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Princess Ruto.. again. :)
She's one of my favorite characters from the Zelda games.
Drawn in Pencil and ink and then colored entirely in Adobe Photoshop CS.
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nice i like the boobbel tracs her feats are leving in the water^w^
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How come you haven't posted this on Zelda Legends... I'm sure ppl over there will be very happy to see some of your artwork popping up!
Anyhoo, I love it! I agree with The-DCG the fins look very flimsy - in a good way though.
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Oooh, she's so graceful and elegant! This is really beautiful :)
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Cool, i like it, the legend of zelda series is just awesome >.o
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This is very, very nice. Your coloring job on Ruto was fantastic! Was it done with a lot of gradients? It kinda looks that way- especially on the right hand- some more care could have been taken there, perhaps. My only other caveat, is that as beautiful as the filmy fins look, I don't see how they could be very useful propelling her through the water... But that's really just picking nits. A great homage to a character who gets little love. Way to go!
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Oh, nice! It's been a while since I've seen any Ruto artwork around ;p Anyway, I love this idea for a pose; she looks like a real beauty queen, and GREAT job on the swimming posture :nod: Her coloring is gorgeous and I love the veil-like appearance of her fins-- just like a betta fish :love: My only quibble is that the background detracts from her appearance-- perhaps some more harmonious colors, and better seaweed (because the plants look like they were just airbrushed on).

It's a fine piece, though, I completely understand why it's the featured piece :XD:
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:wow: That's really good! I love the coloring and lighting.
Ruto isn't exactly one of my favorite characters, but you did an excellent job. :nod:
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I'm lucky I spotted this :D
I have to agree, Ruto's always been one of my fave characters too, and this is just brilliant, I love what you've done with her fins :nod:
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