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I love how they look at each other!
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Flirty eyes… :flirty:
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The last 2 panels r cuuuute
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I love the last two panels! 
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nah BEAST BOY AND TERRA. raven was to........ raven HE THOUGH SHE HAD BAD ASS POWERS. In the orignal not some of this retarted go crap
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While I like the look in his eyes like 'well... what are you thinking?', the look in hers worries me because it comes across as 'maybe I should already give this up before it's even started?'; damn, even knowing that they get together to have three awesome kids, you definitely know how to keep the suspense up and follow along well with the original show. Really great job here, as always.
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Thank you very much my dear! :la:
I'm glad to hear you still like where this is going. <3
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How could I not enjoy it, when you've paired together the biggest attitude problem with the proverbial peter-pan type; best pair from the show, in my opinion.
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mirandazworldStudent General Artist
I love this so much !
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Thank you! Moar will come soon! :eager:
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Thankies my dear <3 xD
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AASMITH1294Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Now this really is looking like a difficult task for BB and Rae! Keeping their relationship a secret from their friends isn't looking easy and you can really see it in the way they try to avoid talking about what happened the past night... And that look they give each other in the final two panels is unbelievably tense! :la:

So amazing to see another excellent page from you Pi! So sorry I didn't comment earlier, I have been quite busy. XD I love how BB is trying to get Cyborg off his case but Cy knows something is up. That devious look on his face is perfect and it's so funny watching BB's reaction.

It's different seeing you do Raven with her good but like you always do with her, she looks fantastic! You really capture the character there, especially with the herbal tea request there! XD

All the characters look amazing and it's great to see Starfire looking cheery again after he hangover of doom! XD The interactions between the Titans was always my favourite part of the original series and you nail it in all the right ways! They all look perfect and the colour and dialogue gives them so much life!

The highlight panel for me? Without doubt the last one. The absence of words and use of expressions and eyes is something you do so well! It was one of the best things about COHP and every other Child of comic and it's the same here! The calm yet brooding look in Raven's eye with BB's works so well and really illustrates the tension between them as they hide their secret! :D

I love how this page shows this and gives us reader a preview of what to expect and how the pair will handle this! It's going to be tense and leave readers stunned I'm sure! :D

Another excellent page from you Pi! I look forward to what happens next! Hope you've been well and have a great week Pi!!! :glomp:

All the best Pi!!! :D
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Smithy~~! No problem.. I am the one who always answers late, so don't worry. x'D
Life is busy busy and gets more busy the older you get ^^"
Thank you so much <33! Oh well, so glad to hear they sound and act like they should. Of course I'm watching TT again at the moment for the sake of this comic.. but sometimes I have to think long about their expressions and their dialouges though. I really want to show them the way they are.. >.<"
Have a great weekend my dear! *.*

Moar will come.. :glomp:
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chiappleHobbyist General Artist
Weeeell, yeah... that's awkward xD hahaha

Love those exchange of looks, it really builds up the tension between them and Rae's hood up gives a great effect too; gotta admitted that since you almost always draw her without it, I almost forgot she actually tends to have her hood up xD Aaand all the others seem so oblivious, but I'm sure Robin will notice those looks BB and Rae are sharing. Even if he's like... super dense, he's only like that with himself and Star, but he's pretty perceptive when it's about Rae...

Well, gotta wait a bit for my theory to be proven, hoho xD In the meantime, Star you're looking a bit better now, you totally needed some food!
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Njahahaha, super awkward <3 xD
Well yay Chia-chan. <3 Since I really enjoy drawing Raes hair.. I really did ignore the hood-thing most of the time in the past..xD
But I thought it would be fitting here now ^.^
Nihi.. we will see which titand will be the first one to know! xD So your bet is on Robin.. ~
Also nice you noticed Star is feelin a liiiiiitle better now! x'D

Moar will come soon <3
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DGorsh19Student Digital Artist
Tension, tension, tension. Seems the be a theme of this page, and of this comic so far.

It seems like every time you draw Cyborg, you seem to get better and better at drawing him. All of those little details with the robotic aspects of him must be a killer to draw. You're really starting to get all of them down though. Ah, Beast Boy being Beast Boy, trying to talk himself out of this situation. I love Cyborg, just trying to keep poking fun at Beast Boy. I have to agree with every one here, it seems a little weird seeing you draw Raven with her hood up, but I still love the way you draw her. Starfire, I just love her bubbly personality. It seems as if Raven always has some herbal tea after some kind of stressful situation. I've never really had tea before, and times I've had some, it tasted awful. I guess it's a really good stress reliever. And that last panel. I love this secret relationship that they have. I still want to believe that it has to do with her emotions and her powers, but I guess we'll find out next time. Another great page Pi-Chan, and I can't wait to see what happens next. Have a good one as always! :glomp:

Peace! :peace:
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Yup yup, Gorsh-kun. The tension is building up! xD
And yeah.. the thing with Ravens hood.. I really enjoy drawing her hair, that's why I  didn't draw her with her hood up that much in the past.
But I thought it would be more fitting here... maybe a part of her just don't want to be seen in this super-awkward situation..xD
Thank you so much my dear :glomp:

More will come soon :flirty:
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