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Sophia's side shot by Piximae
Mature content
Sophia's side shot :iconpiximae:Piximae 1 0
My Third Obitsu head by Piximae My Third Obitsu head :iconpiximae:Piximae 3 3 My Ed Edd n Eddy OC character by Piximae My Ed Edd n Eddy OC character :iconpiximae:Piximae 0 0 My first Painted BJD (Obitsu) by Piximae My first Painted BJD (Obitsu) :iconpiximae:Piximae 4 0 My first Painted BJD (Obitsu) Head on Body by Piximae
Mature content
My first Painted BJD (Obitsu) Head on Body :iconpiximae:Piximae 0 0
Mature content
Virgin Love :iconpiximae:Piximae 0 0
Mermaids and Harpies
The world has many mermaids.
A sea succubus. An amphibious maiden, sent to lure men to the depths of the sea.
She sits upon a slippery rock, and sings lustfully to tempt men's most deepest desire to reproduce.
She hides in societies deepest trenches, on street corners and in the ponds known as strip clubs.
Hides behind a beautiful face, and a luscious body.
Lures them in and strikes them soulless. Strikes them with guilt and diseases. 
Then devours them, leaves their bones without flesh, soul without feeling.
And then there are harpies.
Simplistic bird-women, who steal food from people as they are too ugly to be given anything willingly.
With a body of a bird and a face of a woman, these cursed creatures fly the skies, masters of the wind and air.
They help society by flying evil doers to their ultimate fates by way of the Erinyes, where they punish them ruthlessly.
Yet, they are looked upon with disgust and fear.
They need men to keep their kind reproducing. Yet, a sele
:iconpiximae:Piximae 2 0
Hatred. Disgust. Anger.
That's what we felt for each other.
At least that's what it felt like.
Kind of like a kiwi.
Hard, tough, and fuzzy on the outside. Neither of us wanted the other. We hated each other.
Our feelings for each other tasted sour and bitter, right beneath the surface.
Yet like a kiwi, it was where the sweetness started to bud.
As we dug deeper, our relationship got sweeter and sweeter.
Until we found the seeds to start something beautiful.
And all it took was a simple effort to peel away the tough outside, to reveal our sweetness for each other.
:iconpiximae:Piximae 0 1
Smiles and joy is what you see, yet despair and anger is what lies beneath.
There's a façade, a curtain of untruths that I cover myself with.
Yet no matter where I go, whatever I do, that façade follows me, cascades over me, haunts me.
Like a ghost that has no body, no purpose it dwells over me.
And like a ghost, it scares me.
It scares me to think that I've numbed myself to save myself from those feelings of despair, disgust, and hatred.
How can people expect me to feel love if I numbed myself to the feelings of the despair that surrounds my very person?
There's few who have the ability to see through, very few who can see the devil that dwells within.
A select few who knows me truly and fully.
Perhaps they are the ones that love me
Perhaps they are the ones that despise me.
I may not ever know the people who truly care, or those who hate.
But there's one thing that I do know..
There's at least one other who shares my façade, who shares this curtain of untruths.
Who can
:iconpiximae:Piximae 0 0
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with you?
You think you are a person of hate, broken promises, and insensitivity. But why?
You think you are full of disappointment, full of deceit, full of lies. But why?
You think you have a passion for anger, disgust, and destruction. But why?
What's wrong with you?
What's really wrong with you?
I will tell you.
You just think you are, you think that you are nothing; that you deserve nothing.
But it's just that. You just think.
The only poison you have is that which is in your chalice, that you are happily drinking.
But why?
What will stop you? What will make you stop thinking like this?
Only one, possibly two, people.
You. You must realize that you love yourself.
You doubt it. You want to believe you don't. But you do.
It is you who chooses to drink from that chalice. That poison that you yourself make.
But you must realize that it's that poison that is killing you, not others. Not society.
Your poisonous thoughts are killing you. But why?
Why would you want that?
:iconpiximae:Piximae 0 0
Forbidden Fruit
People view you as a snake, but not just any snake. With that sideways glare of yours they view you as the snake of the Garden of Eden. The devil. And like that snake, you whispered sweet things into my ear. You have done that with others like me, except I listened. I listened and took a bite of that forbidden fruit. I didn’t just bite it, I ate the whole thing. That fruit is love.
:iconpiximae:Piximae 0 0
2014-06-08 21-45-44 213 by Piximae 2014-06-08 21-45-44 213 :iconpiximae:Piximae 2 0


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A side note: I'm currently planning on a few books. But for those who are reading this, don't plan on anything any time soon. I have been planning on them since I was very young (11 years old).

However, I have no more excuses as to why I can't do them. I finally found what Love
is. That's the theme of most of them. To some extent or another.


Jacqueline S.
United States
With encouragement from my boyfriend, I'm revisiting my writing abilities.


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