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Antipodes- Chapter 33
Chapter 33
"Are you guys ready for this?" Jigsaw said.
The trio stood in the control room. Lights flashed along the rows of corroded monitors, displaying information on the state of various parts of the airship. The magical fourth wall shimmered, displaying small river and verdant forest spread out below them.
"I've been waiting for this," Incendia said with conviction. "It's time we end this. For Stalliongrad."
Jigsaw nodded. "Tiptoe?"
"Ready as I'll ever be," she said. "I'm sticking with you no matter what."
Jigsaw smiled. "I guess this is really it, then. Once we cast off, there's no going back. Once we get the final Celestia fragment, we can figure out how to steal that crystal from Tantalus with the help of the goddesses. Luna says with both of them combined, they should be able to shroud us from Tantalus long enough for them to regenerate."
"Is there anything you need us to do?" Incendia said.
"Honestly, I don't think there's much for you to do on the ride over. Luna— you kn
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Antipodes- Chapter 32
Chapter 32
(In the last chapter, our intrepid trio ventured deep into the Everfree forest only to find it twisted by an unknown magic. Jigsaw fought with a manticore and was fatally poisoned. Working together, Incendia and Tiptoe brought Jigsaw to a mysterious ruined castle, where and unconscious Jigsaw collected the new fragment and Luna fully reformed, expunging the poison in the process.)
"I— you're— what?" Tiptoe spluttered.
Jigsaw's solid silver eyes flashed in Tiptoe's direction. For a moment, a slight frown creased his face, but then recognition dawned. "Tiptoe," Luna's voice said, "I understand that you must be confused. Know that all shall be explained soon."
"But…" Tiptoe blinked took a deep breath. "What happened to Jigsaw? Are you… is he alright?"
"His wounds were serious, but I believe I have expunged the poison. He is merely unconscious, in a healing sleep. I am using his body as a sort of mouthpiece."
"What gives you that right?" Tipto
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Antipodes- Chapter 31
Chapter 31
The bright blue juices from the strange fruit drizzled down Incendia's muzzle, the bitter, slightly electric, taste fresh in her mouth.
"Are you sure these are safe to eat?" she asked, eyeing the half-eaten fruit floating a few inches in front of her.
"Pretty sure," Jigsaw said, his own fruit hovering next to him. "When I examined the tree, I really didn't feel anything malignant. These definitely aren't natural, though, whatever they are."
Incendia's stomach growled in hunger, but she put the fruit away.
"I think I'll save this for later," she said.
The trees only grew thicker as they walked. A layer of thick gray clouds blocked out the sun, the blue green light illuminating the area coming from the thin layer of moss on the forest floor.
A loud, clear whistle and a rustle of branches heralded Tiptoe's return. She slowly fluttered down from the canopy, the buffets of air disturbing the moss below and causing it to flare brighter and cast strange, spindly sha
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Antipodes- Chapter 30
Chapter 30
Tiptoe extended her wings, soaring over the emerald green carpet spread out below her, wind buffeting her back and forth through the air as she made an unsteady landing on the top of the airship. She trotted over to a small, round hatch on the top of the airship and flipped a lever with her hoof. The door sprung open.
Tiptoe fluttered her wings as she descended into the control room. When she touched down, Incendia glanced up and gave her a curt nod. She sat on the ground in front of a monitor, which flashed blue and displayed a sentence in the language of the old world. A small quill floated in the air before Incendia, sketching the glyphs on a ragged sheet of paper.
"What's going on?" Tiptoe asked, trotting closer.
"No idea," Incendia replied. "The monitor just started flashing a minute ago. I don't know what it says so I thought I ought to write it down and bring it to... well, I thought I ought to write it down."
Tiptoe could feel the name hanging in the
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Antipodes- Chapter 29
Chapter 29
The sea serpent undulated as it prepared to let loose a deadly blast of energy.
"Move!" Tiptoe shouted as she darted up high into the air.
Jigsaw and Incendia glanced at each other and each galloped off in opposite directions. The beam of light burst forth from the serpent's throat, blasting a crater in the rock where they had been standing.
Incendia flashed bright orange, igniting a whirlwind of flame. Digging her hooves into the ground, she slid to a stop, turning to face the serpent as she took aim. Tongues of flame sprouted from the ground at her feet and shot towards the sea serpent, wrapping it in white hot strands of flame.
The serpent writhed and shrieked, smoke rising in oily, black coils as the fiery ropes constricting around the serpent burned into its flesh. However, with a mighty jerk of its serpentine back, the bonds around its body broke in a flash of light. The charred skin underneath the bonds oozed a pale green fluid.
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Antipodes- Chapter 28
Chapter 28
The crowd that had gathered around the airship was impressive. Ponies of all shapes, sizes, and races, had turned out to wish the trio of refugees a happy goodbye. Young pegasi hopped up and down on the top of the airship, shrieking with laughter. Moonbow stood in front of the trio, dressed in the heavy blue robes they had seen around the city so often.
