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Geometry Icons Pack

Inaction | [link]
PNG , 500x500px , 20 icons .
Geometry Wallpapers pack | [link]
Comment & faves always welcome !
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bro how to use please tell me

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how do you apply it to the taskbar?
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Great idea - to keep them abstract, as well as the transparency.
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Really very useful ;)
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thank you ^^
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Awesome work!
Will use em' some-when.
But, at some extent, I think they won't come in handy as much me we like em' as no one will ever know what icon is of which program until it is clicked on!
Great hard work there by the way :clap:
try making em' more realistic or may be close to some common programs' icons so that we can use em on our desktop freely.
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Oh, I'm very glad that you like it. Just press the "Download File" button on the right side and you will get it :)
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these are stunning
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Love it. Love it All. Where'd you get inspiration for this? Very abstract :)
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Love them!
Are there plans to make more?
Lovely icons though.
Apologies, I had to change my browser mode to desktop.
Same here. I don't know how to download it. :(
I'm not quite sure how to download/install this? Help Please!
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Downloading this on desktop:
-Download .rar
-SSH into your device using iFunbox
-apply with Winterboard

Downloading this on Mobile
-Install safari download manager
-Download .rar
-Navigate to Downloads folder via iFile
-Then copy it to var>stash>theme
-Apply with winterboard
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Using them! They're absolutely flawless. <3
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used this icon pack on [link]; thank you very much! i love it. :9
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