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Not that much to update you on with this one. The biggest thing is probably the measure tool getting an auto-horizon-straightener. Like, rather than measuring the horizon's angle and noting it for rotation separately, it'll go it on one swoop. Font load time speeding up is noticeable only really after the first boot as the first is really slow. After than you can see it boot quicker. before in 2.10 I'd run GIMP, then do other stuff while I waited. No more!

Also bug fixes as usual with any update, though I can't seem to find a list of them. There is a prerelease notes page on 4, 6 and 8 on their usual github halfway down the page:…
But that's not a changelog of course. So I guess we'll have to see for ourselves for the time being!

(There of course is a few more things written in the writeup at the very top, I just wrote this mainly to inform you there's an update.)

As I was working on my post about GIMP 2.10.0 (I found about it's release sorta late. :P ), that was then released so I figured I would skip over to it because it's not much different from even 2.10.0. It was not a long time span between updates so I didn't have much time to look through and test everything I could find, lol! It's mainly a bunch of fixes/tweaks anyway. So this release I guess would be like my post for 2.10.0 anyway. Since it's a whole other level of GIMP, I decided to do a completely clean install. I wiped all the brushes/packs, presets, palettes, etc... to see how the new version is set up (Don't worry, I still saved them on the side. Just cleaned out of the folders so I could see what it installs, lol) and here is it as it opens by default:

GIMP 2.10.2 Fresh Install by PkGam

The first thing you'll notice is that the theme is dark by default. If you don't like it, you can change that back to a light theme in the preferences anyway, plus a gray and system color scheme. The other is that the toolbox icons were updated to "symbolic". Same tools, different style. You can also change that back to the way it was before via "legacy". Maybe even make the new ones "color" if you like. :P You can also change the size of the tools from small to huge. Options are nice! I personally gravitated to small icons in color and a light theme because they look more sorted by color based on the type of tool and generally prefer light over dark on a interface because it doesn't make images look brighter than they actually are by comparison to the surrounding area.

The next thing that you will probably notice is it's in single-window mode by default. I think most will like that as multi-windows was a bit cumbersome. I switched to it as soon as it was a thing in 2.8 and never looked back. The reason why is because it's all locked together in it's own nice window rather than in multiple windows.

The bright spot that will probably grab your attention next is the brushes area. You'll find some new default ones in there like a rough "charcoal 3" vertical bar, a more natural-looking scratch line set called "Hatch Pen 01" (where's 02 and up though? Were they supposed to rename "Pencil Scratch"? :P) and a... "GEGL Goat"? What is this thing? lol! Well... GIMP had a good chunk of it ported over to GEGL and I guess they included the silly five-armed goat mascot of GEGL for fun. They even updated the pepper of all brushes to a higher resolution one. You may notice that some classic brushes are gone from the default set though. Both the remaining "Galaxy" brushes, the Sand Dunes, the original z pepper... Even the new-ish Structure brush in 2.8. They aren't gone-gone as you can find them in the obsolete files folder with the other brushes. So they just won't show by default, but you can move/toggle them back in. But you may wonder why. Well, even before this default brush set change though I was noticing myself not using some of them (and even modding the default ones as you know like making a spacing-1 Hardness 100 circle and a spacing-5 Hardness 025, 050 and 075 along with a 000.) and was thinking of moving some out to unclutter so I think that is what they were going for. Let's work backwards from the Structure brush for instance: A really weird urban construction pile of something that didn't really fit in anywhere and I never used it. The same with the Sand Dunes brush, but for different reasons because it was tiny and didn't even tile itself well. The best I could do with it was reduce the spacing to 1 and use it like a watercolor brush. But what's the point when you have larger ones that can do the same? As for the Galaxy ones, I too ended up using them less and less as they were small and didn't offer anything that the newer defaults couldn't do. So the new texture brushes basically completely replaced them before they officially took them out of the defaults. That all being said, I'm surprised they kept that pepper and even upgraded it. XD I guess it's sort of a GIMP in-joke at this point, like the toilet paper template. They also added a Wilber head brush which randomly changes what he has (or hasn't) in his mouth each stamp: Nothing, a flower, a paint brush and....... the pepper. :P So some are for fun (and categorized in the respective tag folder), others more useful. I actually have and will use the Wilber brush though like when making packs of stuff for GIMP. I have no idea what to use the goat and pepper for however, lol! Maybe for, like... some sort of sneaky background easter egg for kicks?

