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Post Apocalypse concept

Used some textures and a few bits of photos.. aircraft carrier was painted....
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U.S.S Midway. I recognize the conning tower and the design of the ship. Nice touch.

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The rent would probably still be high.

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What Aircraft Carrier is this (Her Name)??????
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Nice work. Amazing imagination :D
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Wow, that's cool. There's just something really interesting about the rusted out hulks of ships. It definitely makes for an eye-catching image.
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could you make a picture where a group of people live in this world
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So. Cool.! Thanks for sharing!
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smart powerful  !!
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incredibly potent...!!!
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Amazing work!!! May I submit it in my postapoclyptic group?;)
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I love your choice of color. The feeling of rust and decay is spot on.
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Bloody hell! This is awsome! How the hell did a Nimitz class get there!?!?!?!?! I can only assume that it was left in harbour and over thousands or even millions of years the bay filled in, leaving the ship high and dry. Nice work mate!
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Strangely the mighty have fallen...
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Very nice. Oddly enough, that ship would make a great pre-build town in those circumstances. But what the hell threw it onto the shore?
SO good! what program did you use for this?
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One of the very few visions of post apocalypse world where the sea-level actually drops. Very well done and quite imaginative :D
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I've lived on a carrier and this is just creepy. Well done.
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Awesome as hell!
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