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I wasn't fully prepared when I decided to travel.
I didn't know how to speak other languages, and I didn't even have a Mini.
I guess I just wanted to be independent and figure things out as I went along.

But ever since I met Lily out in that open field,
I realized how much fun it was to travel with someone else, right alongside you.
We didn't understand each other at first, but we closed the gap and got closer with each adventure we had.

Lily is one of my biggest inspirations. I don't know where I be without her.
Sometimes, I don't know if I do the right things, but she's always there to smile and tell me that I'm doing great.
She just has this magnetic personality- one thing that makes her both an amazing dancer and a fantastic Mini Trainer.

Aside from that, Lily seems to just excel at anything she puts her mind to.
Even with Sear, a Mini made of lava, Lily found a way to get close to her.
When one Mini became more than a dozen, Lily worked through the stress to take charge as a leader.

Lily doesn't let words slow her down, and she always finds the strength to say what's on her mind.
She's certainly not afraid to give me a few choice words when I'm going a little crazy.
But her words always come from a place of sincerity, helping me and others grow as people.

The biggest treasure in my life is her smile, and nothing makes me happier than supporting that smile.
Its so satisfying to see her smile when she enjoys my cooking,
and waking up to it fills me with this boundless energy.

Our hands are full with the responsibility of caring for Minis and maintaining our jobs as dancers,
but when everything's done and when we're finally alone,
having Lily in my arms makes every single thing worth it.

A summation of Lily and Alesha's relationship from Alesha's point of view.
I might do more like these, hopefully soon.

Lily belongs to :iconhungryscorpion:
© 2020 PizzaBurgers
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