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Journal Entry: Tue Dec 4, 2012, 12:49 AM
FAKE REALITY by chryssalis and she was waiting... by tuminka Wish by MissGrib
Is anybody out there? by katiousa15 Intertemporal Endurance by HMissXX Mr. Shell by MaComiX
:thumb340270275: Equilibrio by Nataly1st personality salesman by vuzel
:thumb329683587: Love Rippled Day by Trippy4U

Mature Content

Eternal by ENZZOK

Carpe Diem by SheerHeart Lady Virgin Mary by Whiteparasite Headache by AsyaYordanova
:thumb339368015: Don't leave by Ragdollar

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Journal Entry: Fri Jul 13, 2012, 4:09 AM
Back Home Before Sunset by Hassan9 Hadi koyumuze geri donelim1 by RezzanATAKOL
Only Hope by blue-a Wings by Astranat PREDEFINED by chryssalis
LADY WITH UMBRELLA by renatadomagalska:thumb203401100: Tilpil goes fishing by Silmuen
Ordinary Spaces by thinkingupwards Moon scape by tomsumartin
Hurry, the Storm is Coming by LindelCaine Big Top by Trippy4U
Couple in the storm by illegal-fallen-angel lonely day by VincBlack
Little Wonders by PascalCampion

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Little Feature

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 24, 2012, 5:14 AM
Hello friends.
I would like to apologize that I comment  so little and too late. I still I love your pictures, but I also have many other interests and the days are too short.

Have a nice time.

It's Not You...It's Me by Trippy4U A rainy day by RezzanATAKOL
Nina by mariasvarbova caught up in the magic by mj-magic
Olive by luciekout flakes by Bodghia
The Harlot's Kiss - Bel Ami by LittleSeaSparrow Cafe morning by linhnino
Little Wonders by PascalCampion:thumb283155783:
Panda ride by Ploopie:thumb273762549:
JOKER THE KING by chryssalis Adam Jensen by Silmuen
Sinfully Yours by MayFong Late For Dinner by Mr-Ripley

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Czecho-Slovakia Feature

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 22, 2011, 12:37 AM
I want to introduce to some works by Czech and Slovak artists. We were one country before, and although we divorced, I think that we're still friends.
Czech Republic Stamp by l8 Slovakia Stamp by l8
So take a look if you want.

Susan II by minnui Finally Free by Lissuin Juden by crazyovce
fluff by Bodghia jay by Acrisa rainy by BloodandGasoline
Estelle BW by Skere Dialogue by luciekout
Sirens by hellmet:thumb198300901:
In the dark sky by lonelinka
Roomgirl 2 by Khiria Little lady by firuz7 Lonely... by really-girl
FACEBOOK by jozefmician BW by Momasko
Sleeping grandma by Allerlei Kiss by korzar
DROPLETS by tomsumartin:thumb127547552:
Subway Black and White by voogac:thumb176363405:

Sweet Innocence by Lady-Blueberry study10 by etwoo Took You Long by kinixuki
Lost paradise by merl1ncz The path - old estate by QuintusCassius
Laika by MaComiX starcraft marine: Evil bringer by VitoSs Dragon nebula by Ffey
Other Death by WiiolisRus Bedtime by Eisenrose Akorat by Kyuush
Silence of the forest by Lysandr-a March of the Ancients by callmevargo
AT: my cat by faQy Sun Lion by jrtracey at the bottom by MarkAlarm
Man Overboard by mourri biker dog by Vomajda
China River by Ladic:thumb212992775: Quarry by tomasbrechler
The Tree and The Meadow by Myroman Indian summer by hnedoocko
Timeless by FuujinCZ Blame / detail by evusha
Date by Mirabel-chan Princess 2 by LenkaSimeckova Winnetou and Old Shatterhand by Kazumaki
Inspired by Red by ajinak the light by ryky

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Journal Entry: Thu Apr 14, 2011, 3:11 AM
Hello people, :wave:
I would like to apologize for my quite long absence. I was very busy in my job and  I could not find the energy for DA somehow. Well, now I'll be here more often. I was missing your pictures ... I also want to thank you very much for all your lovely comments, favs and all my new watchers as well. Thank you so much for all.

