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Hangin' Around

One of a Kind Mixed Media/Polymer Sculpture by Michelle Bradshaw
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I look at pictures of this little guy almost DAILY! How do I make him part of our family?!?

This little guy has absolutely stolen my heart! Is he truly "1 of 1"? 🥺

Do you sell your art? this guy is adorable!!

I really want to start my fairy garden with one of your sculptures- I absolutely love them- how could I get a chance to choose and learn what is within my price range? 
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I love this cute little boy !!! And i love all your fantasics sculptures !!!
If you can explain me how can i put some picture on my session, i try but i can't. I'm french, it's difficult for me to speak english, but i try !!!
Good luck for your futur work !!! and I loooooooove your little pixies !!!
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beautiful Michelle.
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It's so cute andeven nicer in natural environment :-)
He's adorable!
Do you have an etsy shop?
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I love this guy! Cheeky little fella!
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I swear I saw him blink! :D He is wonderful!!
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He looks so real! Amazing!
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Adorable and so mischievous and playful! I picture a lil high pitched voice as he hangs from the tree, "Hey! Wanna play hide-n-seek?" ^___^
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A wonderful and such playful photo of this piece! LOVE it!
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Wow, you had me fooled for a minute.
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