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Lovers Paradox - Page 14
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Published: January 24, 2016
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So late~~~!!! I know, I know. :3
So sorry! It's been a stressful time again.

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Watch out, pizet. Robin's gloves are more long
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I Need to draw him more often I guess xD
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Starfire should be glad Beast Boy didn't go all out on 'destructive' part.
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chiappleHobbyist General Artist
AAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNDDDDDDD this is getting weird xD BB, I can't call you a green monster bc you're... well... GREEN, but yOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! He's so painfully jealous that I want to punch him in da face. Duuude, Rae kissed YOU, not Adonis... stop being so insecure (well, it doesn't help that they haven't talked through all this "we kissed what do we do now what are we now" but welp)

And I'm sure Robin is going to notice their behavious. I mean, he already did and he's like a brother for Rae and BROTHERS KNOW. And Star and Cy are so oblivious and doesn't notice anything... they're precious cinnamon rolls :( too pure for this world (even tho they're the kind that can kill you ^^; )
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Cinnamons <33

Kihi - jup! BB is totally confused and really annoyed by this whole Adonis flirting with Rae thing. ^^;
Just like you said.. it doesn't help that she refuses to talk to him about what happend. <<"
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Goody-II-ShoesHobbyist General Artist
Omg the last panels really give me chills 0.0 Seeing Robin and Raven looking calm and collect is nothing new, but with BB there it just gives me oh shit moment 0_0 And boy Raven really doesn't understand that Adonis is flirting with her haha that's why we got Beast Boy here to be her archer heh. Nice work on Robin's and BB's muscles ooh I can stare at them all day *wolf whistles* Great work on this page Pizet-senpai!
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Nope, Rae-rae doesn't really notice the flirting from Adonis.. xD
Kihi, thanks my dear! ^-^
Smexy BB for all!!! :la:
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Goody-II-ShoesHobbyist General Artist
Haha yeah and you're welcome ^^
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Beast Boy does not like the flirting!
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MiiuKattHobbyist General Artist
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LeoraPhthaloHobbyist General Artist
Ohhhh, BB you don't need to be jealous of Adonis... Your little finger is a better man than he is Hug Don't worry BB!!! 
Awww, but this story is just soooo perfect Happy cry (Tears of joy)  *wipes tears from eyes*
Looking forward to the next page -Leo
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Thank you very much, I'm happy you like it ^^
Moar will come!
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PookElucyStudent Traditional Artist
OH HO HO HO~!!!! Somebody is jealooouuussss!!!!! 

.....I love it... Lol
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Hehe, totally <3
Thanks my dear!
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LovetribableStudent General Artist
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Lecter-the-MuHobbyist General Artist
So how long until the rest of the team figures out what's going on ;)
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Hehe.. *detective mode on*
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