A Prideful Promotion

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In the middle of a park, a certain foxlike Mini could be seen making something of a commotion.
It was Pride, who was proudly showing off her baby bump, all while advertising...something.
As the parkgoers went along their usual routes, they could hear the Deadly Sin Mini bark out her sales' pitch.

"Come one, come all! Feast your eyes on this lovely form, and receive the honor of a lifetime!"
Pride called out, strutting back and forth.
"This is a limited time offer, so don't be shy! Obtain your destiny while you still can!"

Her Trainer Maya eventually arrived to the scene, hearing what Pride was doing. 
With a sigh, she approached Pride and glanced at some of the bystanders.
"What's all this?" Maya asked.

"Maya!" Pride turned to Maya, grinning.
"I was possessed by the most marvelous idea!"

"I heard you were selling something. It better not be something weird.",
Maya hoped.

"I'm advertising only the highest honor anyone in this day and age could receive!"
Pride gently placed a hand on her stomach as she said this.
"A chance to rub the royal belly for a lifetime of good fortune!~"

"There it is...", Maya lamented, pinching the area between her eyes.
"Look, Pride-"

"Now, before you say anything, this is tamer than anything I've ever done.
I'm being very humble with my offer!", 
the Mini promised.

Maya was almost afraid to ask this next question.
"So how much is one rub?"

"Eight hundred dollars."

Maya ran her fingers through her scalp, soon getting into Pride's face with gritted teeth.
"What the h*** are you doing!?"

"Maya! I told everyone it's for a good cause. You're hoping to raise enough money for your dream, right?"
Pride then pulled out a rather bloated stack of dollar bills, shuffling through them with a smirk.
"Besides, I'm being very generous. Me and my little one are worth FAR more than mere hundreds, after all.~"

Maya didn't know who was carrying that much money, or what kind of person they were to spend such an amount on something like this.
But if she didn't do something soon, they were bound to get into trouble. 
As Pride continued to shuffle through her "earnings", Maya yanked her by the tail and proceeded to walk off.

"OWH! Maya, what's gotten into you!?", the Mini cried out as she was tugged along. 

Maya shut her eyes.
"You HAVE a job already. Don't accept money from weirdos again."

So yeah...after collecting some souls from Aphorodite, Pride's pregnant now.
She might be a bit too excited about this...

Aphrodite belongs to :iconcybeast24:
© 2020 PizzaBurgers
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Uh-oh. We about to get some pride babies.
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PizzaBurgersHobbyist General Artist
Oh God they're multiplying
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Cybeast24Hobbyist General Artist
Sad part is, I can totally see this happening! XD And I can just tell Violet would be happy with Maya's response..... Although she'd probably be worried about Maya yanking on her tail like so. But hey, at least it's funny! XD
PizzaBurgers's avatar
PizzaBurgersHobbyist General Artist
Maya has to step in and show Pride who's boss at times like this...even though she hasn't really gotten rid of the eight-hundred or so dollars Pride managed to bag in a day. :P
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Cybeast24Hobbyist General Artist
Of course not, money is money after all! Even if it was gained through somewhat dubious means. But now I'm wondering If the two of them still fuse together sometimes?
PizzaBurgers's avatar
PizzaBurgersHobbyist General Artist
Pride and Maya? They actually haven't before. Maya's a bit worried about what she'd become, even if she knows that she and Pride have actually gotten close.
But they might one day. It might even be for the better!
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Cybeast24Hobbyist General Artist
Oh? I see, i remember them fusing during the RP that lead to Pride getting to her third stage and learning about empathy and that It's been a while since then. So I was just curious If Prideful Maya has been a thing since then.
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PizzaBurgersHobbyist General Artist
Oh, Pride's certainly learned what empathy's like. Its not like Maya doesn't trust Pride- after all, she lets her freely roam like this ^ without anyone needing to watch her. Maya just doesn't trust herself enough to keep control under her influence. But perhaps she can trust Pride into not making them go too far.
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Cybeast24Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, that's fair, But at least there's always the option. Plus she still has Joan to help pull her back if necessary. That'd be an interesting three way fusion to see!
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PizzaBurgersHobbyist General Artist
True! Maybe it can start with Amour and Maya, then Joan lets go and leaves Pride alone with Maya in the fusion.
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