As he turned to address the crowd, they quickly grew silent.
"Citizens of Totemhoof!" he bellowed, his voice strong and clear. "We have assembled today to bid farewell to the team that single-hoofedly saved our city. For thousands of years, Totemhoof has been protected by the graces of our goddess, Luna. It was foretold that one day, the Uniter would arrive and deliver us all from an unfathomable evil. That day has finally arrived!"
The crowd hollered in approval and stamped their hooves. Moonbow watched for a few moments before clearing his throat.
"Please, settle down and be respectful," he chastised.
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Antipodes- Chapter 27
Chapter 27
The explosion shook the ground under Spike's feet, causing him to stumble and as he scrambled over the rubble of a ruined building. All around him, flashes of light from mortars and mines drowned out the harsh light of the sun. The heat was unbearable.
He knew he couldn't pay attention to the war going on around him. It wouldn't let him.
It had sought him out, explained its plight. It said it could help him if he helped it. All he had to do was let it, and he had.
He ripped aside a pair of sun-bleached drapes and leapt through the shattered window frame. The building he was in now had an intact roof, and he couldn't help but take a moment to enjoy the relief from the sun.
The goddesses had fallen almost twenty years ago, and the light and dark sides of the planet had been fighting each other over the narrow strip of comfortable land ever since. The bearers of the Elements of Harmony had tried to intercede, of course, but without Twilight, and with what
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Antipodes- Chapter 26
Chapter 26
by PK
Tiptoe awoke with a start. Something had stuck her- hard- in the back. She attempted to roll over, but was hit again, this time just below her ribcage. With a flap of her wings, she propelled herself out of the bed and spun to look at what was hitting her.
Unsurprisingly, it was Jigsaw. He was tossing and turning violently in his sleep. The sheets lay in a heap at the foot of the bed, presumably kicked off. Tiptoe didn't know how she hadn't been woken up before, Jigsaw was trashing so violently. She approached the bed to try and wake him when she noticed something odd: even though the lights of the city had only just begun to glow, the interior of the room was bathed with a golden light. She glanced around to the braziers mounted on the walls and saw that they were cold. The light seemed to be emanating from Jigsaw himself.
Tiptoe froze, suddenly unsure if waking Jigsaw was the best choice of action. However, after a moment of consideration, she began to inch
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Antipodes- Chapter 25
Chapter 25
by PK
Jigsaw stepped out into the cold, wintry breeze and surveyed the city below him. Hundreds of pinpricks of light shimmered from the streets below, a mixture of dim yellow bulbs and bright blue magical flames. He noticed something he hadn't the night he arrived- there was a distinct distribution of magical lights versus mundane. Their cabin was on the south slope of the valley that Totemhoof sat in, giving Jigsaw a good view of the whole city. The farther east he looked, the more common the arcane lights became, culminating in the giant, decrepit radio tower on the west hill, complete with the mysterious glowing silver orb and shimmering cables snaking up it's side. As he looked west, the blue lights became less and less common until they were almost totally replaced by electric lights. The building architecture changed noticeably as well. On the east side, huge, sweeping structures of wood or metal were common, while smaller, more practical designs were more c
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Antipodes- Chapter 24
Chapter 24
Hey, guys. It's me. I just wanted to personally apologize for the truly ridiculous wait between the last chapter and this one. I don't really know what I can do except apologize profusely and give you this chapter. It's my second longest, if that helps!
Incendia made her way down a cobblestone pathway which weaved in between the many short buildings built into the side of the hill. She was reminded vividly of Stalliongrad- the buildings here seemed to have been pieced together out of plates of metal from some long-demolished structure, just as they had been in the slums of Stalliongrad.
This place was different, however- most of the metal surfaces were glossy and reflected the bright light from the streetlamps and the veiled luminescence of the distant radio tower. The buildings stood strong and sturdy, and almost all of them had lights gleaming out of the windows. Up and down the road, ponies were leaving their homes, some pulling wagons filled with t
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Antipodes- Chapter 23
Chapter 23
by PK
Jigsaw found himself standing in a verdant field. Flowers of all shapes and sizes bloomed around him and the air was fresh and clean. The sun was almost directly overhead, but it wasn't harsh or burning. It felt pleasant against his skin, warm, life-affirming. Now that he had felt it, the light of the midday sun, he wondered how he had lasted so long without it, and how he could ever go back to the pale imitation of the sun that resided on the surface now, or the heartless light of arcane fire or electric filaments.
There were ponies, too. To the right, and a short distance ahead, a small town was visible. A majestic clock tower grew from the center of town, the hands having just recently struck noon. The skies above were criss-crossed with pegasi, flitting to and fro among the clouds. Jigsaw took a deep breath, allowing the cool air to fill his lungs, filling him with energy.