I would like to ask you for your patience, my messagebox is completely overloaded (10 554 messagess), it will take me some time to reply to all messages. ;)

Have a wonderful spring time, my friends.

PECULIAR AND WONDROUS... by chryssalis Departure by Trippy4U Blue Wings by Lady-Blueberry Journey to the past by RezzanATAKOL:thumb202844657::thumb201674198::thumb202778177: Summer Dreams by MayFong Amelia by Sally-Jackson Feeding the Birds by philippeL Breakfast Time For The Human by LittleSeaSparrow:thumb203703335: Cat Away by Mr-Ripley Happy Meadow by SuliannH My sister is a firestarter by Olivieree:thumb200543831::thumb200889054: NOOOOOODLE by Eisenrose:thumb203567302: When the Toilet Needs Cleaning by ElectricGecko Let Me Sleep by Canankk

Mature Content

Splash by ecurbsemaj
tulips by Bodghia Wishes of the late winter by Kazumaki Tomb Raider Wallpaper by TitusBoy25 Alex by LordMiste drift by caitlin-may Smart Fish by DesignerKratos expectance II by nurtanrioven

Shamrocks CSS

Code by CrimsonReach
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Feeling Blue

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 25, 2010, 5:20 AM

Lost by patsour Water Drop by markk3man She's gone by Iszzzz
borderland by danamis Seal My Spirit by AsliYeniay
:thumb164640431::thumb134535158: + By the Seea + by Claire-Sinturel
The Sunfruit Tree by BettinaMarson
:thumb48299467: Childhood by etwoo
Sun and flower by leani:thumb146765787:
it's a dark night by lieanne:thumb121369749:
:thumb117385864: Tears and Thorn by ziddarri
Bon Bon Sunset by jebus139

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My favourite deviants -8-

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 6, 2010, 3:39 AM


And today, I am very honoured to introduce you to great guy Richard from United States. He is amazing and very talented photographer and very kind man. His photographs are full of interesting stories. His photographs are life itself...

Enjoy his gallery please.

Blind Justice by Trippy4U:thumb121171601:
Devon And Happyjack by Trippy4U Mama's Lessons Die Hard by Trippy4U Expectation by Trippy4U
Chief by Trippy4U Eternity by Trippy4U

Blue Velvet Green by Trippy4U Water Tank Roof by Trippy4U The Collectives by Trippy4U
Russian Blue by Trippy4U Can't Have It...Its All Mine by Trippy4U

Outdoor Track by Trippy4U Long Jump by Trippy4U Thin Line by Trippy4U
Steeplechase by Trippy4U Track 'n Field by Trippy4U Baseball by Trippy4U

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My favourite deviants -7-

Tue Jul 20, 2010, 6:02 AM


I want to introduce young talented nature photographer
and very kind girl Michaela from Czech Republic.

Take a look please...





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My favourite deviants -6-

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 8, 2010, 4:01 AM
Today I am honoured to introduce to Jana
from Slovakia.


Meee he heee mehee by Olivieree

Jana is a very gentle and kind-hearted person with a great talent. Her style of painting is trully beautiful and very unique. I like it very much.

I hope that you can find time to visit her amazing gallery.

Devil wears this by Olivieree

The Dawn by Olivieree Husbands Switch by Olivieree
A Couple of Warp Apples by Olivieree The letters by Olivieree

Are you strong enough to .... by Olivieree

Mature Content

Where Has the Fantasy Gone? by Olivieree
Red Dragon by Olivieree
B and W by Olivieree The Cat Tattoo by Olivieree Curling Ketka by Olivieree

The Road to Fantasy by Olivieree psst...I love you by Olivieree
Requiem For a Dream by Olivieree The first and the last day by Olivieree

Cat Laws by Olivieree

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My favourite deviants -5-

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 24, 2010, 11:51 PM

Today I am honoured to introduce to Audrey,
from United States.



Audrey is pretty young girl, very talented in every way that is possible, with amazing imagination and great ideas. I love her style and technique of painting and maybe you will like it too.

So take a look...




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My favourite deviants -4-

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 14, 2010, 3:18 AM

This week I want to introduce Lukas,
from Czech Republic.


