. How he looks. Being teased for being skinny, too tall or even nerd looking, Isaac had closed up on himself ad tried to change the image people has of him. As despite his effort his body seemed to refuse to change, he changed his character. Short temper, he doesn't take physical criticism or teasing good. The only way he really knew at the time to make people respect him or at least stop mocking him was by fighting. He is better at using fists than words and is more receptive at performance than words. 

» uncertain around others : Isaac is an introverted, as if it wasn't easy to guess. Mostly because the person he shows to others give him a bad reputation. As he didn't have any proper friend since his childhood, he's not really sure of how people "work" other than in the natural order of dominance. Small chats are hard for him, especially if he thinks a discussion topic is stupid or useless. If he doesn't talk, it's most part of the time because he doesn't know what to say. 

» obedient, with some exceptions : Isaac is not the type to fight too much against authority. He will let know if something is stupid from his point of view or if he doesn't agree but in the end will do what is asked. The only time where he will not is when what is requested goes against his deeper self which is : involvement of any risk of possible suffocation, exploration of large open areas, working for someone he considers weaker than him. 

» meticulous organizer and hard worker : Due to a childhood spent organizing schedule, storage and taking care of most part of the manual work in his parent's bowling, Isaac has gotten a pretty strict code of work. If he does something he will make sure to have everything set at the correct place in the right time for the only use possible. When doing something, he will always put all his focus on it for everything to be perfect. "A simple inch can make an entire tower fall" was one of his parents' sentences. 

»History: Isaac has been born and raised in a small town at the frontier south between Canada and Alaska. Not a part of the popular kids with his aggressive temper and his tendency to get into fight, he managed to get a few friends. Only two really. He stayed with them mostly by default at first as the three of them were target but then grew attached to them. They also helped him take breaks from the constant work his parents was putting on his shoulders. The Williams being the owner of the only 'amusement center' of the small town, there always was something to do. The place was used as a bowling, arcade and dinner/restaurant. As he grew up though, the boy started to get frustrated with how much he was being scolded for small things or for 'not being able do to things like the others'.
As soon as he reached 18, Isaac went away from the family's house, refusing to continue the work. He roamed around for quite a long time with poor money he finally stopped in a big city. he did a few small jobs until one day he discovered a sort of 'street fight competition'. After a few talks, he managed to enter the fight, using his skinny appearance at his advantage. At the general surprise the 'skinny nerd' won the fight. What was just supposed to be a one time thing quickly turned into an habit. He had a regular 'job', was winning respect and money every night...He even started to fight for someone said 'important', which only confirmed he had find his place. Although, things started to get pretty extreme. The bets started to become bigger, the fights harder but as he started to think about quitting, the pressure suddenly became way harder. It's only after more night of fight that he discover half the money he was winning with the bets was falling in pocket of a member of the Mafia. The boy suddenly realized how big the troubles were and, after thinking for a full week, decided to go to the police. He continued to fight, reporting names he could. It didn't took long before he was spotted by the competition organisation. One day, a group of at his employer's services rushed to his apartment and caught him on his escape, living him hanged up at the emergency stairs. 
When he woke up, Isaac was at the hospital, neck painful and linked at a machine to help him breath. Next to him a police officer who informed him that his trial would wait for him to be alright before taking place. He didn't answered any question from the young man and only left the room. As he started to recover, the young man eventually received the visit of an odd girl in purple who proposed him a work in a neutral area where he would have both money and protection. Isaac was in no position to refuse.

»Talents and Skills: 
- Good at fist fight and average strength despite his skinny body type
- Good improviser
- Decent cook 
- good with math and organisation

- skinny and bruises easily
- short tempered
- unable to see properly without glasses
- Issue with authority.

»Likes: motorcycles, closed up spaces, cities, hand to hand fights.

»Dislikes: cats, large opened areas, being called 'nerd', his body shape

Pnigophobiac : he's scared of choking or being smothered by something or someone
- He has 3 rings he never puts away : an armor ring on his left middle finger and two signet ring. One on his right middle finger with the letters MP (magpie) and one on his right thumb, IW (Isaac William)
- He has a magpie tatoo on his right inner forearm. He is not ashamed of it but he doesn't enjoy showing it. Not anymore.
- He is supposed to be dead to the eyes world though he still keep some contact with his little sister. Not that much though. 
- He is a childhood friend of Tiana Olga (red engineer) and  of Dodger Kajik (blu sniper), though he was only close to Tia. 

