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The Honeymoon - Eddie Gluskin x Reader [LEMON] :iconpk-lovex:PK-Lovex 88 9
Sans by PK-Lovex Sans :iconpk-lovex:PK-Lovex 13 1
The Nightshift - Human!FNAF2 x Reader [Hallway]
The Nightshift – Human!FNAF2 x Reader [Hallway]
You let out a breath and slowly backed away from the noisy doorway, a sudden feeling of dread spreading over your body you couldn't help but focus on the light you could see at the end of the hall coming from the security office. Jeremy was at his post as usual and even from your position you could hear the gentle hum of his dusty old desk fan, that thing was pretty annoying during the day but when it was dark it was more than comforting, the only familiar sound that could reach your ears in the silent, almost eerie building.
Eventually you swallowed the lump in your throat and quickly started on your way towards the end of the corridor, as you got around halfway you heard a second set of footsteps behind you causing you to feel your entire body stiffen, yet you didn't stop.. Hearing someone following you wouldn't have been so terrifying if when your steps quickened, the ones behind you hadn't also until you were both at a full run,
:iconpk-lovex:PK-Lovex 31 11
The Nightshift - Human!FNAF2 x Reader [Parts/Serv]
The Nightshift – Human!FNAF2 x Reader [Parts/Service]
Instead of going into Kid's Cove and most likely meeting something you would rather not you decided to walk back towards the way you had came in hope that you could find something in the maintenance room, it was a place where all of the arcade machines and other devices were taken care of, During the day the restaurant's engineer practically lived there within all the grease, but after hours he went home of course, leaving the room pretty much open to anyone in the process.
As you wondered past under the flickering lights the corridor was quiet other than your footsteps, most of the time you couldn't get a moments peace in that place so despite the unsettling feeling in the back of your mind you savoured the chance to just walk through the building without hearing kids screaming... The Parts room was just ahead of you, the doorway wide open as usual, however, once you got past it you could hear a low, slow voice say your name.
:iconpk-lovex:PK-Lovex 55 7
The Nightshift - Human!FNAF2 x Reader[Partyroom 3]
The Nightshift – Human!FNAF2 x Reader [Party room 3]
Backing away from the door to Kid's cove you decided that perhaps it wasn't the best idea to go in there, not when that unsettling noise was practically telling you to stay away, your anxious thoughts turning to dangerous scenarios in which you didn't come out of alive... Instead you turned around and began further down the corridor where you knew safer rooms lay, the lights above you seemed to be rebelliously flickering, casting strange shadows all over the walls and floor.
Slowly you thankfully saw the end of the corridor, only your footsteps could be heard bouncing from the slightly dirty walls surrounding you... or at least they were until you passed Party room 3...
“Ring around the rosie~ A pocket full of posie~”
What a strange song.. You had heard it before of course, back when you were much younger, it was the kind of song you would sing in the playground with a group of friends,hand in hand, spinning
:iconpk-lovex:PK-Lovex 43 11
The Nightshift - Human!FNAF2 x Reader [The Stage]
The Nightshift – FNAF2 x Reader [The Stage]
There was no way you were going into Kids Cove, not when that weird noise was practically shouting at you to get out as fast as you could like some kind of siren, you felt like you'd rather live as oppose to angering some spirit or whatever was inside there... Instead you turned towards the office where you knew Jeremy was stationed, you thought that would be the best place to go considering you needed the keys to somehow escape the horror which was your workplace and being the night guard there was no doubt that he had a way to open the door, if not, at least the office was a safe place with someone to talk to.
The hallway was long, longer than you remembered and significantly darker while standing next to the door to Kids Cove, you thought you could make out a figure at the other end of the corridor, a man no doubt with long, messy hair but that's really all you could see. You thought about perhaps saying something to him although you
:iconpk-lovex:PK-Lovex 57 8
The Nightshift - Human!FNAF2 x Reader [Kids Cove]
The Nightshift – Human!FNAF2 x Reader [Kids Cove]
Who would be afraid of a noise like that? Not you, that's for sure, or at least that's what you told yourself as you peered through the small opening in the door to Kids Cove... The saying 'Curiosity killed the cat' came to mind but you quickly pushed that away, the last thing you needed was to freak yourself out.. You opened the door wide to give yourself as much light as possible and took a couple small steps inside the dark room, the almost disturbing noise getting louder and louder as you approached what appeared to be the source towards the furthest, darkest corner of the room. It was a small radio propped up on the floor, the kind of thing a policeman would carry around and use to contact others... What was it doing in Kids Cove?
Crouching down you outstretched a hand to pick up the device and hold it gently, twisting it in your hands you looked for some way to turn it off yet all of the buttons seemed to be snapped off leav
:iconpk-lovex:PK-Lovex 28 11
The Nightshift - Human!FNAF2 x Reader [Intro]
The Nightshift – Human!FNAF2 x Reader
