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Character  Venom From Marvel

I don’t work for Marvel, but I wish I did! Maybe one day. Please Marvel let me do some comicbook covers <3

It’s been a while since I painted something for myself, so I had a ton of fun painting this one, I’ve always been a huge Venom fan and would draw him a lot, many of my old anatomy studies ended up having a symbiote head just for the fun of it lol

I hope you like it! Oh and as usual, there’s prints available for this one :)

Venom prints:




All my links:….art…… (this one has the rest of the links)

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God DAMNIT I want a 6ft canvas of that on my wall! D8

(Also, love the little detail of the Venom logo pressing into the chest, like it's 'More Solid' than the rest of the symbiote)

Marvel are either Ignorant or idiots, They'd be FOOLS to pass up this kind of talent ESPECIALLY if it was just for coverart! XD

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Thank you!! Actually my interpretation of the logo here is that Venom's eye and chest texture IS the base texture or "flesh" of the creature, and the black goo just covers everything like a coat or a black layer on top of the white body, leaving only the eyes and chest logo. I don't know how well I portrayed that lol (but yes, ti's more solid and fleshy than the goo)

I hope they just haven't found me and I hope they do find me, but maybe my work is just not up to their standards yet!

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Te pasas de pro como siempre, casi me creo que si trabajabas para marvel zkdmndnfn xD 💕💕💕💕

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JAKJKLSJKLSJLKS ayy graciaaas <3

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Thank you :D

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