Then, as he watched, a green shockwave emanated from somewhere beyond sight and beg
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Antipodes- Chapter 22
Chapter 22
Incendia stared at Jigsaw, eyes wide, her mouth moving soundlessly as she struggled to find words strong enough to express her disbelief. Finally, she found her voice.
"Are you crazy?" she shouted. "Do you understand how long it took the Resistance to find one of those? We didn't make it! The only one who ever did was Rubidium himself and the top scientific minds of the city! It took us months to steal one, and even longer to reverse-engineer it to work in the teleporter! That was the only device we ever managed to make, and even then it never worked quite right. Ours was always rougher than the real thing."
Tiptoe reflected uncomfortably on the sensation of Incendia's shoulder-mounted teleporter. It felt as though they were being peeled apart every time they had used it.
"I don't actually intend on fixing the teleporter," Jigsaw said, "I intend on modifying it to operate under a new spell."
Incendia's incredulity shifted to curiosity. "What kind of spell? I
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Antipodes- Chapter 21
Chapter 21
Arduously, they began their trek back towards the distant treeline. Incendia led the way, Jigsaw floating gently behind her in an orange halo. Tiptoe stumbled after them both. Her hip felt stiff and awkward, and her condition was exacerbated by the frozen river's slippery surface. She was lightheaded and dizzy, too, and her stomach was growling loudly.
Incendia wasn't doing much better. She was making very slow progress along the river; the effort of keeping Jigsaw's unconscious body aloft was straining her already spent energy. Her horn felt uncomfortably hot, a sensation which was almost entirely unfamiliar to her. She had used too much magic, and she knew it, but they were so close...
Finally, after many more determined hoofsteps, they found themselves on the cold dirt of the river bank. The rubble from the castle extended all the way out to the timberline, though only the tips of the highest spires actually touched the stunted forest.
They made their way
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Antipodes- Chapter 20
Chapter 20
The silvery orb hung, silent and mysterious, in the center of the room. It's surface was perfectly smooth and glassy, and it rotated slowly, sending off wisps of shadowy mist.
"So... what happens now?" Incendia asked, her voice low and hushed.
In response, Jigsaw began to walk slowly towards where the sphere hung, his head bowed low as if in reverence. He felt a strange, pulsating buzz begin in his horn, as though it were anxious to make contact. Cautiously, he raised his head until the very tip of his horn broke the silvery surface of the sphere. For a moment, a single ripple issued across its surface, causing the silvery light to shimmer. Then, Jigsaw was enveloped in a sheet of whirling silver mist. Incendia started forward towards him, but Tiptoe extended a hoof, catching her in the chest.
"I don't think we should interfere," she said in a near-whisper.
Shimmering intensely, the mist whirled faster and faster around the unicorn, until with a brilliant fla
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Antipodes- Chapter 19
Chapter 19
Incendia put out the tiny flare after they had warmed up as much as they could and they began to climb the winding staircase once more. The increasingly bitter cold coupled with the dim light and physical exertion felt like a heavy weight pressing down on them, making them sluggish and irritable. The staircase itself must have been marvelous when it was new- it wound along the mountainside, occasionally winding inside passageways of what were clearly once exquisitely carved friezes, but had long since been worn away to near illegibility. At one point, the path led them through an enormous rocky overhang that cast them all into pitch black darkness.
After about an hour of grueling climbing, they climbed over the crest of a small ridge to find that they had reached the castle at last. The building was even more majestic up close- it was in nearly pristine condition. The cold, however, was more biting than ever. The three ponies stared up at it in awe. Incendia
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Antipodes- Chapter 18
Chapter 18
Incendia took a few lumbering steps towards the two rapidly approaching shapes, but she stumbled and stopped only a few feet from her starting place. Tiptoe, in contrast, flew as fast as her wings could carry her, nearly crashing into the ground in front of her.
"Incendia!" Tiptoe shouted. "I can't believe it's you! You're alright! We never tho-" she stopped halfway through her sentence as she began to process Incendia's appearance. She looked to be on death's doorstep. Her formerly black, shiny coat was ruffled and browned. A disturbingly large gash on her flank was surrounded by dried blood. A fresh cut above her eye sent scarlet down the side of her face. Despite all this, however, she stood tall, and a broad smile played across her face. When she spoke, her voice was strong and clear.
"It's good to see you too, Tiptoe."
It was at this moment that Jigsaw came scrambling up to join them, his footing precarious on the icy soil.
"It's really you," he said, hi
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Hey, all- I've just started a new story! A sequel to Antipodes, though I like to think it's accessible for first-time readers too. But here's the thing- it's going to be posted exclusibely of fimfiction because I hte DA's text editor. If you want to read it, head on over here:…

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