There's a lot of workflow and personal-preference options added to the tool options dialog too. For instance, remember way way way back I was reluctant to go from GIMP 2.6 to 2.8 because it wouldn't revert the brush to the default size and I was used to changing sizes by selecting a different brush? Well now there's an option for you to have it revert back automatically. You can also change the spacing of a brush there as well which you'd normally have to do in the brushes dockable dialog or in the brush editor (it would permanently change it though unless you changed it back later) if it's a writeable brush and a brush GIMP's brush editor can make. Speaking of that, there are a few little bugs with GIMP's brush editor now in that it won't save changes you made to a brush unless you change the shape. So if you want to keep a circle, change it to a square or diamond then back to a circle and it'll save. Also, the angle of a brush made in the brush editor is mirrored if you change it from 0 right now, so if you want a triangle (diamond, 1.7 aspect ratio, 3 spikes and size 25.0) to point up by default, point it down. It won't look like it is in the brush list, but it will be when using it on the canvas. Weird right? But hey, it's a workaround and it only affects editing an existing brush and the brushes that can be made in the brush editor, which you likely won't need to make a lot of since your primary brush tricks will be through dynamics and the tool options as they are more convenient. There's also an option there to change the force in said tool options which as far as I can tell is sort of like combining opacity and incremental. (The other two still exist there separately)

There is a few issues with the default tool presets as well as some seem to have been either overwritten to be something else by mistake or bugged up during the transition to 2.10 as stuff like the airbrush and knife lost their softness/aspect ratio. That issue is only in a few of them, but others are just fine as I remember them. But you probably knew that already since I made a fix for them:
GIMP 2.10 Tool Preset Fixes by PkGam
It's not that big of a deal regardless because most create their own presets of settings they use a lot or use ones from a brush pack anyway, but it's odd that something happened to them at all.

Next up is a long-awaited brush engine ported to GIMP: MyPaint! I do believe all of MyPaint's default brushes are there as you'll see :icontheshock:'s, :icondeevad:'s and others listed in the sort options. You can't seem to be able to make brushes using the MyPaint engine in GIMP however. So it seems like that while the engine was put in and so were the default brushes, that's it. I also can't for the life of me find where they are stored and I looked all over their installation paths. They aren't in either brushes folder, nor is there a dedicated folder for them. So I don't know how to add more or edit brush pack files. If there is even a way. They may be coded directly into GIMP instead of a readable brush folder for all I know. All of the buttons at the bottom of the Mypaint dialog box are grayed out aside from the refresh button, thus I presume there's more to come with this. But it is awesome they are there at all! Does this mean GIMP has completely replaced MyPaint as a painting program? Not necessarily depending what you are looking for in one. GIMP doesn't have a scratchpad panel to mix/test things with the main canvas open or a unlimited canvas (up to your PC's memory. :P) for instance. So it's up to you what interface/features you like best. Heck, you could even use both and switch between the two as you go since both can import/export.

GIMP also now has canvas rotation and multiple symmetry-painting options to further increase your painting options and efficiency. The former you can even have rotate the brush with the canvas or not and the latter can even make kaleidoscope-like symmetry if you'd like. Handy!

The blend..... err.... gradient tool (it has been renamed in 2.10) got a very nice little upgrade of letting you alter an already-placed gradient before setting it with the enter key. Before you'd have to ctrl+z and re-stroke until you got it, now you can see the tweaks in action (If you don't want that, toggle "instant mode" to go back to the way it was originally). Similarly the "iWarp" filter was replaced with the "warp transform" tool to upgrade it. Rather than a script of sorts altering based on an estimation you doodle in pushing/expanding/shrinking pixels, you can see it happening on-canvas. It's ridiculously handy for tweaking lines, shape, proportion, etc... since it moves everything in a non-smudgy way. I expect this to be primarily used in photography though since it moves things so seamlessly. Of course it's possible to make something look unnatural with it like with any tool, but you'll get the hang of it. You may also make a animation with it in a new canvas by moving things around then having it convert the difference in frames. A "Unified Transform" tool also makes it's debut which lets you do a bunch of things at once as opposed to sheering, rotating, separately. You'd think that would mean it replaces multiple transformation tools at once, but not exactly. For instance, while you "can" rotate with it, chances are along the way it won't be a uniform rotation like using the rotate tool because you have to stretch and skew the image until it's flipped. While you "can" shear with it, you probably won't get it quite as even as you could with the shear tool, etc... This is because there are no real fixed points, it's all very freehand, even when using the shift key to stabilize certain moves. So it'll save you time when you want to do multiple things at once, but complicate things otherwise. (unless there's some sort of keyboard shortcut for it to lock the rotation that I don't know of yet because it's new like using shift and ctrl for painting straight lines at set angles. GIMP's online help didn't have it last I checked as they are still on 2.8) At first it made me think that maybe it would have been better to just combine all the transform tools into this one to clean up the toolbox as there are so many transform tools and let you toggle what one you want to use or all at once if needed, but that would equal extra clicks and thus a slower workflow so maybe not. Next tool update example is "no erase" in the smudge tool and is especially neat because you know how you could basically smudge something into non-existence? Turn that on and it'll stop you from mixing transparency into color. You can still smudge color in to transparency gradually as you'll still create partially transparent pixels, but they can only become more opaque, not more transparent.

