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THERE/HERE by Patrick McEvoy

They landed somewhere several minutes ago.
They just don't currently know where the there is.
And the they consists of four astronauts travelling in a ship beyond anything mapped in the cosmos.
At some point they discovered a planet that didn't exist on any known map.
Being explorers, the consensus agreed to see what this planet might hold.
So they landed.
They left the ship.
They put their feet on rocky terrain.
Then ...
In a few moments ...
They were no longer grounded ...
And the they consisted of Marlana, Jake, Greta and Dino.
Various ages, races, fairly similar body types (fit enough to fly through space being the criteria) and the perfect match for the zest of space travel.
Except now they couldn't describe the place they existed in.
For the concept of space and time became as foreign a concept as reality.
Marlana tried hard to look with her eyes. Tried to feel her steps. Yet her mind and spirit seemed to float above and beyond anything involving perception. She still noticed forms and something resembling energy waves around her, people perhaps recognizable, but they seemed so far away in many ways.
Jake saw more clearly, if clearly meant seeing the land existing in frequencies with odd humanoid forms within, if it meant hearing noises distorting everything and anything ...
Greta didn't see anything at all except twisting shapes and forms, a betrayal of geometry and rational thought, only shadows existing in the periphery of her vision.
And Dino only could view fuzz and shapes occurring in the distance, a twisting distortion that came and went as fast as scrolling through warped pictures.
They all tried to navigate the terrain, gain their thoughts. Thoughts, the wonderful concept that indicated rational thought.
As in fundamental concepts.
Concepts that seemed to escape them at the moment.
And wished they could regain.
So they didn't know how long they immersed themselves in the various landscapes, only that it seemed interminable.
Everything seemed so distant.
Until one of them ...tried to close the distance.
Greta just opened a mouth she didn't really feel.
"Our ... helmets," she said.
The words echoed in all the realms they inhabited.
Now Dino paid attention, heard the words break through everything he felt and heard.
"Our helmets ... what about them?"
"The frequency," Marlana said.
And the world they landed upon began to actually resemble a world. A world of substance and not delerium.
"We need to change it," Jake said.
It wasn't easy. Everything coming through their mind made their flesh feel obsolete, a substance from another place and time. Marlana became the first and passed on the information.
"Channel B5," she said.
Dino fought through all feeling and tried it.
"ChannelB5," he said.
Then the others pushed through their perceptions and locked into the suggested channel.
They found themselves standing practically side by side. They looked at each other. Looked at the landscape. A landscape consisting of antennas rising from the ground like trees, branching out and ever pervasive.
So they instantly figured out what happened.
And they wondered.
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Submitted on
July 6, 2018
Mature Content