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Extremely excited

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This is for those times when you are so excited or loves something so much that you lose control of your own body and your arms suddenly starts to wave around by themselves.

If you've never had that happen to you, you sure have missed out on a great feeling =)

Suggested by: *kishuuchan :heart:
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:P I'm so stupid...:XD:
bubbIies's avatar
:XD: Do thumbnails not work in comments? *clueless face...*
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Nope, doesn't work no matter what membership you have.
bubbIies's avatar
Huh, they should change that...
pjuk's avatar
At least you can use emoticons and plz-icons =)
bubbIies's avatar
Ha ha, yeah no kidding.
bubbIies's avatar
Feel the excitement too, only...:thumb269961706:
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:happybounce: I feel the excitement!
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The animation is great! The eyes seem to jump around to much (at least the white glare) when he jumps though.
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Thanks! It's intended =)
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Wow! So cool; I'm glad my suggestion made it!
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That was me when I got my new guinea pig. The lady who works in the back asked I if I wanted her and I was all, "-flailing arms- YES! I'll take her". Okay, I didn't flail too terribly but that was my definite feeling inside. Also I get all :squee: when I catch a super cute pokemon I've been wanting. =p
pjuk's avatar
It's not as fun to get these attacks in public, since you got to hold back a bit or people would think you're crazy. :giggle: Though sometimes you just can't hold it back :D
EternalxRequiem's avatar
Not it's not as fun. Lol! This is true. Sometimes you just gotta happy dance and flail. :giggle:

Mini-Umbrella's avatar
ahahah, this is me when I get a new video game XD
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