There are also a bunch of additions to other dockable dialogs to be found as well besides the tool options. Make a new layer and suddenly you come across a larger than usual box due to a greater level of choice. You can tag a layer by color now for quick reference and also see there are various new layer modes. Try "vivid light" on a upper transparent layer for instance and see glow effects on the layers below. Most of the older layer modes have been updated into a newer version as well, but they kept the "legacy" ones in as well, you merely have to toggle between the two. The Blend/composite space/mode things should also eliminate confusion you may have had in working within a specific setting. Also, it'll remember your last pick for the session so you don't have to change them every time you make a layer, plus you can set defaults for them like anything in GIMP so you could have it stay on something permanently if you like. Layer groups (the folder button thingy) can have masks now too. So you could have a mask for a entire set of layers rather than just one layer at a time.

More on the stuff they added to older functions, take "gaussian blur", a commonly-used filter for creating shadows, imitation depth of field, etc... so you should be familiar with it. You can now use it to add a "glow" or "vignette" around the borders by changing the "abyss policy" to white or black respectfully. (The "abyss" is the space outside the canvas) How about "enhance - sharpen"? Also commonly used to make all sorts of effects or to try and remake some lost clarity on a scale. It has been renamed to "Unsharp Mask" (unintuitive, I know...) of which you can now control the radius and threshold which..... are difficult to describe. The radius tightens up and loosens the color of the spot it's currently at by changing how the "spread" will happen after you sharpen. If there is transparency next to a color, it'll show more and more as white as this increases because the "white" from the transparency spreads into the regular color. The Threshold changes the amount of colors that come out of something. The idea of having these two is to refine your sharpening result a bit more than it was before because as you may know, you would get these "rainbow" and/or overblown white edge effects if you sharpened too much as you had no control over that as it just happened depending on how much you sharpened. So you should be able to reduce that sort of thing if you play around with it. Also, as a result of these being used to the extremes, you can now get some really unique effects. So it's fun to mess with and see what comes out of it. The original "Legacy" Unsharp Mask is also in the same menu if you still want to use that one however. There are numerous other things like that to discover.

Then there is 2.10.2 which introduced the "Spherize" filter to distort the image in a spherical area. Plus a "Recursive Transform" filter for all your inception cat needs, lol! There's also apparently a lot of color management stuff integrated by default. I didn't really notice anything regarding that in actual use, but I think that's because you have to have it read other color profiles and I was using GIMP's defaults as usual. The only thing I could really change in "edit > preferences " color management" is the rendering intent. Even then I couldn't tell the difference. It's apparently for trying to get more accurate rendering color, but I guess that just means the monitors I'm using are pretty spot-on. XD

You might be wondering if there is anything else that was removed from the default installation besides brushes though. Well....... sort of, yes. But only because they didn't like the quality of the result. However, you can download them and add them back in to GIMP like you would any other thing (brushes, dynamics, palettes, etc... aside from the mysterious Mypaint stuff, lol!). :P They posted about a pack on Facebook and linked to it in the post they linked to which contained the ones they removed due to low quality. it's a 7z pack though, so you'll need to uncompress it with 7-zip and for some reason do it again for the file in the folder it extracts to. You may want to check this pack out even if you aren't interested in any of the previously-included features as there are quite a few interesting things to be found that I have not seen before in any GIMP release like a bunch of texture, star, shape and animal brushes. I can see why said brushes were cut however as they generally are too low of resolution for the modern day photo editor/doodler (like the galaxy ones) and/or are one trick ponies like that structure brush. But I think it's still neat to see what they were working on. Tool tip: If you want to make it easy to remove them later after trying them out, before putting them in, just rename the folders to something else. I put a "2" at the end of anything I could and for the rest I just moved the originals out temporarily so they didn't get mixed together then played around with them. If you already put them in without doing that though, don't fret, you can just sort the contents of the folders by date and you can select multiples at once next to each other to remove. It just takes a bit longer doing that than keeping them separate to begin with.

