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Mating Dance (Tokoyami Fumikage x Reader)
"Here we have the stoic Tokoyami Fumikage in its natural habitat. After a long week of overall aloofness and 'revelry in the dark,' the Tokoyami Fumikage may sleep for hours on end, letting down its guard in the safety of its nest." Biting your lip against the giggles that threatened to escape, you zoomed in on your boyfriend's sleeping face. He was so cute when he was sleeping, you couldn't resist filling up your phone storage with pictures and video of him.
All week, you had been putting together a sort of nature documentary on Tokoyami. Without him realizing it, you had taken videos of him eating, sparring, even just taking notes. You didn't know what you were going to do with it later but it sure was cute to see his face light up over and over again on video as he ate his favorite food, his black feathers fluffing up a little in contentment.
He would probably think you were a creep for doing this, but you couldn't help yourself! Your boyfriend was a cute little birb boy, how could
:iconlordsister:LordSister 159 25





Hello! I’m sorry to say this but before you press that “Watch” button. 

I do not draw Steven Universe much anymore! 

The show is coming to an end soon and I have had my fill of SU fanart. 

I do not hate Steven Universe, it just gets boring drawing the same content all the time.
Whoa! I lost 20 follows on DA! Was it because of the All Might Pillow? Jeez so sensitive XD it wasn’t even explicit. 
One more announcement!
I am making a Dakimakuro! Lol Don’t worry! It’s not an NSFW one! I can’t handle drawing that. It’s a new product that I’m hoping it sells well so I can save up to move out in a year or two.

Can you guess what character I’ll be drawing? ;3
All commissions and most Five Nights at Freddy’s artwork will be moved to the scarp section of my gallery! ^^

Thank you and have a great week!
There are 3 commission slots left! For Summer commissions! ^^
Let me know when you guys get tired of me uploading my Steven Universe fanart lol
Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posting! College is taking up my time more and more everyday but I try to fit doodles and keychains to help support myself on payments and school supplies!

I do update more on Instagram though! Some doodles and projects here and there! Just to be updated check it out!


Look for the Blue and yellow hair dog with a vinyl record icon ^^

1/15/17 EDIT : Thanks for coming!
Ya know what XD I'll just be streaming all day until 3:00pm! except I'll have to take a break for lunch :3 I'll be working on commissions while listening to random music. Hope to see ya there! ;3


7/20/2016 EDIT: Live Now! Here is the link to the live stream! 
PizzaPupper LIVE

EDIT: Okay, so my computer is having a fit, I'm sorry I have to move the stream to 10pm. I'm so sorry for the delays.

EDIT: Due to some people not being able to attend the Stream and that my family member needs my computer for a job , I'm moving the Live Stream to tomorrow on Wed 20th at 7:00pm instead!

 I haven't been drawing for a while due to college, volunteer work and fafsa stuff, and I would very much like to get back in the groove of drawing. I might even sketch up some of the commissions I have lined up! Also I might take some suggestions if yall have any ;D

Here is the link to the live stream! 
PizzaPupper LIVE

 Music Playlist! 

A whole bunch of Michael Jackson's songs
A dash of Phil Collins
Some anime (because I still have a love for it)
2-3 Mystery Skulls songs
and few random movie songs here and there
  • Listening to: Earth, Wind, and Fire-September
  • Reading: Slash Hack/ VS. Chucky Comic
  • Watching: Child's Play Series
  • Playing: X
  • Eating: Hazelnut Chocolate Bar
  • Drinking: Water Jar


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Hello!! I don't want to bother you, but I need to tell you that!! I have a friend that lives in an abusive home, she need help… It doesn't need to be money, my friend has a Youtube channel, any subscriber will help a lot because she really needs it to prove her abusive parents they are wrong! Just help her please!! You don't need to watch every video, just subscribe in her channel:…

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Thank you for the fave! Have a wonderful day!^^
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Aa your art is absolutely amazing! It was so awesome seein ya at the art festival, and I actually purchased the last cut Keith sticker :)
Hope you have a wonderful day!
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AkitheShinigami Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2018
I was wandering the SU tags around here and got really interested in commissioning you sometime in the near future, but... Now I'm just having a giggle cause I only just now realized you watch me!

In short: hello there!! I love your SU art and I hope to commission you sometime in the near future~ Thanks for watching me!
GabyCoutino Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice gallery

Have a bunny
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