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I was asked about some Japanese language questions.
I am glad that you are interested in Japan and  Japanese language.
I knew that the tattoos of the kanji were popular from the website.
And I knew that a lot of wrong kanjis were used.

The example of the tattoo of the wrong kanji.

巨乳 →× pretty woman. ○ large breasts

放火魔 →× firefighter. ○ pyromaniac.

不景気 →× Bad words to feel cool. ○ a recession; a depression; a slump

冷 →× cool. ○ Temperature is low.

If you want the tattoo of the kanji,You should talk with the Japanese or Chinese.

I introduce Japanese 4 characters phrase.and good kanji.

for bad man.

・悪鬼羅刹/あっきらせつ/akki-rasetu.(Terrible devil.悪/Evil,鬼/Japanese devil,like An ogre.)
・吃喝嫖賭/きっかつひょうと/kikkatuhyouto.(Four pleasure.Dainty food,Drinking,woman.Gambling.)
・凶険無道/きょうけんむどう/kyouken-mudou.(A bad act it is wicked, and to betray morality)
・弱肉強食/じゃくにくきょうしょく/jyakuniku-kyousyoku.(The weak man is eaten by a strong man.The weaker goes to the pot.)
・残虐無道/ざんぎゃくむどう/zangyaku-mudou.残虐非道/zangyaku-hidou.(betray morality and cruel)
・傍若無人/ぼうじゃくぶじん/boujyaku-bujin(to be insolent and outrageous.)
・唯我独尊/ゆいがどくそん/yuigadokuson(There is none of the people who are greater than me.)
・冷酷無残/reikoku-muzan/(cold-blooded and  horrible.)


for The person who makes an effort.

・臥薪嘗胆/がしんしょうたん/gashin-syoutan.(struggling against difficulties for the sake of vengeance(or Success))
・七転八起/しちてんはっき,ななころびやおき/shichiten-hakki,nanakorobi-yaoki(I fall down seven times.but I get up eight times. challenge it even if I fail how many times.)
・忍之一字/にんのいちじ/nin-no-itiji(It is patience to need the success.)
・不撓不屈/ふとうふくつ/futou-fukutu(never give up.)
・有言実行/ゆうげんじっこう/yuugen-jikkou.(I carry out what was said to do it by all means.)

for The person who learns martial arts.

・勇猛精進/ゆうもうしょうじん/yuumou-syoujin(train myself bravely)
・勇猛無比/ゆうもうむひ/yuumou-muhi(stronger than anyone)
・勇猛果敢/ゆうもうかかん/yuumou-kakan(strongly and decision)
・疾風迅雷/しっぷうじんらい/shippu-jinrai(as quick as lightning.)
・大胆不敵/だいたんふてき/daitan-futeki.(To be fearless.To have a lot of guts and not be afraid of your enemies)
・明鏡止水/めいきょうしすい/meikyou-shisui(To have a clear mind.A clear and serene mental state.)
・天下無敵/てんかむてき/tenka-muteki.(There is not the enemy who is stronger in this world than me.)
・勇気凛凛/ゆうきりんりん/yuuki-rinrin(confront it bravely.)
・油断大敵/ゆだんたいてき/yudan-taiteki/(The carelessness is an enemy of the maximums.)
・力戦奮闘/りきせんふんとう/rikisen-funtou(fight as hard as possible.)

勇/brave.勝/Victory.不敗/Invincibility.闘志/Fighting spirit.武運/Warrior's Good luck.武/Warrior.忍/Patience.nNinjya is "忍".

The person who likes nature and The person who loves art.

・花鳥風月/かちょうふうげつ/ka- tyou-fu-getu.(花/flower,鳥/bird,風/Wind.月/moon.Beautiful nature,enjoy nature( draw a picture,writing poetry)The Japanese loves nature very much. This four is loved in particular)
・鏡花風月(きょうかふうげつ/kyou-ka-fu-getu(鏡/mirror.花/flower,風/Wind.月/moon.The flower which was reflected in the mirror and The moon which was reflected in the water,you cannot touch them.Catch them for your sensitivity!! or The impression that is not possible for words to feel for art)
悠悠閑適/ゆうゆうかんてき/yuuyuu-kanteki(Calmness and happy.)

for gambler.

