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Smash Bros. Roster - 2018
A new roster. Not a prediction roster, not an ideal roster... just a roster. 

Better to make it before we learn too much. ;P 

Oh and thanks to the Smashified guys, I used a lot of their art here. Credit to all the other respective artists as well, I only made the roster. 
Well... I guess this is my first journal entry. Is it a big deal? It doesn't feel like a big deal. 

This is mostly just to clarify from here on out what kind of characters I'd be more open to making SSB4 banners for and that kind of stuff, considering I am starting to get a fair amount of requests. Though maybe it just seems like a lot because they piled up while I forgot about this place for a good two or three months. :laughing:

So, here are my prerequisites:
1) The character must originate from a video game. No anime, no manga, no movies, no comics, no real life people (including Reggie). Sorry.
2) The character must have been on a Nintendo system. 

So pretty similar to Sakurai's conditions. And by similar, I mean the same. ;P

In addition, I'm much more likely to make banners for Nintendo characters than third-parties. As it stands now, I only have a handful of third-parties, and am really only considering doing two or three more in the near future. 

And lastly, it would help if the character suggested isn't overly obscure or anything like that, I would like to do the character and banner justice by having a decent amount of quality images to choose from. 

Oh, I guess lastly lastly, I'm not going to be doing banners for characters already included, or Brawl veterans. 

That said, ask away! Just don't expect your request to be handled in fair time, if I'm not busy, chances are I'm lazy. ;)

And obviously, even if your request fits all the criteria, there's no guarantee it will be done. 

Oof. Look at all those restrictions. It seems like there are more than I originally envisioned. Oh well. :D


In other much less restrictive news, amidst my constant obsessive tinkering I came up with these icon... things (SSB4-related ofc), and while I think they look kinda ok, I really don't know if making more of them is something I'm going to pursue. I probably will make another batch, I do have a few leftovers, but they are relatively easy to make, so if anybody would want a specific icon/icons made (I have the same prerequisites - but the rest is much less selective) it'd be something I'm probably capable of providing, within reason ofc. 

SSB4 Icons: Round I by Pixiy

And if not, I'll just be glad I didn't get carried away and make hundreds of them. :laughing:

So I guess that's it. 

Anybody else getting really hyped for Smash 4? 
...still needs Isaac, but it's looking pretty sexy. 



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