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Banner: Not Allowed - General

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Free to use on deviantART!
no edits, reuploads, yadi-yada...etc..

How to use it:
copy/paste the thumbcode that you'll find in the details area to the right.
(You need to be a premium member to be able to use this in your artist comments)

Other banners:

's even more of them!
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chatonettes's avatar
Help anyone? When I try to use this in my art it says the thumb ID instead of the preview.
I really want to use this so please help me fix it!
Cateru's avatar
using, thanks n.n
JammerAnimated's avatar
Hi :3
for some reason when I add the :thumb code in the description of my deviations
it doesn't preview but only appears as text :3
EternalParody's avatar
How ironic that this banner literally says "Do not use this" and yet it's free to use.
DoubleSW's avatar
What is this :thumb372309271: meant to do
Hoppin-Frogs's avatar
That's what makes these... Things... Work
LeighWilsonArt's avatar
Erm... I see the description says that I need to be a premium member to use your icon, yet it also says that it's free to use. I've been a regular Deviant for 3 years, but I've been hesitating to upload any of my art because I'm somewhat afraid of having my hard work stolen...

If you, or anyone, could explain this to me, I would be thrilled. (^^)

Have a nice day!

Madame-Starlight's avatar
Well, that description is outdated as of an update that deviantART made. You can take advantage of the thumbcode near the very bottom of the page underneath the "Featured in Groups" section. Just copy the thumbcode and paste it where you'd like.
LeighWilsonArt's avatar
Thx! I'll try that, sometime. d(^-^d)
Precipitous120's avatar
Thanks, I'll defiantly need this
XxDark-GuardainxX's avatar
Just checking :thumb372309271:
Kimberlee13's avatar
where is the thumbcode? :/
pjuk's avatar
On the right side of your screen. In the "details" section.
Kimberlee13's avatar
yes, i found it ahahaha thank you :hug:
Kimberlee13's avatar
sorry, i'm fine! i found it ahahah
ll-Corah-Sage-ll's avatar
oh crap never noticed that nvm found the thumbcode, thanks
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