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::Apprentice Fortress 2:: Caleb Bordeaux

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I blame XTheBlueOwlX for him.

ll General Information ll 

»Name: Caleb Bordeaux
»Nickname[s]: Lew-lew; Lebbie

»Gender: Male
»Age: 22
»D.O.B: April 5
»Team: RED
»Class: Scout

»Height:  1m68 - 5'7
»Weight:  70 kg - 154 ibs
»Nationality: Native American : Navajo from birth (Utah) - Pueblos from adoption (New Mexico)

ll Personal Information ll 

»Personality:  { Quick and efficient - Silent observer - Reassuring spaces - Unable to 'love' -  Fear of the female gender - 'Runt' }

» Quick and efficient : Caleb is always ready to work and when he does it, he prefers to go straight to the point. Loosing time insuports him more than anything else, especially in his work when he needs to be the fastest. So, orders and informations have to be clear and fast. If something doesn't suits him, he won't take forever and tell it right away. 

» Silent observer : He is not good in crowds and would prefer to let the others to do the whole social part rather than doing it himself. If spoken to, he'll show his usual out going personnality but will rarely show the quiet part of himself to the one he doesn't trust. 

» Reassuring spaces : Without saying he's agoraphobic, he tends to get himself closed up in small spaces. It is a way fro him to know he's safe because he knows those spaces and every single detail about them. Caleb is an introverted who's trying his best to act as an extraverted but he will always need to go back to a small space a moment or another. Which is also why he his very defensive when it comes to his own privacy.

» Unable to 'love' : Because of his childhood and the way he've been 'educated', he is unable to understand the simple concept of affection other than fraternal or mutual respect. He just can't get the point into it because he didn't receive any and would mostly be confused if someone showed him real affection. He understands the 'need of flesh' but not the 'need of love'. It's not that he doesn't want to, it's just that he can't.

» Fear of the female gender. : once again due to the way he've grown, he is very nervous around the female gender in general and will be instictively scared of any older woman until he know he can trust them. 

» 'Runt' : This is what he've been called for half part of his life by his birth family. Born small and weak, the unwanted child wasn't even supposed to survive but he did. Being the seventh child of an already pretty big family and causing more troubles during pregnancy due to lack of food or even care from his mother, he've only been considered as a burden. This constant reminder of him not being desired or able to do anything useful eventually carved in his mind and stayed their, forcing him to have a pretty bad opinion of himself and the almost constant fear of screwing up. 

History: Caleb was an unwanted child. From a native family in a poor reservation, they haven't been able to afford an abortion in time and as the pregnacy was already an health challenge, his parents decided to just let it happen and let destiny choose if the kid should live or die. On their annoyance, the child lived, ading more ressources to get for the family despite the already six children they had to take care of. 
Smaller, weaker, he was considered as the runt of the family very quickly and especially from his mother who had devellopped a real hatred for this unhealthy child and made him understand it very soon. Relayed to his siblings, the child managed to grow up closed up on himself and scared at the only sound of steps of his mother. Eventually, when he reached his fourteen years old, the woman decided to put an end to this annoying leech and tried to drown him. Caleb managed to fight back breaking a ceramic pot on the woman's head and an away. He wandered in the country for almost a year and half, living in the streets and stealing food until he found himself in new mexico where he encountered his foster family. After long work to reaclimate himself, he eventually managed to become someone approximately balance. Then, as he was reaching his seventeen, he fell on Mann co's mercs and before he could really now it was enrolled as a scout. 
It's on the field he finally started to see he was good for something. He worked hard, even took more missions to make more money and proove himself he was good. And to proove it to the one he really wanted to impress. After two years of work, he went back to his original reservation and showed his family he was good at making money. The only answer he received was a blast who marked the right side of his face. 
Wounded physically and mentally, Caleb had quickly made his way back to the field, using the fights to get out his frustration, confusion and hatred. Eventually he managed to be noticed by another section, more secret and less known, of the Mann co. He changed affectation and worked in this area for two more years until a sudden weird affair made him go back to the line of Red co to keep an eye out and make sure the things stay in line.

»Talents and Skills:
-Fast, able to do sudden sprint when his target is in sight
-Good at improvisation
-Good stamina, can run for hours at his normal without slowing down.


- Aquaphobic and scared of Storms
- Small despite his genes.
-Will always search approval and someone to give him direction. 
-Bad reaction time
-issues with people taller than him and instinctive fear of way taller people.

- Darkness
- Closed up spaces
- Weird sounding music
- Running and more precisely hunting
- food. Any kind as long s it's eatable.

- Cats
- Bugs
- Waste his time
- Comments on his height.


- He tends to chew on the end of his thumb or sometime to suck it like a child, a bad habit and a calming reflex he kept and never manage to stop. 
- Not in fond of cats
- He's is actuall the seventh son's of a seventh son, his family not being able to afford abortion and not caring about birth control.
-The right half of his face as well as his ear are marked by a lead blast from his father after he tried to come back. This was a sign clear enough for him to understand he wasn't welcome anymore.
-Nervous when he eats around people and would prefer to sneak in, take something and go away fast to eat in somewhere safe or private.
- Can have a slight tendency to steal things when bored.

ll Weapons ll 

»Primary: scattergun
»Secondary: pistol
»Melee: baseball bat

ll Relationship Info ll 

»Sexual Orientation: straight
»Relationship Status: uninterested
»Preferences/Interests: --
»Current Attractions: --
»Romantic Partner: -- 

»Family: His birth family is living somewhere up North. He's in contact with the Merrits, a native family living near by. 

ll RP Information ll 

»RP Example: 

Caleb clenched his teeth at the answer he received. He wasn’t really actually of what would happen. they had a few runaway before… some people running away from the field ‘cause they broke down or something. Those were not the more often but it had happened. In those cases, they just had to take the guy back, take the device out and let him run free. They also had a couple of engineers or medics trying to use the technology for their own profits...Those one had to be taken down or at least reduced enough so they would not be able to use the blueprint they had learned. Then, for the more dangerous ones...It was execution right away. He couldn’t tell which one she would get...She had apparently attacked her own teammates, yes, but right now, with what he saw, there was no way she was a threat.
He escaped a short tsk.

»Time Zone: Europs - Paris

»Preferred Method for RP: »Method[s]:

Preferred Method for RP: paragraph but I can go by script too.
Skype: sure ! just ask me for it ~ (and tell me who you are too... I'm not a prophet Sweating a little... ) 
dA Chat: sorry but nope
Notes: sure thing ^^
Comments: Nha. 
Other: googledoc ftw ~
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You blame me for everything XD 
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'blaming' in the good way xD
but yeah, lately you've been inspiring me a lot !
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T'aime décidément beaucoup faire des écorchés vifs toi ! XD
Le pauvre mec !
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c'est ce qui est le plus drôle ~ Surtout pour les rp~
Puis ça me permet de travailler plus en profondeur dans la diversité
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Pas faux ! XD
Néanmoins des persos "normaux" sont tout aussi intéressants !
J'ai personnellement plus de fun avec Adia (pour le moment) que de Chuki (qui lui est un écorché).
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vrai. ...j'en ait pas des masse mais vrai xD 
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Enfin, ça veut pas dire que mes "normaux" vont pas en baver ! XD
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pff où est le fun si tout va bien ?...
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Et puis une vie sans coups-bas/mésaventures, c'est boooooring ! XD
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il a un fusil a pompe o.o ! yooy ! dis tu te sert de photo pour faire les armes les vetement ect o.o parce que j'arrive po a faire des fusils --'
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vue que c'est basé sur le jeu TF2, je me sert du wiki :)
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