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Armin Arlert - God of Destruction (V1)

Model  Armin Arlert

SPOILER WARNING: The following illustration, as well as the description below, contain potential spoilers for Season 4 of Attack on Titan (anime spoilers, not manga spoilers). You have been warned.


“Are these the sort of sights that you saw? Bertholdt…”

Version 1


I’m very passionate about this series and as of writing this I’m very excited for today’s season finale. This is my rendition of Armin Arlert and the Colossal Titan, my third AoT painting, feel free to inspect it closely! Who else do you think I should draw? 👀

So yeah, this artwork has consumed me for the past two weeks. I originally intended to post it last Sunday, but it wasn’t working, and I ended up very stressed and frustrated. It reminded me of the importance of taking it slow, walking back and resting for as long as necessary.
Let me know what you think about it!

And please, no manga spoilers in the comments.

PRINTS: As usual, prints for this painting are available on Inprnt, Threadless, Redbubble and Displate. All of the links are in my bio and below. Your support is greatly appreciated and it makes me happy c:



All my links:……… (this one has the rest of the links)

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YOOO look at this , Armin is my favorite character in AoT so far and that art is sick

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How much perfection in detail!!!
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HOLY HELL!I saw this on Insta and wow, I am speechless!

This is amazing, oh my gosh 😱😱😱

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Thank you so much <33

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