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Misery High: Shiva Darzi

EDIT: Now with color! /EDIT

A new student for the new school year at :iconmiseryhigh:. This is Shiva. He's very quiet and oh so foreign. Music is his life and he would rather play music all day than talk to people. I think I'm gonna like my cute little Indian boy. X3

I'll color this later. Just wanted to get him submitted before the school year started.

Name: Shiva Anuj Rajiv Darzi
Age: 14
Grade: Freshman (Class of 2017)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation/role: student, quiet foreign kid
Orientation: Bi-curious
Relationship status: Single
Dorm Room/Roommate: *needs one*
Likes: Music of any kind (Jazz is his favorite), reading, analyzing music, internet forums, intelligent conversation (for him this is a rarity since he doesn’t like to begin conversations with strangers. He is a lot better at this over the internet. Sadly he has not found very many people online that he can have such conversations with.)
Dislikes: Confrontation, disappointing the people he loves, when people insult him or his tastes (especially with music)
Personality: Shiva is a very quiet and reserved individual. Talking to people he doesn’t know scares him and instead of conquering his fear of conflict he will avoid it at all costs. His English if very basic and he is afraid of other students picking on him because of his accent, which gives him more reason not to speak. He is very intelligent and dedicated to his studies and practicing his violin.
Bio: Shiva was brought up into a wealthy family in India. He was homeschooled all of his life and was very sheltered by his parents. Shiva has had a bad case of asthma since he was a baby and will have severe attacks if he is exposed to a lot of dust or if he does too much physical exercise. Because of this Shiva’s parents kept him inside most of the time and he wasn’t able to make any friends. Shiva’s parents tried to get their son to make friends with the children of the families they did business with but most of the time Shiva would be picked on for being so skinny and small and being unable to do most physical activity. Shiva was fine with being stuck inside on his own and as a child would spend his free time listening to music and learning its history. As he grew older Shiva begged his parents to buy him a musical instrument for him to play. Shiva desperately wanted to learn the trumpet but his parents quickly realized that his weak lungs couldn’t handle it. His parents wanted to support this hobby and looked into instruments that didn’t require him blowing into them. They gave him a violin and Shiva has been playing it and loving it ever since.

By the time Shiva was approaching high school age his parents began to worry about his ability to uphold the family business. They wanted better opportunities for their son and decided to send him to a private high school in America. They hoped that Shiva would learn to make friends and better his education and social skills. Shiva is terrified to start his schooling in a new country with new people but he wants to make his family proud.

Shiva Darzi (c) me
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ishkababble's avatar
hes cute OHH MY GOD i love him

i want to shelter him. protect the freshmen at all costs
pixiesera's avatar
Thanks! X3

There should be a freshman bunker to protect their innocence.
hermiethefrog's avatar
That'd just put them all in one place and allow a hypothetical axe murderer to get at them more easily.
pixiesera's avatar
Sometimes sacrifices need to be made.
hermiethefrog's avatar
pixiesera's avatar
Too bad it has to be the cute freshmen.
hermiethefrog's avatar
Yeah, too bad. 

Are they all super cute this year or is it just me? Not an asshole in sight. 

(Well Chelsi said she might be making a bitch but IDK if she's a freshman or not.)
pixiesera's avatar
Well Winny's a bossy bitch but she's not really conscious of that, plus she looks cute.

(Oooh! Well we always need more bitchy students.)
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hermiethefrog's avatar
I don't know what to say besides I like him and I hope he doesn't end up getting too traumatized at MH. The quiet ones usually do.
pixiesera's avatar
I hope he doesn't either. He's such a cutie. He shouldn't go crazy.
hermiethefrog's avatar
Yes, let's keep him sane and pet his head a lot. His head looks really fluffy.
pixiesera's avatar
It is so fluffy like you don't even know. I will pet him all day and make him uncomfortable.
hermiethefrog's avatar
Yes, pet it all day. This is a good plan.
pixiesera's avatar
Mmm yes. So petable.
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