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Crest - Captain Krabba by pjuk Terms of Use Crest - Captain Krabba by pjuk

This is for ALL my deviations (unless stated otherwise in either the artist comments or in one of the more specific rules categories below)

:bulletred: NO re-uploads
:bulletred: NO edits
:bulletred: NO claiming

:bulletred: It will be stated in the artist comment if credit is required.
If not required: Still very appreciated =)

:bulletgreen: You ARE of course allowed to display all of my non- commissioned deviations here on deviantART (using the thumbcodes and/or Add Media ).
For other websites, use the sharing links.

Commissioned Images

:bulletred: You are NOT allowed to use a commissioned image, without permission from both me and the deviant who commissioned it.

:bulletred: You are NOT allowed to display a commissioned image for decorative purpose, without permission from the deviant who commissioned it.

:bulletgreen: You ARE however allowed to display a commissioned image if the purpose is to feature it.

For more specific rules (if any), look at the following categories.
Still not sure? Note me!

Journal Skins

:bulletred: See the general rules above

:bulletgreen: You ARE allowed to customize it a bit, to make it fit your style.

:bulletred: You are NOT allowed to remove the credit
(if there's one added)

:bulletred: You are NOT allowed to re-upload the skin or an edited version.

:bulletred: You are NOT allowed to cut out CSS codes and add to your own design - without my permission.

Utilities & Resources

:bulletred: See the general rules above


:bulletred: You can NOT include it in a font pack.

:bulletgreen: You ARE allowed to use them in commissions.

Crest - Captain Krabba by pjuk Frequently Asked Questions Crest - Captain Krabba by pjuk

about ..

.. using my art

Can I make a PLZ version of one of your images?
Since everyone is able to display deviations in at least journals and dev IDs, I don't really see a need for PLZs anymore.

But if you're really, really eager - ask me. There are some images that I do not want to see as PLZ versions.

How do I use stamps?
You copy the thumbcode and paste it where you want to display the stamp.

The thumbcode can be found on every deviation page, on the right side of your screen. Scroll down until you'll find the details section.

<-- Tutorial - a bit outdated, but it works =)

How do I install fonts?

Explanation for all different versions can be found here.

I don't know much (read anything ) about Mac, but some info can be found here.

.. me creating art

Are you open for commissions/requests/etc?

Most likely. Check out my commission information.


I always have an upcoming kiriban. Information here.

Every now and then I also add a mini kiriban, so keep an extra eye open if you're interested.


Only for stamps.
You can find current status and more information here.


I've never done a trade before, so .. maybe :shrug:


I make these when I feel like it. Asking will not increase your chance of getting one.

Please make an animal stamp for ...
No, sorry, I no longer make these stamps. It's very possible though that I've already made one for the animal you're looking for.

Here you'll find all of the existing ones in alphabetical order.

What program/s do you use?
Basically, I only use Photoshop CS4 for everything.

When making fonts, I use FontStruct which is really easy to use. Totally worth checking it out!

.. me

How do you pronounce your user name?
Like "puke".

Pjuklarven is one of my cats and we call her Pjuk and/or Pjukis.

When I registered, my usual nickname was already taken by a non-active member. Pjuklarven happened to walk by, so I just went for it.

So no, I don't throw up all the time.

What's your real name?

I need to contact you off-site!

Not only for commissions

Feel free to add me

Sorry, I don't use Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Can we be friends?
To be honest, this question freaks me out and it's very likely that I'll ignore it. Sorry.

Because friends is not something you ask to be, you just know  when you are.

I'm not saying that I don't want any friends - that question is just the wrong way to start a friendship with me.

.. how to make

Here you'll find a lot of great tutorials!

A few stamp groups

:iconbucket-of-stamps:   :iconstampsunited:   :iconheapsofstamps:

Here you'll find a lot of great tutorials!

A few avatar groups

:iconcuteavvieoverload:   :iconfree-avvie-fans:   :iconavatarheaven:

Here you'll find a lot of great tutorials!

A few emoticon groups

:iconemotecity:   :iconemotication:   :iconsnazzemoticons:

.. deviantART in general


Still have questions?
Ask away!

:heart: / pjuk

:bulletred: Have a great day! :bulletred:

© 2011 - 2024 pjuk
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how did you add the questions onto a journal skin with design? :o