・一攫千金/いっかくせんきん/ikkaku-semkin.(fast money /make a fortune at one stroke.)

幸運/Good luck. 福/Fortune.喜/Joy.歓/Joy.

for officer.

・一騎当千/いっきとうせん/ikki-tousen.(host in himself)
・一死報国/いっしほうこく/isshi-houkoku.(dying for one's country(patriotism))
・救国済民/きゅうこくさいみん/kyuukoku-saimin(救国/save a country.済民/save the nation from the pains.)
・義勇任侠/ぎゆうにんきょう/giyuu-ninkyou.(Loyalty and Courage and Chivalrous spirit.)
・驍勇無双/ぎょうゆうむそう/gyouyuu-musou.( brave and bravely)

for police officer.

・勧善懲悪/かんぜんちょうあく/kanzen-tyouaku.(勧善/promote good.懲悪/punish evil)


for odd person.

・奇想天外/きそうてんがい/kisou-tengai.(totally unexpected /out-of-this-world)
・廓然無聖/かくねんむしょう/kakunen-musyou.(realization of the Zen.) sorry,Because it is difficult, I cannot explain these words in English.
・空即是色/くうそくぜしき/kusoku-zeshiki.色即是空/しきそくぜくう/shikisoku-zeku(Teaching of the Buddhism.Every form in reality is empty, and emptiness is the true form.)
・諸行無常/しょぎょうむじょう/syogyou-mujyo.(everything is transient.Everything on the earth changes continuously. Nothing can remain the same.Teaching of the Buddhism.)
・自由闊達/じゆうかったつ/jiyuu-kattatsu.(free and vigorous.)
・大器晩成/たいきばんせい/taiki-bansei.(A late bloomer.People with remarkable talents distinguish themselves later than others.)
・完全無欠/かんぜんむけつ/(Absoluteness/to be perfect.Someone/something is perfect and does not have any faults.)
・行雲流水こううんりゅうすい/kouun-ryuuusui(A cloud moving across the sky and a river running through the land.)


for woman.

・華麗奔放/かれいほんぽう/kareihonpou.( 華麗/splendid.奔放/behave as one pleases.(image:The beautiful woman who annoys a man)
・天真爛漫/てんしんらんまん/tenshin-ranman.(To be simple and innocent.To behave naturally, not caring about appearances.)
・純情可憐/じゅんじょうかれん/jyunjyou-karen.(To be pretty and pure in heart, naive/A pretty ingenue.)

美/beautiful.麗/beautiful.華/flower).華麗/splendid.優/tender,superior.純情/pure in heart.可憐/pretty.秀麗/graceful.美麗/Attractiveness.愛/love.

for manly person.

・気宇壮大/きうそうだい/kiu-soudai.(気宇/Mental attitude.壮大/magnificent.)
・義気凛然/ぎきりんぜん/giki-rinzen(The man whom there is sense of justice, and is brave.)
・英雄豪傑/えいゆうごうけつ/eiyuu-gouketu.(英雄/hero.豪傑/daring hero)
・豪快奔放/ごうかいほんぽう/goukai-honpou.(豪快/daring.奔放/behave as one pleases.)
・獅子奮迅/ししふんじん/shishi-funjin,(like crazy)
・質実剛健/しつじつごうけん/shitsujitu-gouken.(The man who is strong and straightness. )
・竜驤虎視/りゅうじょうこし/ryuujyou-koshi( It rises to the sky like a dragon and glare like a tiger.)

I referred to this website.四文字熟語データバンク/四文字熟語の英訳辞典

My Kanji.

仁/Jin→Consideration,humanity and justice.
義/Gi→Justice from conscience.
礼/Rei→follow a rule.
信/Shin→do not tell a lie,do not doubt the words of another person.
孝/Kou→Take good care of parents
悌/Tei→Brothers get along well.

This is an old Japanese ethical code.
I quote it from
The Greatest Samurai Novel in "Nansou Satomi Hakkenden."

By the way, I was asked by some dA members."Are you really a Japanese?"
I do not understand why I am asked so.
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