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Thanks everyone for the happy birthdays!!! <3 <3
I added two new costume galleries to! Cristina and Ezio from Assassin's Creed 2!

   I will be adding a new gallery for my re-made Sorceress Ultimecia soon as I get more photos back from photographers!

Also I added a new tutorial:
New shop location is here:

I'm in the process of cleaning out and organizing my cosplay room, so i'll be periodically putting new stuff up for sale!
Please visit my Etsy Shop!

   I've opened a small shop on Etsy for costumes and custom accessories. I'm new to this and just starting out, so my shop is still pretty empty!


   I also added some new photos:


If anyone is interested, I am open to taking commissions on custom shoes (with any theme, style, color or images of your choice of course)  

I still have to experiment with making these with flats - I want to make sure that they are high quality and will not crack or crease oddly since flat shoes do tend to flex more than heels. After I make a successfully durable pair of flats for myself, I will be open to commission that style as well. I am all about making high quality products, so you can rest assured that I will put lots of effort into each piece I make!

I'm also open to the idea of you sending me the base shoes if you are someone who has a hard time finding shoes that you are comfortable with.

If you're interested just comment or PM me! or send me a message on my cosplay facebook: :)  We can discuss what you want and prices based around that.

Example of what I can do:
They started out as black plain heels, and looked like this in the end! They are durable and sealed with a water proof clear acrylic spray.

Finally finished updating my website with 4 new costumes: Catra, Daenerys Targaryen, Aya Brea, and my original kimono dress design. Lots of new photos!

Check it out here:
heh...Just filled out the online survey for NYCC and I completely vented on them. It was seriously the worst show/con I've ever been to. (and i've been to a LOT!) I was sure to leave them insightful and honest opinions about it too. Not that they probably give a crap.

I would never recommend this event to anyone, especially if you plan to cosplay at it. Even if I didn't cosplay at it, I would have been miserable. If you want to ever go to the bathroom expect to be waiting for quite a while in the lines that wrap around the hall. (lines for EVERYTHING were ridiculous actually). may just try to DO anything you wanted or planned to do for your freakin' $75 ticket other than butting through crowds just to get to a corner without shoulder-to-shoulder people. While in that corner, you can breath and take a moment to figure how to make your next move to get through the crowd to your next destination. (which is another corner). It's a good thing i'm small, because I can slink through crowds like buttah!

  I entered this fun contest over at

I'd really appreciate any support you can give by "liking" my costume design here.


    Here is the beautiful model wearing the costume that I designed and  created for the contest! I love how it looks on her! She's so cute!  If you are interested in purchasing it or any of the other amazing costumes on there, the bidding for them will start on October 12th!




Updated my website! I added pages for Earl Grey and Mt. Fuji Miku. Lots of new pictures! I also updated my upcoming events list. HOORAY!

I added lots of new photos and a new costume to my website at! :)

Added new costume gallery:
Original Miku Dress

Added new photos:
Sorceress Edea
Wesker from Resident Evil 5
I just wanted to throw out a quick thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday last week! :)
Added two new costume galleries:
Resident Evil 5 Wesker
Aw- Meaw

Added new photos:
Sorceress Edea

I've been working on it for a while now, so i'm super happy to finally have it uploaded! I made a new layout for my website, and re-did a lot of things.

+ I added videos to the "Events photos and videos" section
+ Re-made all of my costume galleries with Visual Lightbox
+ Added a rollover description over each costume icon in the Costume gallery main page.
+ Cleaned up the links page and removed broken links
+ Re-did my bio page
+ New Drop down menu style!

I haven't added any new costume or photo content yet, but i'm working on that soon! I'm still waiting to get back some awesome photos from Katsucon!

I'm also  still tweeking some things, and i'll be playing with the layout a bit here and there. I have some awesome new photos from Katsucon that I want to possibly incorporate in there. I'll probably end up just having a few different layouts rotate randomly like my last layout (Because I have trouble deciding on things!).

And I really want to get some new tutorials up. I keep saying that, but now I have a little more time to get them typed up since my next convention currently isn't until July! Good break to get some stuff done I guess!

New costume Galleries added to!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 6:50 PM
Houmei from Shining Wind

Snow's Feral Pride Weapon from Final Fantasy XIII

More new stuff to come shortly! :)

Another round of Cosplay Stuff for Sale!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 30, 2011, 8:12 AM

I have some more stuff up for sale. I'll be adding more later! Costumes sales are going toward vet bills for my cat Franklin!

He's doing really well currently! Feelin' good and chasing his tail around in circles!  He has check ups every few months with blood work and x-rays to monitor his health through the duration of his heart worm disease. (which I hope is coming to an end)
Here's to Frank living FOREVER!

Thanks for looking! :)

Here's what I have up so far:

Rainbow Dash Costume Parts -- Comes with a custom colored Rainbow wig! And custom colored hand made feathered wings!

Alice in Wonderland Dejiko

Pokemon Treecko Hoodie

Past listed stuff still for sale:

Black and white Ayane costume
Fuujin from Kingdom Hearts 2
Seifer Almasy from Kingdom Hearts 2 (Men's costume) --I've lowered the price on this one quite a bit!
Kingdom Hearts 2: Struggle Bat Prop
Hand Painted Ayane Bow. -- Lowered the price on this one too!

I'll make another post after I add more stuff! :) Spread the word if you think anyone would be interested!

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak

Tumblr Account!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 8, 2011, 10:50 AM
I finally gave in and got a Tumblr account! I didn't even really understand what it was for the longest time. When I realized I can just post just random pictures all the time, then I was like YEZ!

I'll probably be posting a lot of amazing space photos with some random funny animal things in there too.

I'm confused!!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 2, 2011, 2:44 PM
I can't figure out how to edit my Devious info! I have looked all over this page, and I can't figure it out! I obviously did it before though considering there's stuff typed there! = Can anyone help me out?

Thank you so much to whoever gave me a premium membership! :hug:

I just want to warn anyone out there who has or plans on purchasing contacts from this company! They are scammers and the SECOND you are not pleased with something they disappear from the planet. Their site says they have no fuss returns and you cancel orders, but they lie. :nuu:

I just don't want anyone else to throw away money for trash like I did. It may seem like their prices are amazing...if you get what you ordered right?
Here are some other people that got burned by them if you don't believe me.

Just go and search for ""

I just happened to buy one of their more expensive pairs of "Crazy lenses" and it ended up costing me $57 after all the shipping and exchange rate happened. Which would have been FINE, but the very next day I told them to cancel my order. They sent the lenses to me anyway. The lenses came in completely unmarked vials with no brand name, not lot # and no expiration date. Completely unmarked. I WOULD NEVER PUT THAT IN MY EYE! I have learned my lesson the hard way about purchasing this kind of thing from another country. It's sketchy. :shifty:

So I sent them many many emails that were polite and professional about returning my unopened item. Their site clearly states they take returns with a no fuss policy within 7 days. NO REPLY. EVER. They disappeared from the face of the planet apparently. So then I read the reviews on the website, and I feel cheated and stupid.
Smearing this all over the place! I love these photos!

I have uploaded all of the photos I have so far of my Edea from Otakon 2011: