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Kelvinch Release Version

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Published: April 3, 2016
Although Kelvinch is meant for body text I have endeavoured to make the characters as aesthetically pleasing as possible without compromising its objective to be comfortable to read in long texts.

It comes in Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic faces.

Kelvinch is a free font, free in the sense of free of restrictions and DRM but also free in the sense of cost.

Under the terms of the license you may use Kelvinch in any kind of publication, print or electronic, without fees or restrictions.  You may modify the font for your own use. You may distribute your modified version in accordance with the terms of the SIL license.

You may use Kelvinch for any purpose including commercial usage.  The only thing you may NOT do is sell the font on its own as a stand alone font.

Kelvinch is licensed under the SIL Open Font License: for the full text, go to scripts.sil.org/OFL.

It started out as my own personal font but somewhere along the way that changed and other people became interested in it and I took the decision to try to make it good enough that I wouldn't be embarrassed to know that other people were using it.  I never once considered selling it.

It covers many Unicode blocks including Greek & Coptic, Cyrillic, Georgian, Armenian, Mathematical Operators, Miscellaneous Symbols, Dingbats, Runes, Letterlike Symbols, Arrows and a comprehensive coverage of most of the Latin blocks.

It has taken over a year to develop.


Update, 14th April 2016

Updated to version 3.1 - There was a fault in the kern tables in 3.0, some of the kern pairs for the Roman font didn't work.  Also changed the position of many diacritic marks to improve the overall appearance of the font.  Also changed the format of the download file from .7Z to .ZIP , although this is bigger it is also more compatible with computers which do not have 7zip installed.

Everything else is the same!

Update, 8th May 2016

And I thought this was finished, how wrong I was.

Based on the feedback I received I corrected some mistakes and changed a few things including the crossbar on the Upper Case 'A' which most people thought was a mistake.  It's a pity, Kelvinch has lost some of it's character, but then character is not what you want in body text, it can become tiresome very quickly, oh well ...

Added some more Open Type features and re-kerned the whole thing.

Also changed the website address to the address of my blog, the free webhosting I tried wasn't very good and just seemed like they were trying to force people into getting their paid webhosting by offering very bad service to the free customers and making things very difficult for them.  So kelvinch.uk never got up and running, sorry.

Hopefully this WILL be the last version.

11th May 2016

Minor update.  I re-introduced the curved crossbar on the capital A as an open type stylistic alternative. The default is the straight crossbar.

Did the Historic Ligatures which I had always intended to do but in the midst of everything else it was forgotten until now. The characters were already there it was only the open type feature which needed adding.

Everything else is the same.

Hopefully THIS will be the final version.

Update 23 September 2016 - Version 3.3

Optimised all the glyphs, resulting in smaller files.  Evened out and tweaked some of the kerning.  Changed the ligatures to work better with Microsoft Word and added two characters new to the Unicode 9.0 standard.

Everything else is the same.

Update 10 January 2017 - Version 3.31

Sorted out three problems.  Minor fixes.  This is the final version!

Update 22 July 2017 - Version 3.4

Someone pointed out a serious bug in the font.  This has now been corrected.  Also the source files have been included in the .ZIP file.  If you don't want to modify the font or use parts of the font for your own creation then just ignore the contents of the 'Source Code' folder.  For normal use you only need the .OTF files.
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Hi! I have a question about this font. I can see that it have st and ct ligatures active by default and that those ligatures are on clig table instead of being on dlig table. Is this intended? Thanks!
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Currently I am doing hum Work About your typography, and the work I need to talk a little about the author, fast You CAN give me a brief explanation Talking About fast you please?
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I think the entire development of Kelvinch is explained in the Fontlog.txt file which comes with the font in the .ZIP file.

What is it that you want ?

I am not a type designer, I am an Electronics Engineer, I work in medical research.

If you want to know about me then you could take a look at my blog, it is at pauljmiller.wordpress.com/
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I didn't put Qu in as a standard ligature but it is a discretionary ligature.
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Hello! It seems there is a problem with the download file: when I decompress it, my system recognize the file Kelvinch-Bold.otf as an html file! The other files seems to be ok.
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Hmm ... I just downloaded the file on my new laptop (my old laptop was destroyed by the upgrade to Windows 10 so I had to buy a new one) and as I hadn't got 7-zip installed yet Firefox tried opening the file within the browser and got it wrong giving just this problem.

When I saved the file to disk and after I had installed 7-zip I opened the disk file and everything worked as expected, I installed the fonts with no problem.

Have another go and see if the problem persists, but it might be better to save the file to disk and open it independent of the browser.

If you still have a problem get back to me.
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Sorry for the late answer (I was on travel). I've downloaded the zip file several times and tried to decompress it by different methods (using ark, a KDE archiving program, PeaZip, plain unzip command and plain 7z command, I'm on a Linux system) always with the same result.  I've never had this problem with other compressed files.

But even if it shows wrong on the file manager and clicking on it call Firefox instead of the fontviewer, it seems to work! I moved the four files to my ~/.fonts/ folder and all programs (Writer, XeTeX) recognized all four variants without problems!

Now I'm puzzled...

Anyway, thanks for your great work! I'll try this font on the following days, it looks really interesting.

Just a quick question: I can see you have the Qu ligature on the map, but it is not used by default. Do you have plans to work more on the ligatures table?

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This is a beautiful font!  Poon-Dog, what gives you the right to criticize?  The power of the Internet?  Miller not only created a unique font, but one that he has made available for free!  And it's nothing like Times New Roman!
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Thank you for making it available for free. My son is a typographic designer so I know how many hours of painstaking work went into making this, and you have provided a very wide range of glyphs. It's a shame that some people can't appreciate your effort and that they even think we should stick to boring ubiquitous old Times NR! Sigh. 

What intrigues me is the very eclectic design of your roman: it has quite a bit of humanistic flair, but in some other letters the transitional style appears to dominate, esp. in the Q, and yet others seem to be more 'classic', almost Garamond-like. Your a and A look somewhat quaint, maybe just a tad too playful for a text font, at least to my liking. Your italic seems more harmonious in style, it has an elegant calligraphic allure. Anyway, thanks again and keep up your good work.
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I'm not a typographer, I'm an Electronics Engineer in Medical Research.

I have used CAD systems for many years but type design has an extra dimension that I haven't quite got the hang of yet.

As for the style I was aiming for ...  errr ... well ... there wasn't one, just whatever I considered good and what would fit, maybe it doesn't all hang together as harmoniously as I would like but it seems to work reasonably well.

This is my first font.

You can read the tale of its construction in the fontlog file, if you're interested.

Thanks for the comments.
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Beautiful. Really nice to have the Greek and the Math as I do quite a bit of scientific writing. Thanks so much!
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Thank you.

If you find any problems then let me know using the e-mail address in the Fonlog file and I will see what I can do.  I don't think there are many problems left but you never know.

When I was doing my bachelors degree all papers and assignments had to be formatted in Times New Roman which isn't very well stocked in the Mathematical Operators block so I understand the problem.
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Wow you have made a really ordinary looking font, jus like all the other free ordinary looking fonts.

This font is truly adequate.

And you have all those extra characters that 99% of ppl will just ignore.  Most ppl want A to Z and a to z and numbers and a few punctuation marks, the rest jus takes up space.

Seriously dude, why not jus use Times New Roman its free and already installed on all computers.
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Thank you, I was going for a conventional look.  If you make a font too fancy it looks stylish but becomes tedious to read after only a few paragraphs, the font gets in the way of the message.

For body text you want something which conforms to what the reader expects to see in which case the font fades into the background and the message comes through unimpared.  Kelvinch is designed to be comfortable to read in long passages and for long periods of time.

All those extra characters which you seem to think are superfluous are important to some people.  I think that more than 1% of people will want to use some of the special characters.

Yes the vast majority will only use the standard latin characters and numbers and a few punctuation marks but a significant portion of people will want a little extra and Kelvinch has all the accented characters and special characters for all the european languages, nordic languages, african languages which use latin characters, pan turkik languages and for the transliteration of far eastern languages.  It also has the character sets for Cyrillic languages, Greek, Georgian and Armenian.  I think this will be useful to an awful lot of people.

Times New Roman is not really free, yes it is given away with Windows PCs but it is under a proprietary license.  Times New Roman was designed for economy of copy fit, that is the Times newspaper wanted to get as much text into as small a space as possible.  It looks cramped to my eyes.  Kelvinch was not designed for economy of copy fit, it was designed to be easily read.

If you don't like my font nobody is forcing you to use it.
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