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Cheerilee's Gmod Ponies for Blender Ver. 2.0



UPDATE: Rarity is now available for download! (Public Beta, of course) Download it at my new account!


Cheerilee's Gmod Ponies Blender Port (Version 2.0)

Original models by:

UGH I was FINALLY able to port the rest of the ponies for use in Blender! Version 2.0 now includes Derpy, Trixie, Lyra, Bonbon and Princess Luna! The newly ported ponies are in a separate .blend file. Enjoy this pony collection! A rigged version is in the making!

Release Notes
(Version 2.0) Additional Ponies!
-Derpy, Trixie, Lyra, BonBon and Luna added!
-The new ponies are in a separate .blend file due to Blender crashing all time when packing
everything in the .blend file.

(Version 1.1.1) Bug Fixes
-Everything from the 1.1 release rolls over to the 1.1.1 release
-Fixed texture map on Fluttershy
-Additional minor texture map fixes for other ponies.

(Version 1.1) Never Released
-Princess Celestia added!
-Organized material names by their corresponding meshes.
-Added color to the tongue and teeth meshes for everypony.

(Version 1.0)
-Initial release.
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Thanks! for this gem!

(For the animals that can't see the texture LOL : fast tutorial-> If you can't see the Shader go top where is the + symbol, select shader.

on the window at right of your menu, click Use Nodes. when appear principled BSDF and material outpu, move your cursor in the free space and perform : Shif + A (or click on Add ) search and find : Immage Texture and select it! Link yellow color dot with Base color dot.

On the left of the Immage texure where is a triangle and a sphere symbol click on it, then find the exacly name of the material you use at that moment (for exemple if u do an applejack_body material you need to find applejack_body in immage texture as well) do it for all parts of you ponies. Then, toss a like to your Kanako-tan lol ^ w ^ )