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It's been calm

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Sorry for the lack of content. With my job taking up a lot of my time I haven't been able to post some art nor create any new ones. BUT GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I have learned to draw faster amd better on mh phone so I hope I make everyone proud with my upcoming stuff!!!

Anyway, for now, please enjoy this sad prince.
If anyone is wondering why he has short hair is sad or a bunch of other things hit me up or leave a comment! I miss talkin' to ya'll!

Imani belongs to me.
Please do not post on any site/copy/crop this in any way. Thank you!
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I really like the combination of lines and painterly shading!
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Ah thank you so much! It's just basically me being too lazy to blend it all together haha!
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Ooh did he get a haircut or something? :3 it's quite nice actually
Wow and those eyes :eyes: beautiful
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hahah yeh, after his adventure or maybe while on his adventure he couldn't keep his gorgeous hair so he had to get rid of it, it grows back dont worry lol
thank you so much UwU
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Awww I see.....but why?
Oh yes haha it'll grow back for sure
You're welcome! ;u;
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rough times, very rough times. he sort of changed his attitude towards life, didnt care so much about the way he looked towards the end of the adventure. the cockiness in him sorta wasnt gone really but it was calmer in a way. He changed so much when he went on that adventure
I really hope to show more art of him after his adventure. Ive been drawing more of it lately.

Hope you enjoy it soon!
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Oooh I see I see....interesting. It sounds like he grew more humble...
Yeah that'd be neat to see ^^
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yes, definitely more humble, actually, he just became humble. he was a jerk lollll
but yessss i cant wait to post my WIP at least!!!!
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He's super pretty and I love the detail you put into the eyes
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