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Ben 10 Artwork-Stellarfire (final version)

Location  Outer space
This is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Tamaranean from the planet Tamaran. I hired the artist 'leonardovincent' to draw this commission.

Species: Tamaranean/Tamaranian

Home World: Tamaran

DNA Source: Starfire/Princess Koriand'r (DC Comics)


He appears as a tall and muscular orange-skinned humanoid male with
 small eyebrows, green eyes with light-green sclera's (or in other words, the whites of his eyes are colored light-green), spikey fiery auburn hair, wears an Omnitrix suit like Omniverse Diamondhead which consists of clothing that is all black with one large green stripe down the middle up to his belt, wears black pants, he has a green belt with white stripes on which he wears the Omnitrix symbol and he wears black shoes with green on the bottom. When he is using his abilities in full force, his eyes glow bright green with no visible pupils and his hair seems to glow and react like fire. However, this is simply an illusion. As a Tamaranean, he has an alien physiology, which includes a long violet tongue and nine stomachs, probably for storing food during meager times.

Powers and Abilities:

Tamaranean Physiology: Stellarfire's powers are largely derived from his alien physiology; his body constantly absorbs ultraviolet radiation and converts it to energy, which can be used for a variety of purposes.

Enhanced Strength: Stellarfire 
is superhumanly strong and was capable of stopping and holding up an elevator containing both Jason Todd and the obese Suzie Su. The uppermost level of his strength is not known as yet, but it is well over the level of Cyborg's strength who can lift/press at least 15 tons. He is shown over four times stronger than Cyborg himself since once he was seen effortlessly lifting with a single hand twice as much as what Cyborg struggled to with both hands. According to himself, he is able to use his enhanced strength by using a feeling called boundless confidence.

Enhanced Durability/Semi-Invulnerability: Stellarfire 
is so durable, he can resist the vacuum of space.

Enhanced Endurance: Stellarfire 
has supreme physical endurance; capable of surviving the most severe of snowstorms, but eventually it wears down his endurance.

Enhanced Stamina: Stellarfire can remain awake for long days at a time before tiring out.

Enhanced Agility/Reflexes: Stellarfire possesses highly advanced agility and reflexes. His natural fighting skills are much greater when in conjunction with his superhuman reflexes, durability, and agility. He is able to remain awake and battle endlessly for several hours.

Enhanced Speed: Stellarfire can fly faster than light. He is fast enough to cross several solar systems in minutes to seconds.

Enhanced Metabolism: Stellarfire 
has nine stomachs, this gives him a huge appetite.

Enhanced Vision: Due to his alien physiology, Stellarfire has better eyesight than the human race.

Ultraviolet Energy Projection: Stellarfire 
can project his 'Starbolts' at his opponents in a variety of ways. The energy is burning hot and melts or destroys most metal objects and skin. It is unknown where this energy comes from. He can also absorb the myriad radiation types from other life forms. His species being powered by the Ultraviolet radiology given by stars and suns. He once used this application of his power to weaken a group of Kryptonians who otherwise required solar radiation to maintain their superhuman abilities. As a result of Kory being experimented on, Stellarfire can project incredibly powerful bright green-colored energy from his hands, activated by righteous fury. His energy attacks produce both thermal energy and highly explosive results on contact. He can augment the effectiveness of his punches by surrounding his hands in energy, and he can also use this method to weld or carefully burn through obstacles with contact from his hands. A chiming sound is heard when using his star bolts.

The solar absorption experiments performed on Starfire by the alien Psions which granted his the amazing power to channel and project that same energy into destructive blasts called "starbolts," Stellarfire has inherited this power from Kory. Hyperion described Starbolts as highly concentrated solar energy that possessed incredible power. Stellarfire also has the power and ability to unleash all his stored energy into a pseudo-nova blast. It is believed to be as hot as the sun itself, and so is only used in dire situations. Stellarfire mainly discharges circular bolts of pure radioactive energy, which are usually launched as thrown circular projectiles.

Starbolt Waves: He is
 also able to shoot this energy in the form of waves from his hands.