Choose your own~! Which will you choose~?
Working late... You hated it, it was dark, cold and particularly lonely in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza after hours, the place was closed and only person in there as far as you knew. All of your fellow work mates had gone home to rest and yet you had to stay there and clean up the kitchen after a day of making pizza and whatever other junk food those kids loved to eat.. You were more of a home cooked meal person yourself.
You were just a part-time waitress, granted you were one who enjoyed giving your superiors a little lip earning you overtime as punishment, but at times it felt like they just wanted to pick on you by shovelling more and more work on top of you no matter what you did. You only stole a slice of pizza once! After tasting it you certainly wouldn't do it again anyway...
“Evening, [Name].” Jeremy Fitzgerald, the slightly shifty night guard lifted a hand to wave as he wonde
:iconpk-lovex:PK-Lovex 45 19
Mature content
Here comes the Bride [2] - Eddie Gluskin X Reader :iconpk-lovex:PK-Lovex 59 19
Rainbow animation test {WIP} by PK-Lovex Rainbow animation test {WIP} :iconpk-lovex:PK-Lovex 0 0
The King - Zant x Reader
The King - Zant x Reader-
Being a Hylian you never really left the castle town unless you would really have to, the thought of having to go out into Hyrule field with all the monsters certainly didn't appeal to you and the people who lived in the other villages didn't really like you either so you just decided to avoid them as best you could. You were a simple florist, someone who would collect flowers from the small courtyard out of the back of the town, normally where that strange girl would collect bugs. Agatha? Was that her name? Oh well, it's not like you ever spoke to her, she seemed to be rather irritated that you picked the homes of her bugs and sold them. Apparently she was some kind of princess, but to be fair the whole royalty thing seemed to be thrown around a whole lot.
One day you came home after a long day collecting flowers to see that nearly everyone was inside their houses, the center of the town was completely barren, only the vague sound of the fountain filled the e
:iconpk-lovex:PK-Lovex 38 19
Backstage - Human!Freddy Fazbear x Reader
Backstage - Human!Freddy Fazbear x Reader
You hadn't really worked in Freddy Fazbear's pizza for very long, it wasn't really a place you were interested in, being an adult and having an overall hatred for pizza in general, but all that changed when your little cousin almost dragged you to the place after blackmailing you with some strange fanfiction he found on your computer. He would tell you everything about each of the characters, saying how each of them had their own personalities and how nice they were to him and his friends, oh you believed him! At least to a certain extent... To be fair you thought they were just guys in costumes, good lord you had never been so wrong.
Each of the people on stage appeared to be performers playing the parts of the characters, apparently there had been some kind of accident with the animatronics they used to use so instead they hired actors and entertainers to give the kids something to watch and interact with.. Without the fear of, oh I don't kno
:iconpk-lovex:PK-Lovex 214 82
Mature content
Here comes the Bride - Eddie Gluskin X Reader :iconpk-lovex:PK-Lovex 142 17
Random Bonnie animation by PK-Lovex Random Bonnie animation :iconpk-lovex:PK-Lovex 3 0
Painful Memories - Jeff the Killer x Reader PART 7
*Tap* *Tap* A quiet noise drifted into your room during your deep slumber, it didn't wake you though, you were too busy dreaming about who knows what. *Tap* *Tap* the gentle noise turned to a slightly more harsh one, this time causing you to stir a little in your sleep and turn onto your side as if it was an attempt to ignore the noise completely, however the culprit didn't take the hint. *BANG BANG BANG!* This time the noise was harsh enough to send you flying from your dreams and straight into the wall of reality, causing you to sit up all too quickly and turn towards the window, your eyes not able to adjust to the sudden intake of light. 
You were about to scream at whatever had thrown you from your comfortable sleep but stopped in your tracks at the sight outside your window. It was Jeff, hands pressed against the glass as his eyes stared directly at you, anyone else would have been afraid but you were just glad to see him, even though behind the thick glass you could see a la
:iconpk-lovex:PK-Lovex 21 7
Painful Memories - Jeff the Killer x Reader PART 6
Days went past until they turned to weeks, nothing, nothing but an empty house and the sound of your phone ringing every now and again as well as the land lord coming around to getting the window fixed... Still didn't sort out the heating but at least he made an effort to do something for you. Jeff had left and you had already gone back to work, slaving away in the kitchen of your local restaurant over the heat of the stoves and you knew that you shouldn't care where he was, yet you could only wonder, imagine him on his own in some dark alleyway. Even as you burnt your hands several times on the smouldering hobs your mind didn't stop sending you waves of silly possibilities, just where had he gone? Was that really the last time you would see him?
"[Name]! Wake the hell up you're gonna burn us alive!" Your friend and boss Meg shouted loudly at you, quickly clasping her hands over your arms from behind and roughly pulling you away from the oven you were supposed to be tending to for fear
:iconpk-lovex:PK-Lovex 10 12


