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The rythm is going to slow down a lot fellas ^3^ school is coming back and I'll be out from today to sunday night so... yeah. 

also no post today :') sorry...

Alright peeps !

There is a little something I'd like to discuss. It had come to my attention that sometime, peopel reblog stuffs on tumblr without researching facts and just sink into fury like some Social Justice Warrior without actually trying to check what they're saying. And I did a post on tumblr but I felt like it was important enough for me to actually address it. Especially with how many reblogged that said post received. 
To know what I'm going to rambble about, you can go here to read the wonderful post that I'm going to base that 'short essay'on :…

I'm going to be discussin all of this point by point. So better have a look. 
You good ? alright. Let's go then :D

For the sport part ?

 I cannot disagree. Media have been spamming non stop about football even tho half of the population do not give damn.

There is actually 3 types of people in here. Those who love football, those who do not, and those that are just following the flow. I am personnally of the second type and I was rooting for Crotia because I knew it would only cause issues in the general life. (big shock, it did. Sexual aggression, explosions, looting ect).


From what I know : Kylian Mbappé and some others membre of the football team actually give their mony to charity.

Mbappé gives money to the association ‘Premiers de cordée”, an association for hospitilized children to help them do sport. This association also helps sensibilize schools and big companies to handicaps. 

Florian Thauvin, right ailier, goes to Marseille’s Hospital to go to children. 

Also, the team and the FFF (Fédération Française de Football // French Federation of Football) decided collectively to take some of the money to give to a comon wallet for all the other members of FFF that came with them in Russia. (Water people, Doctors, Organisators ect.). 

So, that’s the Football part done. And even if I still HATE that 'community', the media spamming and the sport, I cannot take that away from them.
Onto the next part. 

“France is one of the most nationalist countries in the world”. 

That is both true and incorrect. 

France has a lots, LOTS of ethnicities. Making it multi-ethnic. Mostly african-french and arabico-french. I am personnally part french, part Kabil ( a region of Algeria) and Part Italian. I am proud of what I am and also proud of my country because mine was the only one that went on and said ‘fuck off king, yu done doing shit to us.’ America ? They couldn’t have done it without our support and they were not directly in link with their ‘home country’. As for England, there was a revolution, yes, but it was a ‘gentle’ one. Us ? Pfrr who cares ? King, Chruch and Nobles don’t listen to us ? Ok, get the Mofo Guillotine ! 

Also, do I need to mention that we’re one of the rare country where Chruch and State are separated ? :) (no, America is not church and State separated. Cf the movie Spotlight, aaptation of a true story).

 “They even refuse to learn other languages”

Also Incorrect. We have no other choice but learn at least ONE forign Language. That is english. 

English is picked up in primary to Middle school with NO CHOICE. You want to pass ? You need to learn English. AND you also have to pick up a SECOND LANGUAGE that is also obligatory (either Spanish or German.). You have also in some places the choice to learn Latin. 

 Later on, depending on the highschool you go to, you can pick up another languages. I personnally picked Italian. 

Fair enough the teaching level is just TERRIBLE. I’ve personnaly learned more and became bilingual in english by watching cartoons and playing games with natives. BUT you are forced to learn a language in school.

Also, France has idiomas. Other antic languages from the country itself, such as Breton, Langue Doc, Alsacian that or taught in some places.  

Also, not to forget one point : Anglicism. France nowadays s FULL of anglicism. (word that were english but are used and frenchisized, if you will).

Also, did I mentionned that France is one of the 5 creators of Europe and that our current president, Emmanuel Macron is pro-europe ?

next one : 

French autistic children are being shoved into freezers”

This, is called ‘Packing’. A medical technic that would use the hot/cold balance to try and treat anxiety attacks. 

Ok. So this is a real thing. I cannot deny it. BUT. Panic attacks can also be controlled by cold. And even if it’s unfit for a lot of people, the most controversial part of this medical practice is violent because the patient is usually trashing. (fair enough tho :’)). But ‘freezers’ ? That sounds a little too big. Especially as the article someone sends is from 2011. It’s been 7 years that this article was posted !  And I can tell you all that it IS NOT COMMON USE ANYMORE. (Mom worked with autistic children for 3 years)

Guys like Charco and all these lads are not an actuality anymore !

Medical practice have evolved since then ! Autistic Children are now accepted in schools and have a better surveillance/helps/more competent people to take care of them. 

* Also I just discovered thanks to a friend that this practice is forbidden in this day and age :)

“ A vast majority of autistic adults are unemployed becore of job discrimination”

There is a LOT of job discrimination. Last year ? I’v setn around 17 job application and only got one by the end of summer and in a shithole where I almost got punched by clients. 

The current year ? I’ve sent 20. No responses. 

YOUNG PEOPLE such as fresh diplomed folks OR students can’t find a job either because of their lack of experience. I want the FACTS. I want TESTIMONIES of the said enemployed autistic people. Because I want to compare. I’m more than not certain that if they’ve been receiving ‘job discrimination’, it’s because they do not have experience. And the rule in the world we live in ? “You need experience to have a job but you need a job to have experience.”. It’s sad, but it’s true. Being autistic, handicapped or simply a student does not make it worse or better. It’s everybody in the same pack. 

Without forgetting that, and I'm sorry to point that out, but autistic minds do not function as other people's do. If they have a job somewhere, the said job have to be adapted to them to avoid ill-feeling and issues later on for both the worker AND the employer. But it's not only autistic people that are confronted to that, it's handicaped people in general. Because when you get into a job, you have no choice but follow the rules and rythm that were made for the general load of workers. Not individuals.

“This shit is happening because France is too blinded by nationalism to question their own government” 


I’m sorry. this was immature but…really ?! REALLY ?!

Oh excuuuuuse me when it’s been 4 months that train workers are hitting a strike against one of the governments’ reforms (that I personnally don’t find that bad)

When some students couldn’t go to their univeristies to pass their exams because some assholes strikers blocked the access to the university.

when hospitals keeps striking in the streets for more funds, along with inhales : policemens, prison gardian, teachers, retired folks, the army, women,other students, factories workers, firefighters.

also, ever heard about ‘El Komri’ law ? It’s a reform about work. yeah. That one ‘caused a RIOT. To a point where we all thought that it was time for a new republic to rise. 

And again, I point you back yup to the second paragraph of this one sighted discussion. Nationalism here means that we are ready to kcik the shit out of anyone trying to shit on us. It’s how French folks work.

So please. People. Do your research. Don’t insult. Ask questions, DEBATE ! Check for FACTS. Live in your time. Compare the news. 

But stop being dumb :’) 

(also if you want to reblog that answer or actually answer me something in return, feel free it's right Here 

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