Like I kept mentioning, there are SO many more things to find that I didn't even cover here. So you'll have to look around at the program yourself. In fact, even if I did make a full post on everything I found/learned, I would be surprised if I found everything when I re-explored every menu and setting since there are so many possibilities as 2.10 is quite a massive update to GIMP. So download and enjoy!

Thanks for reading and have a good one!
As I said, the fight to preserve Net Neutrality wasn't exactly over, but I was really hoping for a better result when the later date came. Unfortunately big corporations/lobbying wins again. I doubt we'll see any difference in our internet rapidly. It'll likely be more of a slow decline to so less people notice to reduce protects while they laugh all the way home from the bank.

Well... for now. Like I said before, I think it'll be a battle for a long time. Regardless of what is written in law it'll still be fought. There are already efforts to overturn the overturn in some form and if that gets overturned there will be corporations to overturn the over turn of the overturn... you get it. :P It's a massive waste of money overall though.…/senate…

They voted in favor of Net Neutrality and it wasn't as close as expected. That is very good! But I doubt this is the end-end of it like always. Trump of all people has to sign this one in for instance. But maybe if we can convince him that they may shutter his Twitter rants or something he'll consider it. :P Also, chances are ISPs will try it again and again with their favorite puppets. So we've gotta stay vigilant on this. I know it's ridiculous that people have to continually defend the internet (Remember that this basically has been going on since 1996) because having an open net is just common sense. But if that's what we've gotta do, we'll do it for everyone's sake.

The internet only is the way it is today because it was classified under the telecommunications act back in 1996. You know why it was put there? Because ISPs were trying to extort other service providers (websites). When ISPs were able to ignore the rules again in 2014, guess what happened? They did it again. This time to Netflix speeds to extort money out of them for a "deal".

So unless you like your favorite sites throttled or blocked unless they get money from them or more from you, you'll definitely want net neutrality. It's quite astonishing that people are actually buying into Ajit Pai when he said that Net Neutrality didn't exist before 2014 and the net functioned fine. No, it was there and no it didn't function fine when ISPs started their extorting when it wasn't there. I guarantee they'll do it again as well because they are lobbying for the end of net neutrality.

Here We Go Again! Let's take em' down!

If you'd like, you could sign this to get a pen/pencil donated to

It's free too.

Thos one fell under my radar because it has been a while since they updated it and thus I was checking it infrequently. It happened back in July actually.

Download page:

News on it:…

Quite frankly... I don't notice a difference, lol! Like, I eventually got 2.8.16 which didn't feel any different from 2.8.14... and 2.8.16 doesn't seem different from that. It's not a bad thing of course because GIMP is legendary in it's own right. But I guess I was just expecting more stuff like many of the new features they're looking into implementing and I'm looking forward to such as canvas rotation and MyPaint brush engine support. Plus a bug fix for that weird "switch between tablet and mouse rapidly if your pointer goes outside the canvas area while drawing" thing and all those identical fonts that aren't actually identical but just show as identical because of how it reads the fonts or something. Makes' me wonder if I should even bother updating until 2.10.XX because all the bug fixes seem to be for things I'm not using. XD

Guess what? We can FINALLY delete Google+ off our accounts safely without deleting or messing up our Youtube channels! I just did it and it worked perfectly for me! You can now see the “much more beautiful without the G+ icon” about section of my channel. Which also means I updated my about tab to get rid of the “except Google+”. I recommend that you do it now if you want to just in case they bug it up in the future. :P

Starting from your account settings page:
( )

1: Click “advanced”.
2: Click “delete channel” (Don’t worry, you aren’t going to delete it)
3: On the blue bar at the top, click the left arrow.
4: Log in.
5: Click the trash can icon by Google+
6: Read it
7: Confirm what you want to do using the checkmarks and delete it.

