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::Apprentice Fortress 2:: Valery Prieur App

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General Identification ]

»Name: Valery Prieur
»Nickname[s]: Corbac (mean name for Raven in french)

»Gender: Male
»Age: 18
»D.O.B: July 17
»Team: RED
»Class: Spy

»Height: 1m67 - 5'54
»Weight: 75 kg - 165 ibs
»Nationality: French

Personal Information ]

»Personality: In general, Valery tend to consider people from a neutral point of view. They're nice with him ? Good. They're not ? well screw them. Without searching for much attention, he would not push away someone who would come to talk to him. 
Don't get on his wrong side though. He would not react to a frontal confrontation, knowing his lack of chances in a real fight. But once he added you on his list he will spy on his target until he found something compremoetent enough so he would have power over it. He doesn't care about good or bad, all that counts is people consideration.
Logical and good at strategy

»History: Born in the south of France, Valery had a peaceful childhood. He was using his brown and blu eye for fun or even to scare the others children. Innocence was still with him at this time and he didn't cared about his difference. 
But then, around the age of 13, his family and him moved to the capital. Paris, city of love and lights, they say. Mostly city of scums and hatred. The amused looks people were putting on him turned into mocking or curious ones. The name calling started, for both his own name and his eyes, forcing him to close up on himself. He became the black beast of middle school then highschool. He didn't reacted to it until one day he decided it was enough. The boy then started to study psychology in books. How to get in people's mind. How to make them fear him enough so he would move 'ranks'. He decided to start with simple. A group of girl who kept teasing him about his name. 
He started following them, one by one, spying and taking notes on their habits and little things. Once he had enough informations then his fun started. 
He started by blackmailing one of them, passing in front of her home by night to slide a small letter in the family mail box. Every night. The result immediatly started. The girl was more stressed than usual when he spotted her with her friends in the high school. So he moved on to the second one. 
What was at first a way of revenge became a sick game for him, creating a thrill everytime he discovered something about his target. The name calling quickly stopped, at least for the half of it. He started to be taken aside by other people, threatening him with their fists. He got beaten a few times, even loose a tooth in the back of his mouth but he didn't stopped. 
Then, as one of his usual torturer kept getting more and more violent against him, Valery decided to change tactic. He didn't liked the idea at first... but well, sometime things had to be done. 
Instead of targetting the guy himself, he moved on to his sister, slowly dragging her in the darkest path of paranoia and depression until she simply couldn't support it anymore. 
Valery was part of the suspects but as the evidences were not enough, they let him go. People started to fear him, changing direction when he came around, looking away not to look at the cursed eyes.
But as he reached the majority, he thougth about the risks. This time he would not have any protection by his age... And he knew some of his old targets would not let him go  that easily...
As he helped his parents packing up to change house, he received a letter of his own from "Red co", offering him a job. 

»Talents and Skills: Observation and collection of information are his best subjects. He also knows how to hack into pretty protected systems. And he's also not that bad at cooking.

For the fight part he can do sudden sprint but then will be exhausted for the rest of the day and have a pretty good knowledge on anatomy. He also knows how to get into people's mind and fear. 

»Flaws: All in the brain, almost nothing in the brawn. He doens't have stamina or enough strength to fight someone in hadn to hand combat. That plus the fact of huting and even more killing someone with his own hands revulses him. He just...Can't do it.

»Likes: Reading, crowded place to observe people, taunting and pranking people

»Dislikes: When someone makes fun of him, animals, cold.


- His eyes are actually not fully brow, his right eye being actually blu. As people used to mock him for it, he puts on contacts so both of his eyes are equal colored.
- Being french, he still has some difficulty with english sometimes. And when he's tired, angry or scared, his accent kicks out more than usual. He tends to ramble in his mother tongue or insult people in it too. 
- He gots 2 tattoos. A chain around his neck and on his chest at the place of his heart : a scorpio opening the skin with a pliers and its dart sinked in the flesh. 
-He's allergic to cats. Any contact will create red plates on his skin. And in echo, he hates animals in general beside birds.
-He got a pretty good knowledge on a lot of subjects, especially how to create poisons or hide things.
- Even if he likes his name, he doesn't like when people use it, as most part of them would simply say it's a "girl" name. He prefers V or Vale but will give a false name almost everytime he meets someone new.
-He likes RPG.