Artist in harness by mourri

He is an excellent, profesional cartoonist and illustrator. He created a lot of advertisements and book illustrations, and collaborates with cult Czech magazine for children and teenagers "ABC".

His works are full of smiles, so enjoy it...

Mustang by mourri:thumb150891521: Shootout by mourri
:thumb149579178: Railway Station by mourri Old Pirate Ship by mourri

Virtual Reality by mourri Long Road by mourri Ransom by mourri

Maze of platoon of soldiers by mourri Board Game: Erratic Boulders by mourri Maze With Gavials by mourri

Lion and Penguins by mourri:thumb149675576: Cow and her stomach by mourri
Too Hungry by mourri Trampoline by mourri

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My favourite deviants -3-

Mon Jun 7, 2010, 4:26 AM
I want to introduce Martin,
from same country as me - Czech Republic.


Me by tomsumartin

Martin is a great and very active photographer. His photographs of nature, landscapes, trees, clouds, and specially sunrise... I think everyone must love it.


V mlze by tomsumartin Sun god by tomsumartin Love by tomsumartin
Na Mohyle by tomsumartin Field poppy II by tomsumartin Morning by tomsumartin

Supper by tomsumartin Lonesome by tomsumartin
Winter pond by tomsumartin Morning dew on the field by tomsumartin

Po desti by tomsumartin Meadow flowers by tomsumartin
Frosty morning by tomsumartin Blue blue blue by tomsumartin

Field game by tomsumartin U strejdy by tomsumartin Nooning II by tomsumartin
Girl with dog by tomsumartin Where do i come in by tomsumartin

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  • Reading: Stephen King
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My favourite deviants -2-

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 1, 2010, 3:24 AM

Today I want to introduce Tom,
sympatic guy from Thailand.


He is  very talented painter and draftsman,
but he is very humble and kind man.
So, you can enjoy his gallery.

Matt Damon 3 by Mr-Ripley

Thomas Ripley by Mr-Ripley Screaming Lord Byron by Mr-Ripley

Lonely Boy_in sepia by Mr-Ripley Behind the Mask by Mr-Ripley Romantic Night on a Hill by Mr-Ripley

Panyong by Mr-Ripley Direk by Mr-Ripley Dr.Sewsan by Mr-Ripley Kritsana by Mr-Ripley

Take A Leap by Mr-Ripley Bloody Tree by Mr-Ripley

Meditation Light by Mr-Ripley

I'm No Pizza by Mr-Ripley

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Hi my dear friends,

I can not be on DA for some time. I really do not know when I'll come back.
I'm so sorry for that I can not reply to your comments and can not commenting your beautiful artworks.

Thank you so much for all.

Hi friends!
I have a premium account now, so I will dedicate every one journal to my favourite artists and friends. Thank you for your artworks!

First is Ann from Canada.

She did the same dedicated journals a few months ago and I liked it very much. Ann is a great 3d artist with amazing imagination, very nice person and one of my first friends on DA.

I adore her sweet melancholy and mysterious landscapes...





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I was very surprised when I saw my picture "Strange Day" in DD today! I am very very pleased!!!! :D

Many thanks:
3D artist ShengDaFlashPRo :iconshengdaflashpro: for suggestion
and moderator Joannastar :iconjoannastar: for featuring!

And thanks all my friends and watchers for their support! :heart:
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My computer is finally repaired.

Power supply - dead
Motherboard - dead
Memory - dead
Graphics card - dead
Hardisk - alive!
I am very happy that I lost no data. :D And repair service has repaired all free, it happened three weeks before the end of warranty.

Well, I am 36 today. I don't know if it's too much or little, but today I feel somehow old. :D

And finally... I got 5000 pv. I want to thank all my friends and watchers for their support. You know who I mean. :hug:

:iconczech-republic::icongoldenretrieverfans: :icondarkclub: :iconrealismclub: :icondigitalartnetwork:
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My home computer completely crashed yesterday. Probably fault power supply. Fortunately, it is still under warranty, but I don't know how long it takes to repair. :cry:

I'm sorry, now that some time will faving, comment or replay belatedly. Although I have another computers in my job, but sometimes I'm very busy and have no time for the internet.:)

Thank you for your understanding.

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