Weapons ]

»Primary: ( default weapon )
»Secondary: ( default weapon )
»Melee: ( default weapon )

Relationship Information ]

»Sexual Orientation: straight
»Relationship Status: single
»Preferences/Interests: tan/dark skin, large girl, open-minded.
»Current Attractions: none
»Romantic Partner: none

»Family: His family, parents and little sister, is still in canada.  He doesn't really give any news except a mail or letter to his little sister once in awhile.

Roleplay Methods ]


Preferred Method for RP: paragraph but I can go by script too.
Skype: sure ! just ask me for it ~ (and tell me who you are too... I'm not a prophet Sweating a little... ) 
dA Chat: sorry but nope
Notes: sure thing ^^
Comments: Nha. 
Other: I got a gmail adress. Ask me for it ~

»Time Zone: Europe Paris

Roleplay Example: ] 

A noise next to him forced the young man to open his eyes, escaping a groan in the process. Everything was still a blur around him, making him curse at his missing glasses. He hated those stupid things... Always in his way when he needed to do something... and nowhere to be found when he actually needed them...He tried to reach out next to him in case someone would have find them but froze as he noticed a human form. He looked up, glaring at the shape with a snarl. 
"What d'you want ?"
He only heard the sound of paper. His heart suddenly picked up the pace and he pushed himself away from the shape. 
"If ya think you'll get tha big price so easily well ya can stick your gun up your-"
"How old are you again ?"
Isaac blinked at the sudden question, his angry glare now turned into a confused look. It was a woman voice. he shook his head, taking back his usual angry expression. 
"Why d'you care ?..."
"You look too young to swear like that."
"fuck you." growled the young man. 
He eyed the purple shape, folding his arms, not saying anything for a moment before bursting out again. 
"Can't you just, like...get out ? It's an hospital here, not a lab or something."
The woman didn't answer. He saw her move and tensed up again, backing up as she handed him something. He didn't move but as nothing jumped on him he reached out feeling something looking like glasses. He looked up at her, suspicious. Then only, she spoke up again. 
"What would you think about a new job ?"
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Aspi-GalouProfessional General Artist
Eeeeeet le voilà ! :D
Et je l'adore ! :heart:
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pklchaProfessional Digital Artist
contente que tu l'aime mon nouveau bébé~
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Aspi-GalouProfessional General Artist
Hâte de le voir en action !
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pklchaProfessional Digital Artist
vais aire au mieux ~
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Il a l'air marrant comme personnage. XD
J'aime bien comment t'as censuré sa main. J'me demande pourquoi. Innocent 
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pklchaProfessional Digital Artist
merci pour lui xD mais il va faire la gueule si
tu lui dit ça. 

oh mais parce que le flou c'est cool ! 
ça laisse planner une part de mystère ...
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Haha XD
Je vois le genre.
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heh il en faut bien des comme ça :)
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Je suis d'accord avec toi ! X)
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hahah j'adore la censure ! :p il a l'air énorme lui :3
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pklchaProfessional Digital Artist
il faut ce qu'il faut.
il l'est ~ le 'petit' nerd bien bourrin ~
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xp j'adore :la:
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pklchaProfessional Digital Artist
tant mieux 
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SckookumHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! He just gave me the bird! That could hurt a guy. Could really hurt *dramatic pause*... His Feelings! GIF Steven Universe - Don't Cry Pearl 
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pklchaProfessional Digital Artist
Isaac ain't the one to go to if you want kindness...
But really, don't take anything his doing too seriously either.
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SckookumHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not, just trying to make a funny.
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J'adore son design (surtout ses cheveux *.*)
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merci ~
il les as déteints lui même.
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Beautifull Backstory!
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pklchaProfessional Digital Artist
thank you :) glad you like my jerk  ~
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SaberMurmeloijaStudent General Artist
Nah~ He doesn't feel like an Jerk~
he feels like cool! O3x
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pklchaProfessional Digital Artist
really ? welp glad you like him then :meow:
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Another asshole for the group, here's a free keychain and a punch in the face from Rowan
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xD yay ! 
....have fun trying to aim though...With how small Isaac
is compared to Mr king of D-bags.
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