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Banner: Not Allowed - Commission

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Free to use on deviantART!
no edits, reuploads, yadi-yada...etc..

How to use it:
copy/paste the thumbcode that you'll find in the details area to the right.
(You need to be a premium member to be able to use this in your artist comments)

Other banners:

's even more of them!
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This sucks that I have to be a premium/core member to use it in the artist comments. Wanted to use them.
Werewvlf's avatar
Do you have to be a core member to use it in descriptions?
Because for some reason this isn't working in mine.
PedrobrGamerScout's avatar
Stash Now Needs Core To Use It

deviantart got worst
Drache-Lehre's avatar
Oh hey this looks GREAT! It is easier to see now and really is a fun style, I love how it MATCHES! :heart: Now to add them all to my resource group. :dummy:

Also hon, are you willing to take requests for more messages? :aww: (i'll even toss some points at you for the time) ^^
pjuk's avatar
Thank you! :love:

Sure, a few more could be added as long as they are useful ;) No points needed of course!
Drache-Lehre's avatar
Oh I am sure others could use 'em too :: Here are the messages but you can word it a bit different if you feel another way would sound better? xD

These ones here - [link] and [link]

Then this one if possible please - This is a Free-to-Use (F2U) Décor Resource for your DA pages; NOT a stock!

I look forward to seeing them, if you decide they are worth doing! Thank you for considering. :hug:
pjuk's avatar
I'm not sure that I want to get into the fav/comment discussion, but I'm gonna keep the request in mind of course =)

Yes, I could indeed add a couple of stock-themed banners. Thank you for suggesting :cuddle:
Drache-Lehre's avatar
I see, well than I'll just keep using my own than. :shrug:
pjuk's avatar
I think they look great :cuddle:
Drache-Lehre's avatar
Pft, yours is better. ;p I'll just have to see what I can do later to make another style/smaller for those who prefer 'em as such.
pjuk's avatar
They're not, they're just different, that's all.
Looking forward to see them :cuddle:
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xXSomeRandomDudeXx's avatar
This is awesome! How do I use it? ^^;
pjuk's avatar
You copy/paste the thumbcode that you'll find in the details section to the right. Though, you need to be a premium member to be able to use it in the artist comments. As a freebie you're only able to use it in journals and dev ID as far as I know.
xXSomeRandomDudeXx's avatar
Oh, okay. That explains why it wouldn't work in my description^^; Thank you
JEricaM's avatar
thx you :D I'll use it for my commissions :D
pjuk's avatar
Thank you!
Do note that it is about to get slightly updated, soon. =)
bubbIies's avatar
ahh love these! ;U; must use sometime<33
can't wait for the other ones 8D
pjuk's avatar
Thank you! :love:
bubbIies's avatar
Delet-ed's avatar
This is neat. I plan on using this. :D
pjuk's avatar
Thank you! I'm so happy to hear that :love:
WildLilLavenderChild's avatar
just what i'm looking for! XD
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