Starbolt Shields: He 
is also able to shoot his energy in the form of powerful and large blasts from his hands.

Starblasts: Stellarfire 
is also able to shoot his energy in the form of powerful and large blasts from his hands.

Laser-Eye Beams/Starbolt Eye-Beams: After going through the Tamaranean version of puberty (a process referred to as "the Transformation"), Stellarfire gained the highly useful ability to emit beams of his bright green energy from his eyes. Though not as destructive as his regular star bolts, these beams can be fired continuously in a steady stream, are more precise in direction, and also give his the element of surprise for when his hands are restrained. They seem to be slightly larger than Blackfire's laser eye-beams.

FTL Flight: Stellarfire possesses a flight capability via using his energy to push himself through the sky, when he flies he leaves a distinctive green energy contrail behind, looking as if it is coming directly from his hair. By feeling unbridled joy, Stellarfire can achieve wingless flight under his own willpower and become faster than light itself. In space, he can travel at nearly light speed, and his superhuman strength is not diminished when airborne.

Interstellar Travel: Stellarfire has flown light years through space in a short amount of time.

Vacuum Adaptation: Stellarfire 
can survive in the endless vacuum of outer space without the need of a spacesuit, as he can breathe and move normally in space.

Self-Sustenance: Stellarfire can go days without air or nourishment but he has limits.

Radiation Immunity: Stellarfire 
is naturally immune to high levels of radiation.

Immunity to Intense Heat and Cold: Temperatures have little to no effect on Stellarfire, he can travel in freezing snow storms without protective gear.

Extended Longevity: His species possesses a longer lifespan than humans.

Decelerated Aging: He ages slower than humans due to his alien physiology.

Linguistic Assimilation/Language Simulation (via lip contact): Stellarfire 
is capable of assimilating other languages through physical contact with another person. He usually chooses to use this power in the form of a kiss.

Prehensile Tongue: Stellarfire has a long violet tongue.


Temper: Causes massive damage while losing his temper. (Can be a positive in 1v1)

Vulnerability to Metallic Chromium: Stellarfire, like many Tamaraneans, is allergic to metallic chromium. It gives him flu-like symptoms, and when he sneezes, he unleashes explosive star bolts out of his nose and mouth. Also, his powers are largely affected by how she feels, as Robin learns; if he is feeling down or confused, his abilities become severely diminished.

Vulnerability to Starbolts: Like all Tamaraneans, he is not immune to his own energy blasts.

Vulnerability to Extreme Temperatures: Despite being able to survive in the cold vacuum of space, Stellarfire is vulnerable to snowy climates and will succumb to their bitter temperatures over time.

Limited Space Survivability: Using his self-sustenance and resistance to extreme temperatures takes a lot of energy so he can't survive forever in space.

Dependency on Emotions: Like all Tamaraneans, Stellarfire's powers are controlled by emotion. If he has certain feelings, he can't use his powers. For example, when he is mad at someone, he is unable to fly temporarily. Also, he is unable to use star bolts or fly for a while if he can't feel the joy or anger needed to use them.

Lack of Oxygen: He also does need to breathe though his self-sustenance can delay that for a while.



His name comes from "stellar," which means relating to a star or stars, referencing his star-like powers, and "fire," referencing his flame-like hair and heat-based abilities.


-He is basically a male version of Starfire.

powers, like Raven's, are fueled by his emotions. As such, his power is determined by his emotional state. But the difference is that he freely expresses himself to gain the power, while Raven needs to keep her emotions in check without completely suppressing them.

In the early DC comics, his race were descendants of cat-like creatures.

is allergic to metallic chromium, (allergies to chromium are very common in Tamaran).

According to Stellarfire, Tamaran's folk song consists mostly of screaming, which annoys everyone to no end.

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How about a DC New God transformation or a Seven Deadly Sins anime demon clan transformation?

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I've got Darkseid as a New God Form. I'll think about the demon.

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is this the 5yl alien we dont know or your own alien

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He's brighter than any Sun!
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