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Chubby Girl Duo

Aaaaand DUO time! Just slightly chubby girls, but it's also nice from time to time, and it does not save us from contemplating some curves :)

Also, because it is fated to happen: both girls have both legs, perspective of a bent leg make it so that one is hidden. I could have drawn one feet, but you know the deal with feet ;p
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Back at it again with amazing chub diversity, and outstanding art quality as always

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Thank you ^^

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I'm a girl and I think I have the body of the one on the right but with a bit more of a tummy 😋😍

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They're so cuuteee ^^ good chubs !
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This is not what I call chubby, but I like it.
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Chubbiness is a fairly relative notion, after all.
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Two is better then one, but I see four for hand! 
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I'm afraid I don't understand.
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by girls he means the boobs, i think.
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Love your curve style. How hard was that junction between blonde's shoulder and purple's arm? And the way you did purple's hip and abdomen pose - KAWAII!
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It's been a while since I drew that one, so, I can't tell for sure for the arms, I'm afraid. The hip should have been fairly easy though!
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Yah, I just get so intimidated by junctions and overlaps like that, the hand of one character in front of the elbow/forearm of the other character in front of the shoulder of the same hand, and that infront of the shoulder of the second character with the shoulder and forearm of the second character visibly and realistically and aesthetically attached. It's just awesome stylistically to me.
They look normal.
You have to unrealistic body standards if this is "chubby" to you.
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That sure wasn't a comment I was expecting.
Seriously, after years of "grumble grumble ew disgusting fat ew", getting a "grumble grumble that's not even chubby" is priceless. Thank you for the good laugh, and feel free to take a look at my gallery. You might find some drawings relevant to your interest, and learn a bit more about my "unrealistic body standards" ;)
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rofl. gotta love it when your character is both too fat and too thin. what ever happened to the 'acceptance' part of size acceptance
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It's impossible to please everyone, sadly!
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I like that little fluff they have!
You should draw more this way!
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