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Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind pg 1

By PixieHobbit
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Trying to make an actual comic... fills me with determination! 

So, I wanted to practice making comic, so I'm going to try and do the dialogue between Sans and Chara from my fanfic. 

When Chara dies and Toriel brings her body to the ruins, her body is snatched away by Dr. Gaster and his team of scientists, who aspires to experiment on the body. They manage to reanimate the corpse of Chara and tampers with her soul, which results in her soul being reinforced with magic as well as keeping its human traits. 
Eventually Chara manages to escape and wants to revenge for having been treated so cruelly. Though determination is slowly draining away from her, she wants to make monsterkind pay.
When Frisk shows up, Chara persecutes her to get her soul and determination. In some timelines, she steals Frisk's soul, causing a genocide timeline. In other timelines, she only manage to drain determination, resulting in a neutral timeline. (I like to think of Frisk as a kind spirited kid with good intentions) 
Sans plays a big part of this story as well. He is aware of- and remembers every timeline. Knowing what'll happen if Chara gets to Frisk and tried his best to protect her. Sometimes he succeeds, other times, he is killed. That's when Frisk usually resets. Chara can reset too, when stolen enough determination. So far Chara has been able to reset the exact moment before dying every time. 
Anyway, timeline after timeline, Sans eventually got tired of constantly either reset and start over, or watching the people he cares for die. So he tricks Chara into stealing his soul instead. Using his own power he traps her within his own mind to prevent her for posing a threat to anyone. 

I need to sleep now. Hope you enjoy this! I'm actually a little insecure about it, but none the less I'd love some advice on how to improve!

I should proooobably upload character sheets of how I interpret some characters from Undertale. Like Chara for example. Here are a few of the images of her from this fic, that I uploaded before: 

#idontevenknow #ifeelstupidnow #whatfonttouseforcharasdialogue 
Chara and Sans (c) Toby Fox
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.o. inte visste jag att du hade en serie på G!  Vad spännande
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Tack! Jag ville bara öva på serieskapande så jag tog en del av min fanfiction. Det kommer nog inte bli någon jättelång serie. ^^; 
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This page feels very reminiscent of the scene in the final episode of Gravity falls when Stan and Stanford switch clothes and trick bill
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Oh no, really? Haha I just wanted to make up a scenario where Chara and Sans can converse, where both of them knows fighting is futile. I have a long dialogue coming up between them and I hope the rest of the chapter will differ from Gravity Falls! Do you think it's too similar? Maybe I should change it?
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Oh no! While it does feel reminiscent, that dosnt mean it isn't great! It was greatly played in gravity falls and I'm sure it can be played good through this comic as well