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Heavy might want to go for a check-in with his Doktor, that noodle arm looks painful.
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Okay! It's clear that he doesn't want herr doktor to stay away from him!
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Hehe! I like this mini comic! x3 so cute!
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Heavy: nothing is going to keep doktor away from me
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heavy: i love this doktor!
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Good point.  You get more done with a Heavy/Medic combo than you do with a Heavy/Apple combo.

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After having shooting all his bullets, the apple still remains unharmed.

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Applejack: WELL what a waste of apples -_-
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Goodbye Apple, and nice try! you cannot keep Heavy away from Medic! THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!
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Lol~! :happybounce: 
I really like it~! Good job.

Thank you~! For the awesome short comic.
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Heavy, I don't think it works that way. XD
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...Så synd lilla äpple, så synd...
(Such'a shame little apple, such a shame...)
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I think he agrees with the Doctor. No, not Medic, Doctor Who the Doctor. Always knew they were rubbish...
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LMAO! Great idea for this comic strip :D
(I ate two apples already today, but god forbid i see less Medics from now on!!!)
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äwejoppjrgortpwjäejg THIS XDDDDDDDDDD
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That's why I don't eat apples. Well, not really, have allergy, but...
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oh heavy. killing apples.
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AAAAAAHAHAHAHAH, and thus begins the story of how all the apples disappeared.
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