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Just something I made while trying get rid of the urge to throw the keyboard into the wall, because the other stuff I'm working on won't turn out the way I want them to :grump:
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me trying to find a awnser to someones question<3

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That's great!
Just what I was looking for!:happybounce: 

Thank you for sharing this emoticon with us.:D (Big Grin) 
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This is so adorable and well animated <3
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Thank you so much! :rose:
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LOVE IT!! This is definitely me. I always grab a book to read.
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I'm glad you like it =)
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Oh yeah! One of my absolute favorite things to do. :aww:
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So cute, and so smooth! I think there is a contest on reading somewhere....

[link] There it is! Just a thought, this would be a good entry. :nod: ;)
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Oh my, that contest sure has some very weird...uhm...I mean specific rules. This emote fails on about half of them :lmao:
Thanks for letting me know though :D
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:facepalm: Oh well, I tried to help that contest and you. :cuddle: It is still a great piece. :D
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Thank you! :cuddle:
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This is so cute! I love it, the simple animation and limited colours really just...bring across that feeling of loving eading! :love: Wonderful stuff and it should be a widely used emote it's so great :aww:
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:aww: Thank you!
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You're welcome :)
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I love the animation and the shading! :love: :heart:
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Really nice, love the page turns. :happybounce:
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