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Point of View: Jasmine


Growing up, I knew I could always rely on my looks and smarts to get what I wanted.
That's not just me bragging; for a while, that's just how life was for me.
I couldn't complain. I had the charm, the confidence, the family. Everything was perfect.

But here's the thing about perfection: while it does exist, it doesn't last forever.
Perfection is finite. Sooner or later, this one perfect thing will have a flaw.
I found myself realizing that when a certain Mini named Desidee came into my life.

Desidee is a walking contradiction- the gray between white and black, the rhetorical question with no real answer.
She was born as both an embodiment of Humility and Lust. A Virtue and a Sin. 
Minis representing either side of the morality spectrum are actually really common, but no one is quite like her.

 What you had with Desidee was a humble, imperfect kind of girl who didn't know what to do with her less-than-innocent thoughts.
And that uncertainty uncontrollably manifested in the form of this immense aura,
ushering in lecherous thoughts that you wish weren't yours.

Whenever I was around Desidee...that perfection of mine slowly began to crumble.
My legs tangled when I approached her. My decorated vocabulary was reduced to tiny, useless words.
And when I left her side, I couldn't go one second without thinking how badly I wanted her.

They say this is how you feel when you fall in love, but I didn't think that was the case for me.
These were just temporary feelings pushed onto me from someone who couldn't control them, right?
Well it was for a while...but not anymore.

I can now say with confidence that these feelings are my own.
Desidee learned how to control her powers before I even realized it, so I can't really blame her for making me feel like this.
At least, its not entirely her fault for turning me into a total goofball.

I always wondered what attracted me to Desidee the most. Was it how she's so shy, sweet, and just so unbelievably dorky?
Or is it that not-so-hidden kinkiness that really comes out when she decides to show it?
Call me corny but...its a little bit of both. We're both unconventional, and I appreciate that.

So am I as perfect as I thought I was? Well no- but I've got plenty to be proud of.
 I still have the charm, the confidence, and the family that's bought me to where I am today.
But now there's another thing I'm proud of: being in a relationship with such a wonderful Mini
who only continues to open my eyes and show me new things. 
This was strangely hard to make.
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