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3rd brush pack - '13'


titled 13 after a good friend, no hes not dead, hes just awsome, kind aliek this brush pack

with over 40(!) different brushes, and a range of very flexable options (achived by not putting exesive detail into some of them giving the ability to almost make new brushes with them in the image itself*)

*dont use these in any other brush pack and all that other T+C

feel free to use freely for non-profit art work (such as wallpapers, sigs etc) if you wish to use for profit then please contact me and we'll try and arange something.

hae fun and share with all the people you know =D

(feel free to use the sample image as your wallpaper)

(i should also be releasing an image pack for people using older versions of photoshop or gimp etc)

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Definitely going to have to try out this brush pack; and totally using this as my wallpaper XD
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I'm kind of confused. I downloaded them succesfully, and clicked "open with Photoshop Elements 6" but I dont know how to use them..
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You have to put them into the brushes folder.
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very creative......nice brush!!
NuclearBlasshole's avatar
Hiya! I have Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended, but i don't know how to open your file which i downloaded, can you please give me some directions.. :C
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I will remove if not wished to be submitted any longer, used here Aishiteru. :D They rock alright!
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Really good work!
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looks so unique and kickass. I can't wait to try these out!
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i often try to combine all the things i like and make something new, like with these brushes, i once did a piece (before i started making my own brushes) using just about every style of brush there is, from smudge to vector to grunge and abstract. its all about how you use it. anything will work if you use it well.

don't be afraid to show me what you have with them, i really like to see what people can do with them =D

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-finally returns from a hellish real life-..
ok redownloading, and gathering pieces together. Will let you know once i've use the brushes..-smiles-
looks awesome thanks :D
PD-Photography's avatar
These look well kool, im gona definatley experiment with these XD

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cool, im looking foward to see what people can do with them =)

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How low of a version can this go down? =O
I love them.
pjb21's avatar
i dont understand your first statement o0 sorry

but good to hear you liek them =D

also thanks for the :+fav: =)

He means that he has CS2 or under, and wondering if they'll work. Well, when woopidoo tried they did, on your first one?
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it works in all of the CS versions of photoshop, but ill soon (hopefuly) be uploading an image pack containing all the brushes so people with older versions or different software can also use them =D

Looks nice, I wish I could convert them, actually, can you change the files to png for each one and I'll convert them. This is your best brush set by far.
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thanks, yeah im planning to upload an image pack of them all soon, however im very busy at present with alot of big essays due in in a short space of time, argh.

oh and thansk for the :+fav: =)

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