Normal by Lopoddity Normal :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 6,330 451 ibuki by Rasbii ibuki :iconrasbii:Rasbii 2,630 113 Ignis taste test .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Ignis taste test .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 8,434 215
Mature content
If the Van's a Rockin'... (Gladiolus x Reader) :iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 93 35
First Impressions (Ignis x Reader)
You had just finished cleaning up the horrid mess left in a booth from the last lot of customers when four more walked through the door. The bell chimed at you, mockingly cheerful as they entered, almost drowned out by their incessant chatter.
You closed your eyes and sighed. You did not need this today.
These damn tourists. Longwythe was little more than a pit stop for them. They would breeze in, stay for a spell, then breeze right out again, leaving you to clean up the leavings. What did they care? It wasn’t like they would ever see you again. There was no need for courtesy or small talk in their eyes because any first impressions they made—good or bad—would surely be forgotten. They were partially right. You saw so many pass through that you forgot individual faces, but the bad experiences always left a lasting impression and fuelled a deep-seated animosity toward any and all outsiders that happened by your tiny little corner of the world.
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 172 57
Hellspawn by Lopoddity Hellspawn :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 4,163 632 scarf by Fukari scarf :iconfukari:Fukari 3,226 40 Venom Snake study #1 by jyongyi Venom Snake study #1 :iconjyongyi:jyongyi 209 35 Sassiplier by DarkMagic-Sweetheart Sassiplier :icondarkmagic-sweetheart:DarkMagic-Sweetheart 446 40 +Gift+ Safe and Sound by Getemono +Gift+ Safe and Sound :icongetemono:Getemono 101 23 The Adventures of Vault Boy and Dogmeat by HeavyMetalHanzo The Adventures of Vault Boy and Dogmeat :iconheavymetalhanzo:HeavyMetalHanzo 890 47 Bloodborne-- Lady Maria by MadMaddie Bloodborne-- Lady Maria :iconmadmaddie:MadMaddie 237 6 To See with Eyes Unclouded by Hate by RainNoir To See with Eyes Unclouded by Hate :iconrainnoir:RainNoir 929 37 ECH by Curly-Artist ECH :iconcurly-artist:Curly-Artist 153 20 Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Poster by chrisables Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Poster :iconchrisables:chrisables 117 1 Share a cup of hot cocoa with Haurchefant by Athena-Erocith Share a cup of hot cocoa with Haurchefant :iconathena-erocith:Athena-Erocith 299 6




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United Kingdom
Hello! I'm PK-Lovex a silly 19 year old girl from ye olde England who loves to write~! I don't do requests just yet but I'll take suggestions and ideas anytime ^_^
I've been here, mostly. I just haven't been working on my fictions for a while. Recently in my life I gained a lovely Boyfriend who lives in the Netherlands and, as I live in England, it means I have to spend a lot of time visiting him whenever I can. As you can imagine it's been difficult along the way, I have been concentrating on it so I know that it can work and now I'm at a point where I feel like I can step back and just go along for the ride.

THAT MEANS that I can write again yaaay!

I have many ideas in the works as well as the finishing entries for the FNAF 2 choose your own! I apologise for my short absence, to be honest I think I was suffering from a little writer's block for a while anyway so a break from the site was what I needed.

Thankyou all for your comments, favourites and watches! I've hit 150+ now which is AWESOME~

Expect some more fics coming soooon!



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