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Dio (Red edition)

Model  Dio Brando

Purple or Red? Which do you prefer? Check my other post and let me know:…

I couldn’t pick so I just decided to keep both, but I’m curious to know which one wins among the popular opinion.

Let me start by saying: sorry for the lack of posts during the last two months! I still can’t post some stuff I’ve been working on, and some others are still in process. This one was one of the ones I was waiting to post, actually, it’s a commission for pin designer and artist @/dovahpin on instagram! (Yes, this isn’t part of my Jojo protraits line, so I will paint ANOTHER Dio eventually, except it’ll be a portrait)

Idk if you can notice but I worked on a slightly different style to facilitate the pin designing process, provided the artwork and he turned it into a pin. You can see the pin designs made by him on his Instagram.

And yes: we’re planning on making a Jotaro pin and illustration as well to go with this one 🔥🔥🔥

Let me know what you think of this one, and let’s see if Team Purple or Team Red wins lol

Also, prints are available for both versions as usual! You can get them on Inprnt, Threadless, and Displate. All of the links are in my bio and below. Your support is greatly appreciated and it makes me happy <3





All my links:……… (this one has the rest of the links)

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I've just started to get into the series, but I'm getting the impression that Dio is a bit over the top.

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