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PASSING DATA by Patrick McEvoy

Other ends of the avenue ... feet planted, waiting for the right signal, or less traffic, then it comes .... the traffic lights turn green.
They move ...
Their heads are bowed, in worship of their new god, technology ...
Eyes upon the mix of metal and circuitry that passes beyond, that conveys locations around the world, people from the remotest villages to the corner bodega. From worlds detailing entertainment to happenings around the world.
They walk then, a she, her name Kira ...
A he named Peter ...

Power courses through their hands, imagination and information channeled, coded, to transmit the world in many forms.
They approach ...
She looking ...
Looking down ...
At a map ... a map showing where she is supposed to meet her friend. A local cafe that hosts musicians and people willing to exude subconscious thinking. Lines, names and numbers project from the screen in her hand, glowing place, location, specifics on a physical plane.
He ... looking at a text.
A text from a former girlfriend. She who is proclaiming connections to someone besides himself.
Her name is Anna.
His name is Liam.
What the device does here reaches beyond the physical, bringing up emotions and thoughts.
The worlds swirl, so does the information, a field around them as they move forward. No one can see the actual form, but they're moving through different realms, their feet on the concrete, their minds, thoughts, selves, digitized.
Several feet separate them.
Then a few.
They look at what they're calling up.
They pass by.
A map.
A text.
Feelings may be entwined in them, maybe thoughts.
But they pass by.
The flow going in different directions for now.
The information.
The images.
The feelings.
Though one day they may cross, connect.
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Submitted on
May 15, 2018
Mature Content