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Battle at sea

Created with Bryce 5, flames and splashes in postwork with Photoshop.
This is one of a series of "sea-battles" I made using Bryce,
One of my earlier creations was accepted as "Bryce-art-of-the-month" by DAZ and appears now as 1 of 4 promo-images to show what Bryce can do.
You can admire it on the 12 months of 3d-contest page.
I did post it in my gallery a few days ago but Deviantart decided to delete it, the reason escapes me as an artist cannot even show his own work here ......STRANGE !!!
Hope you like this one as well !!
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Super awesome!
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Awesome!!! I Love it!!!
Wonderful Image!!
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Awesome, these ships are the best, NO BUTTONS.

The days when a ship was only as good as her crew.
Art-By-Mel-DA's avatar
Your work has been featured here. [link] If you want it removed, please let me know. :)
farenellphoto-part2's avatar
This is pretty cool.

For some reason it kinda reminds me of those French Impressionistic painting of the battle of "the Keersage VS the Alabama."
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I saw this and my eyes lit up!
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I love this piece, but one thing caught my eye... the 2 ships are both British ships of the Line, and they're shooting

I know that the flag is non british on the other ship, but the ship's model and design is a british one:D
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I remember seeing this at Daz, I thought it was amazing then but obviously couldnt comment there. Looks more like a classical painting than bryce creation ...faultless.
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nice image, great postwork too albeit the splases in the right side are a bit weaker
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Very nice, I did see that image you mentioned in DAZ previously, I saw this and went "Hmm this looks similar I wonder if its the same person" and it was!
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OMG you made my day HUZZAh the water is so real :O
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AMAZING!! :wow: I've never seen such a movement in a sailing/fighting picture before, this really stands out. Only question is: why are they fighting against each other? :laughing: It appears that both are from the same navy... :paranoid: Aah, doesn't matter at all. :+fav:! :clap: :highfive:
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use the force and kick major ass but really this one is so cool I am just starting to pick up 3D Max and well ya you kick my ass keep up the fantastic work and I will just try to figure out the hair and fur modifier
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could u make a tutorial on this? it rocks!!!
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You did that with BRYCE?!? Man, boy did I underrate that program... brilliant work, absolutely beautiful.
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One of the few digital pieces in my fav's! Being land-locked these days, this shot makes me desperately miss the New England coastline!
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This work really highlights the slim chances of survival in past naval wars. An amazing work - well done indeed.
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Truly stunning. I'm just starting in Bryce and I am amazed at the complexity of this. Wonderful :clap:
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A+M+A+Z+I+N+G WORK! i love those water effects:)
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This is a fantastic piece of art. Very well done.
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