Weapons ]

»Primary: ( default weapon )
»Secondary: ( default weapon )
»Melee: ( default weapon )

» Special : Dead Ringer

Relationship Information ]

»Sexual Orientation: Straight
»Relationship Status: single 
»Preferences/Interests: Clever people are mostly his things.
»Current Attractions: Nha
»Romantic Partner: Nha

»Family: Both of his parents still leave in France though they moved from the capital to the south. 

Roleplay Methods ]


Preferred Method for RP: paragraph but I can go by script too.
Skype: sure ! just ask me for it ~ (and tell me who you are too... I'm not a prophet Sweating a little... ) 
dA Chat: sorry but nope
Notes: sure thing ^^
Comments: Nha. 
Other: I got a gmail adress. Ask me for it ~

»Time Zone: Europe Paris

Roleplay Example: ] 

He finished packing up his suitcase with a sigh and looked around. Carboard boxes filled with his things, ready to be drove back down in the south. How he would have liked to go back there as well...He couldn't prevent a short chuckle. He would miss this place, oddly enough. The noises of everlasting trafic, yelling and loud talking of people... His eyes fell on the desk. He approached and nelt down to open the double bottom he created to hide a few things both of his parents would certainly not be glad to find. Old notes about a few people now gone. Moved away, sent into depression... or, in another and more peculiar case, gone for good. He re-read the notes he had on the girl. He could, and should propably, feel sorry about it. But...He wasn't really. People had to learn not to mess with things. There were always consequences to it... 
He folded the papers and put them in his vest. He could burn them on his way. 
Light knocks on the door made him focus.  Then the voice of his mother, asking him if he was ready. He answered yes and took his suitcase. Tme to get moving, away from those old shadows.
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Aspi-GalouProfessional General Artist

J'avoue adorer ces personnages qui sont plus "intellectuels" que physiques. Je te dit pas les bagarres de mots que ça donnera avec certains personnages!! XD
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pklchaProfessional Digital Artist
x'D contente qu'il te plaise mon gaillard !

bha écoute tant mieux ^^ Vale est tout sauf un bagarreur. 
Trop petit et trop faible.
J'aime les fouuuuuurbes ~ et Travis était déjà pas mal dans son genre xD
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Aspi-GalouProfessional General Artist
Moi aussi j'aime les fourbes ! Ils sont toujours super intéressants à travailler !
Je suis d'ailleurs en train de bâtir un fourbe. Et ton tien est assez inspirant je dois dire ! 8)
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pklchaProfessional Digital Artist
oh que oui ~ le sadisme est toujours plus drôle lorsqu'il est mentale. 
ah ? bha tant mieux écoute xD
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Aspi-GalouProfessional General Artist
C'est clair ! Et ça fait parfois des séquelles bien plus fortes que de simples blessures physiques. Ou bien coupler le physique avec le mental. Là ça fait super mal...
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pklchaProfessional Digital Artist
alors ça c'est clair...
Bha j'ai Tiana qui a eut droit à ça il y a quelques mois. Merci Rowan !
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Aspi-GalouProfessional General Artist
Ouch, oui...Je m'en rappelle...
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pklchaProfessional Digital Artist
t"inquiète, elle a pris ça revanche. Et bien en plus ~ 
ça et elle a un copain maintenant :meow: 
ce grand là ->…
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SckookumHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh no! Another one! I'm having trouble keeping track of your characters as it is. Just kill a couple of them off, I'll be able to follow much better afterward.
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pklchaProfessional Digital Artist
Boy, you don't even know half of my characters xD
but yeah don't worry, I'm killing most part of them. Or at least I torture them
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SckookumHobbyist Digital Artist
Torture is not the same as killing.
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pklchaProfessional Digital Artist
oh come ooon it has to count a little xD 
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XTheBlueOwlXStudent Digital Artist
Yay! Another asshole XD
Well, neutral asshole, but asshole none the less 
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pklchaProfessional Digital Artist
as long as he's not triggered he's nice xD
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