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PS: The Sun (Masquerade Costume Meme - Oliver)

"Join us!" Madame Circe takes my hand, and smiles.

I spring up from my spot in the benches and follow her lead. I can barely breathe, dear Dialga. I trip several times the way down, but I'm too happy to feel embarrassed about it. I can feel my heart beating faster, the air around me becoming cooler. Of all of the many people inside, it's me. It's me at the center. It's me who's the star. I try to tighten my grip around Madame Circe's hand to keep myself steady from it all.

But she's a few feet away from me now, addressing the rest of the audience. "And now, invités, do lay your eyes on our kind volunteer!"

Being one to never miss out on the fun, Oliver dons this to the Cirque. After being on this island for nearly a year, Oliver finally thinks it's okay for him to wear a feminine outfit, including a skirt. (He really likes the way women's clothes feel on him more than men's.) He bought most of the outfit at boutiques and tailors, but the skirt he brought with him when he left for the island. Just, well, in case he could wear it. Like now.

He's enjoying all it has to offer, following nearly all of the performances with ease, gorging himself on sweets and pastries, and playing the games. He hopes that no one would bother him about his clothes, and that there would be nothing to suspect about this celebration.

Brushes Used:
9 Fire brushes by Resource42 (Terms Of Use In Description)
Steampunk Photoshop Brushes by hannarb (Terms Of Use In Description)
Gears Brushes Set 1 by FairyFindings (Terms Of Use In Descriptiom)

Posted on 10/22/14 PHT

Oliver Phillips The Meowth - Me, fluf-studios, Alex R.
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Cirque du Soleil. Amazing.
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Is it Raq skirt?
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(scratches eyes) Ollie is that you? O_O
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Oliver: //snorts// Yeah, it's me.
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Sanity before Reliability?
Drydell-da-Vinci's avatar
...maybe? What are you doing here? XD
AaronFireBird1's avatar
WEll there was a new alert for drawings (you know that orange like box next to comment alerts) so i check it out and found you here
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Wow, okay XD did not know that >~>
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