Boom! No more G+ on your channel!

it’s about time! I’m so happy about this I even sent them positive feedback on it. Granted I don’t know “when” they did it for sure because they did not announce this anywhere but in their help topic on it. (Probably wanted to roll it out silently…) Plus it was difficult to find “some” path to delete it separately as it was hidden deep within the recesses of Google. (Likely because they probably don’t want people to do it. :P) But since I kept checking back on it every so often, I got wind of it and looked into it. Even that help topic though just leads you back and forth from help topic to help topic in a circle that doesn’t really give you straight directions or a link to do it… This one that I eventually got to gave “some” directions, but they didn’t work for me as all it did was ask me to create an account. Which I DEFINITELY don’t want to do. Well, at least there’s a way to do it at all!
See here:…

I guess it's now safe to run Windows Update.

DA has just decided to go the anti-adblock route… Chances are you seen "it" too if you adblock.

That’s rather funny considering that they know that their ads have viruses because they use Google ad networks over others for some reason…

Reminder: I assure you that people wouldn’t use adblockers if ads didn’t have issues. XD Not just malware either, but also making pages really slow loading, sucking up bandwidth and costing advertisers money to display ads to people who use adblockers because they wouldn’t even click on them.

You know... DA must be really going down the tubes because a lot of their moves lately scream of desperation, lol! Let's see...
-They removed the old grid view citing that it's supposedly too difficult to keep 3 different view styles running despite having it going for years.
-Them partnering with Autodesk and pushing their products, likely because they have been paid to do so.
-That stupid "promoted" thing that would put random stuff they think we'll like in our inboxes that you usually have to pay for to see in full. (Which reminds me, ever since I blocked "promoted" and Autodesk's groups I haven't gotten more junk.)
-LOTS more core membership pushing lately.
-Now the anti-adblock thing... Which is sort of off because they claim it's too difficult to support the grid view feature across platforms yet are perfectly capable of maintaining this detector. :P

DA was nothing like this when I first came to the site. I mean yeah they had premium/core memberships and ads, but not the rest, at least not in such volume. Also, with all this pushing, they give even less of a reason for people to support the site in any financial way because it's annoying them.

However, you can block the nagging overlay using adblock plus's element hider:
So the same thing that they are trying to stop also can the nagging overlay. :P So use that and carry on I guess.

Edit: You may also want to discuss it on the suggestions forum topic I just made here:…
I heard about this before, but I was recently sent this by Shortmandesigner and finally watched it. I found it to be quite philosophical, thought provoking and inspirational:


Don't forget your GWX Control Panel to make doubly sure it doesn't sneak on your system:

Also beware of the supposed “security” update kb3139929 as it’s a trick:…

Oh no no… please no… Not another change.

Yeah, it’s looking like it

I dunno how one would find such a testing thing, lol! But anyway…

This will probably mess things on our channels up as usual when they do a change. Like the “circle icon” thing on websites for instance always messes with my sticky note because it cuts off the corners. It also looks like they are repositioning things on the channel art, which will outdate my templates for the 4th time in my history of making templates on Youtube. Too early to tell, but you know Youtube…
Not that a lot of Windows users need Quicktime, but if you do, you'll now need to find a alternative:

This seems like a good alternative:
You know, I can't believe this is still going on years later.

If you don't know, there has been a scammer (Maybe "scammerS" even) who tell people if you go to "X" link, you can get free DeviantART points. Well, this scam is repeatedly spammed over and over to ensure that people who sort by "newest" will see it and they hope people will fall for it. Apparently people do because they are still at it like... 4 years later.

Now what the scammer is doing is posting "literature" and "journals" redirecting people to a Tumblr blog that tells them to go to the scam site (Likely because DA blacklisted the link from being posted). Tumblr responded by banning the offender's blogs as they keep popping up (and/or people reported them to Tumblr and they got banned), but the person just makes another DA and Tumblr account and repeats the bot spam.

I think this has gone on long enough... Shouldn't DA take legal action against this person or group?
Let's kill it once and for all:

The one coming up is the one you lose an hour over, the most annoying one... The one that leaves you drowsy for days or even weeks as you adjust for it, only for it to happen all over again next year. It's pointless. It doesn't change the amount of daylight we get every day, nor does it "help farmers". It's also not saving any energy either. Quite frankly I have not been able to find a single reason why to keep it around other than to annoy people and the people trying to keep it around haven't found a logical reason to rationalize shifting the clocks twice a year. If you can't find a good reason to have a law, then chances are it's a dumb law. I can't even say it's outdated because it didn't work to begin with, lol! Certain businesses apparently get benefits from it being in effect (like golf, see the third link here), but then why not just keep it around the whole year and make what is currently known as "DST" the standard time? That's not just win win, it's win times the population of the United States.
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